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The scratches on Miguel Cabrera's face came from a domestic struggle

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miguel-cabrera-scratches.jpgWhile the Detroit Tigers have been trying to give away the AL Central to the Minnesota Twins, many have been trying to figure out just what's going on with Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera's face.

The first baseman showed up to Saturday's crucial game against the Chicago White Sox with scratches and abrasions on it, but neither he nor team officials would comment on them.

After an 0-for-4 performance that night and an 0-for-3 effort yesterday, we learn that police were called to Cabrera's home early Saturday morning for "family trouble."

Cabrera allegedly upset his wife by coming home intoxicated at 6 a.m. and waking his children while talking on a cell phone.

Patterson said the pair struggled over the cell phone with each receiving minor injuries. Both refused medical attention.

Cabrera was asked to leave the house by his wife, Rosangel. He was taken to the Birmingham police station because he was "very uncooperative, incoherent, and there was a language barrier," according to Patterson. A Spanish interpreter was obtained from the Michigan State Police, because investigators were attempting to determine who was the aggressor in the struggle.

Neither party wished to press criminal charges. Cabrera has not been cited in the incident and was released to the care of Tigers officials. Police administered a breath test and Cabrera registered .26. A reading of .08 is considered intoxicated for motorists.

Considering his team was fighting to clinch the final playoff spot, and failing to do so would qualify as a historic collapse, why is Cabrera out getting that drunk with two games to play? There really is no good answer, of course, but the 26-year-old hitting phenom will have a chance to answer it in his own way when the Tigers take on the Minnesota Twins in a one-game playoff Tuesday afternoon at the Metrodome.

Police: Drunk Cabrera picked up, released after 911 call from home     (Detroit News)

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And who was he out with? The White Sox. Way to look out for a friend. Horrible judgement on Cabrera's part, but why the heck would anyone in baseball's "fraternity" allow this to take place, particularly given the Adenhart tragedy earlier this year. What's next, taking out Josh Hamilton?

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