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America becomes very familiar with a very bare Devin Hester

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If I understand what people want to look at on the Internet, then the screen grab of Bears wide receiver Devin Hester's bare behind is going to be quite the hot topic on Monday. Since we have these so-called "standards" and "expectations" around here, the actual photo is out of the question.

OK, maybe we don't have either of those.

Extremely curious readers may want to check out these slightly NSFW pictures and this YouTube masterpiece. Again, your choice, not mine.

The de-pantsing happened on the Bears' ill-fated final drive -- the one that ended with a very fitting Jay Cutler interception -- and it caused an immediate ruckus on Twitter.

Did you guys notice it or not?

Either way, it was just an all-around embarrassing night for Hester and Co., who fell to 4-6 and saw any playoff hopes go as far south as the speedy wide-out's pants.

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I noticed it right off the bat and then NBC replayed it at a different angle and even slowed it down farther. If I was Hester I would be furious. I don't think there was any malicious intent. NBC was just brain dead to run it a second time.

I noticed it in real time and was most surprised at the replay of it. My wife was half-watching the game and missed both.

In an age where everyone get's their undies in a twist over foul language or brief nudity on television, I'm sure someone will feel the need to create an uproar over this. Personally though I just think it's kind of funny. Hopefully Hester does too.

More like we all know what the dark side of the moon looks like : )

We just died laughing when we saw it. It was hilarious.

Move over Michael Jordon, there's a new moon in town. Hanes, are you watching??

Kyle, please give Kevin my best.

I thought it was pretty funny when i saw it.
n go cowboys

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