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Brian Urlacher and Jeremy Piven love them some World Series

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jeremy-piven-brian-urlacher-world-series.jpgIt's definitely not what any NFL player wants, but sustaining a season-ending injury in the opening week has its perks.

Like catching Game 6 of the World Series live with Ari Gold.

That's sidelined Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher with Evanston native Jeremy Piven in the Bronx before the Yankees and Phillies take the field. What Urlacher is doing was referred to as "double-lettering" back in school. That's wearing your fraternity sign twice in one outfit (shirt and hat). It was frowned upon then, but considering No. 54's size and strength, I suppose we should just let it slide.

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If Urlacher wanted to go for the World Series and he could go, that is good for him. But wearing Yankees jacket and hat is too much. He is representing Chicago, and that is betrayal beyond acceptance. I think that he went to far. Shame on you!!!!! What is wrong with those football players, first Brett Farve betraying Green Bay, and right now Brian Urlacher betraying both Cubs and White Soxs

First Paris now Piven? Urlacher is a celebrity d-bag magnet.

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