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DeAngelo Hall wants Mike Smith, the Falcons to be punished

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Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall is imploring commissioner Roger Goodell to look into the actions of the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff after a bit of a donnybrook broke out on their sidelines Sunday.

After the Redskins' LaRon Landry's late hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, Hall says several players and coach Jeff Fish surrounded him, trying "to get some licks in." Hall also claims head coach Mike Smith verbally threatened him during all the madness.

After that, coach Smith came over to me, talking (expletive) to me, saying they were going to kick my (butt)," Hall said, via the AP. "I stay in Atlanta during the offseason, so if Mike Smith wants to see me, he can definitely find me.
Smith claims he was trying to restore order in a "hectic" hodegpodge of maroon and black helmets.

Hall played for the Falcons from 2004-2007.

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If you're going to deal out a cheap shot like that, especially into the opposing team's sideline, you should expect nothing less than retaliation. I think Mike Smith has every right to get into Hall's face.

Looks like a head coach trying to stop a fight and then raising his level of intensity as the instigator wouldn't back down. It's funny how media opinions can change how you see something. If you read Jerome Bettis' take, Mike Smith went after the guy who hit is QB late and started the fight. You watch the video, he was trying to stop a fight from starting, and Deangelo Hall just wouldn't back down. Jerome actually states "I don't think Smith should be punished, per se, but he needs to come out and say he went too far before his own players get the wrong idea." Come on, are you kidding?

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