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Charles Barkley takes to white face to teach Sammy Sosa a lesson

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Writing a post about something absurd or off-the-wall or inappropriate that Charles Barkley says is almost the blog equivalent of breathing air: It takes almost no effort or thought and happens almost every second of every day.

Case in point: Sir Charles decided to goof on Sammy Sosa's recent skin rejuvenation project that has him looking like something out of the "Thriller" video. So, during the TNT NBA show Thursday night, Barkley, who proclaimed, "I know you want to get in the Hall of Fame, but going white ain't the way to do it!," eventually took to transforming himself into a white man - a process slowed significantly by the continued flapping of his jaw while the makeup person efforted away.

No, on the grand scale, this isn't up there with any Northwestern blackface screwup. But has the Round Mound of Rebound stepped over the line? Nevermind the discussion of whether he'll be able to eat fried chicken and chitluns after he's white. Or is this just another case of Charles being Charles?

Oh, and Chuck, the cops didn't pull you over for driving while black. They pulled you over because you were hammered while looking for some oral pleasure. Just sayin'.

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Are you kidding?
There was nothing offensive or racist about this. He was mocking a fellow backman for bleaching his skin. This has nothing to do with mocking whites. It was funny.
Don't be sensitive. Its the same as a white person painting himself to mock john bonhner or tara reid.

I wonder if the gentleman by the name of Mike (who posted the previous comment) is black or white?????????? This wasn't a white person putting on make-up to look like a white person, this was a black man putting on make-up to look like a white man. I'm so sick of the double standard that exsists in this country. Any white person who has publicly put on blackface has taken heat, and been called a bigot or racist by the black powers that be. But a black guy does it, and it gets a laugh, and those of us who find it offensive are told we are being over sensitive.Charles Barkley is an ass, he didn't teach Sammy Sosa a lesson, he only proved to anyone watching just how big an ass he is!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not aceptable for a white person to use the N word when referring to or speaking to a black person, but they call eachother that very name all the time. Makes me wonder who really is racist, and who is really being over sensitive- I don't think in this case it's the white guy

Leslee, you are also turning a blind eye to the fact that Barkley (who is black) is making fun of Sosa (who is black but turning himself whiter). That does NOT equate to a white person doing blackface (which by the way was used in the past to humiliate and degrade blacks using negative stereotypes). It's laughable to label Barkley racist when you really get to the heart of the situation.

Your comment reeks of ignorance (or of a lack of acknowledgement) of what took place in America's recent past (slavery, i.e., BLACK slaves). This only involved blacks (NOT whites) who were oppressed and dehumanized...hmmm, talk about a DOUBLE STANDARD (of living!) that actually ruined and ended countless lives and generations (my words can't do justice to illustrate what took place and the unfairness of having to start with nothing once slavery was abolished). Now, I don't condone double standards in any way, but I can't see how come whites feel so outraged over something fairly insignificant (not using one word with a loaded, sick, & twisted history of usage) when you compare that to what blacks could not do when that word was being used maliciously against them by whites.

Just food for thought, even if your empathy doesn't extend very far, and you can't realize that your very existence is nowhere close to being threatened as opposed to blacks who even today must deal with the racist impulses of others (not only whites).

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