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The one where Bob Griese's Juan Pablo Montoya comment bombs

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bob-griese-montoya-taco.jpgABC college football analyst and former Purdue Boilermakers star Bob Griese had a bit of a rough outing during today's broadcast of the Ohio State-Minnesota game.

After a promotional sport advertising Sunday's NASCAR race, the top five drivers in the Sprint Cup Series standings were put on the screen.

When fellow analyst Chris Spielman asked where Juan Pablo Montoya was on the list, Griese chimed in with this little gem.

"He's out having a taco."

Montoya is Colombian, and when you think of Colombia, you think ... tacos, right?

Someone on the broadcast team must have alerted him that his lame attempt at humor probably didn't go over as well as it would have during the Miami Dolphins' undefeated 1972 season, and as the game wound down he apologized.

"Juan Pablo Montoya, he's one of the best drivers in NASCAR," Griese said. "Just want to apologize for the comment I made earlier in the ballgame."

This, of course, is not the first time south-of-the-border jokes have landed a television an analyst in hot water.

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You probably think cocaine, but yes Colombians do eat tacos.

Your right, He's I don't think of taco's. I think he must be out processing coca leaves to use as a fuel additive for his next race. You thought I was going to reference Coffee? Wheres the fun in that?

Give the man a break....we all chuckled. It was funny, and I am married to a Latina woman, also from South America.

Who gives a f... what Griese said. This politically incorrect thing has gotten totally ridiculous. If the NASCAR driver had been from Texas would it be inappropriate to say "he went out for a hamburger"? GET REAL!

Geez... give Griese a break. Yes, in this day and age his comment was inappropriate and after making it he said he was sorry. Then he again repeated his regrets on TV by telephone. That should be the end of it. Griese is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. He made a mistake and corrected all you extremists move on.... get your jollies elsewhere. He's a good man.

People need to be a bit less "thin-skinned" Big hairy deal ... if JPM is imsulted, he's an idiot! Of course if he was black, we'd have to listen to Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton go on about how Griese needed to be fired.

Let's all just grow up!

Actually Robert....I am a fat white guy and had he been from Texas the taco joke would have been appropriate! We love tacos down here....all of us!

If ESPN thinks they have to push for apologies for comments like Griese's stupidity - How about apologizing for BAD SPORTS COVERAGE?

Heck, I thought Montoya was an Indy driver; good thing he went for the less filling taco instead of the half pound burrito!!!

I don't know whether Bob Griese is a racist or not but his COMMENT WAS! Yes, he apologized and he should have. COOL. Taking offense at racist comments is not being THIN SKINNED and no matter how much SOME folks find them irritating, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should continue to shed light on these incidents in hopes that folks will watch what they say .. . at least in public!

Jeff....this is over-cooked. If I sit on my couch and someone makes a hamburger comment about my wieght and I am white everybody gets a chuckle. This was in no way a malicious comment. Relax!

Any racist comment is unnecessary it doesnt matter how small it is, and then we question why everyone around the world hates us.

Hi, ESPN football analyst Bob Griese provide comment is colorful commentary video:

It never ceases to amaze me how all you white racist come out from under your white hoods on these blogs to continue to display your racist thoughts. It just continues to feed what we already know. No one should be surprised by the continued display of idiotic racists remarks displayed in this day and age, which are quickly followed by an "I'm Sorry" as if that erases anything, it doesn't. Just like you can't unring a bell, yet it kills me that white america continues to think its OK to display their racists feelings and then assumes all should be well when its followed by an apology & a sincere get over it. We all know what you say the moment you go back behind closed doors and dawn your white hood again.

If only we could get him to apologize for the shameless things he says about the Buckeyes while he's "analyzing" Ohio State games... I think it's about freakin' time he got called on the carpet for something he said! He should be suspended for the rest of the season.

I'm still waiting for reparations from 20th Century Fox for the film "White Men Can't Jump".

I'm glad he apologized. It was inappropriate....

I highly doubt Bob Griese is a racist... however, it's not about being politically correct or having thin skin.

Advertising dollars are at play and a quip like that isn't going to go over well with the executives.

^Everybody hates you because you don't have a sense of humor.

Griese should apologize and direct it to anyone who was genuinely offended by such a comment. As far as those out there who "choose" to be offended, our world would be a much better place if you lightened up.

Enough already! People of this world are too sensitive over innocence comments and remarks made by anyone. Mr. Griese's is human being and anyone that knows him realizes he is just another man living in this crazy world.

Bob Griese may not be the funniest guy you ever meet but he is not a racist unless he's changed a lot since Purdue football. We all say things that don't come out right and it's time to accept apologies and move on.

It was a stupid comment. His laughter added to the insult. Juan is a great guy and an excellent racer so I know that he doesn't care about an ignorant comment from someone like Bob Griese. The old man needs to crawl back into the bottle and head to the house.

I am ambivalent to this blog post. I have no opinion about it. Nor does it spark any particular emotion. I just thought everyone should know that I'm completely neutral here. I do like JPM though -- and really wish this reporter had gone the distance to try to get a comment from him.

Columbia is far better known for its Corruption and Cocaine, but Bob Griese is apologizing over a Taco comment. You would think the man said he was off driving a speed boat.

Griese is a freaking idiot. Not because of this, but because he has no idea what he is talking about when he does football games. People are saying he should be fired for this, I agree that he should be fired, not because of his comment, but because he sucks at his job.

"You probably think cocaine, but yes Colombians do eat tacos.''

Hey Diesel, an ignoramus or possible junkie like yourself would think that, but educated people would think 'arepas' or 'empanadas'. And no, most Colombians do not eat tacos, in Colombia the word 'taco' refers to a pool stick.

well there goes Griese's chance of buying an NFL team

So if Montoya is Colombian and they don't even eat tacos in Colombia, then who was offended and why?

Does Juan Pablo ride a donkey when he races?

Montoya did not seem to take offense to his comment:
(look for the "Montoya and Griese" headline)

I think JPM is a pretty tough guy, and this stuff is just infantile to get pissy over. Go after his family, though, and you'll see him angry (just like any other guy).

This is the one where the conceit "The One Where..." becomes overused.

"So if Montoya is Colombian and they don't even eat tacos in Colombia, then who was offended and why?"

I'm guessing politically-correct liberals assume the Colombian will be "offended" for being mistaken for Mexican?

Oh wait, that's pretty "insensitive" to Mexicans.

why do people always make a big deal about nothing? and the anti-racist was being racist with their comments as well.

It is always racist for one racial group to make stereotypical comments about another.

If someone says, "where's Barack Obama" and the response is "he's probably out eating watermelon," that is racist.

If it was an all-African American broadcast team, they were showing the NBA point leaders and one of them mockingly asked, "where is Larry Bird on that list," and the other answered, laughing, "he's probably eating a cracker somewhere," that would also be racist.

Now, I don't think Griese is racist -- I don't know enough about him and give people the benefit of the doubt. But, the comment was racist and he should feel the reprecussions -- as everyone else does.

Not only he should be reprimanded, he should be forced to do social latino work.

Tacos are mexican, Haggis is Scottish, fishNchips is british. But yet the Americans DO NOT like to be called Brits, nor Scots, nor Auzzies. So Colombians do not like to be called Mexicans neither.

So why should any body generalize and create a Xenophobic atmosphere?

Off with his head!

I am Colombian as Juan Pablo is. I think everybody is overreacting about that guy joke. It was a simple joke. By the way, we do not eat tacos in Colombia.

Wow. Where did that come from? "Out having a taco" That kind of comment comes from someplace deep inside someones head. It's not the first comment he has made about Latin Americans. Maybe he needs get some help with his issues. I personally could care less about the guy, I would never watch him or Football on ESPN.

Go Juan Pablo Montoya. Kick some Hendrick Butt.

What if he said a racer was out eating a hamburger like the guy who advertises for BK? Would that have been suspension material? It's amazing how low we have become. Almost like a third world nation ourselves.

Hey Jeff,October 24, 2009 8:49 PM

Please tell me you're pulling our legs. As you can tell by my name, I'm Italian. If someone were to say that I was probably out eating pasta, pizza, or even a cannoli, I would certainly not be offended. If someone on the other hand said I was out eating Paella (Spanish), I again would not be offended, but would rather correct the individuals understanding of my ethnic background and move on.

Now go back to eating your yogurt and please don't participate in any future elections.

Interesting how "antiracist" makes several racist comments. Come on now, say your sorry...

If you make a stand for every silly thing done or said, eventually you dilute the value of your stands.
In the 1980's I had a black employee who used to always say to me: "you people talk that way"....or..."you people like those things". I asked her who "you people" were she said "white folk".
I didn't think she was racist but rather someone whose life didn't bring her into contact much with whites...indeed...she was one of the funniest employees we had.
In the seventies (in college) I had a professor who introduced "The Chitlin Test"...the philosophy was that this test with questions like "Who is Bo Diddly" and "What is a Chitlin" should replace corporate entrance exams to "equalize the field". Again, I did not find this "racist"...but rather a sad example of reducing standards that would ultimately lead to an incapable corporate force. came to pass

Jose Jimenez had a comedy routine in the 60's where he dressed up like an astronaut and (In what should have been a humiliating display to hispanics) mocked his perception of his culture's backward understanding of the space program.

In the 80's I remember a comedian (similar to George Lopez) talking about "mexicans driving in the fast lane"..."all the gringos come up behind us an beep their horns..always in a hurry"..."But we don't care...we got no jobs to go to".

When a black or hispanic comedian makes fun of their culture and even makes racist remarks it is "funny" question is: Does this make all those who laugh and are not hispanic or black "racists"? And why would these comedians abuse their own just to garner laughs?

Cocaine? Oh, let me tell you. Colombia did go thru many problems with cocaine sumugglers, but time has passed and that is not a bigger deal than in any other country in South America such as Venezuela. Mexico, actually, is more in the "narco-war" than colombia nowdays; so all of you should take your out of sense comments back. Now, that comment about the taco was racist, no matter how small it was. Call a German a murderer, call an American obese, call a Pakistani terrorist, that's all racist or steryotyping. No one would like that, would you? So yea it was a little comment but it still was a comment. If you kill someone with a knife or a missle, you still killed a person. We are in 2009 now, I think we are on a time were all these comments should be foolish nonsense, and it is more than late that they are gone and punished for.

i am white and am extremely tired of being treated as if it is my fault that there is racism or somehow my fault that people of the 1700 and 1800's had slaves. i'm sorry that these people were treated terribly and sincerely wish they hadn't been, but move on. i do have a question....what would black america or hispanic america do if white america had scholarships only for whites, or schools only for whites or beauty pagents only for whites or mainstream activist groups that were only for whites????

Are you kidding Bob? Did you guys hear how he said that? That wasn't a slip of the tongue it had "I am a slim ball racist" written all over it. I know we have gone over board in some respects to the PC thing, but honestly this was completely offensive. Of course all you people who are saying "oh goodness it was funny" have never actually been a target of racial stereotyping. Hey Bob....JPM is from COLUMBIA YOU IDIOT. Pull out a map...its not even in Central America. All you people that think this isn't offensive are just as ignorant as good ole Bob.

Griese is a knuckle head, a lease Pablo Montoya is a Champion,Griese head, son Brian is and allways was a looser,what did he ever do on the football field,ssssssssss knuckle griese head.

Griese is a knuckle head, a lease Pablo Montoya is a Champion,Griese head, son Brian is and allways was a looser,what did he ever do on the football field,ssssssssss knuckle griese head.

As a hispanic man those of you like Jon above are the biggest joke! You sir offend me highly. Too much of ths PC crap going on. Swink you ARE a racist! Amazing you call Griese this or that then opeb you big mouth and say racist ignorant stuff. HYPOCRITE! Amazing those of you slam Griese for what he says then say things just has bad. IDIOTS

Hey Peter, learn how to speak English! Bob Griese led the'72 Dolphins to an undefeated season and a Super Bowl title dude!

Lee above is correct. There would be an uproar if we had WET (White Entertainment Television) or the UCCF (United Caucasion College Fund) or White History Month!

All of you who think it was offensive need to get your priorites together and worry more about how to better your pathetic lives versus a silly taco comment! Grow up!

Robert M Lavoie comments about been from Texas would it be inappropriate to say "he went out for a hamburger"? as saying its the same .. well they are not , its people like you that is why these countries are the way they are small minded , ignorant people , the point in the comment he made during the show was not correct because 1. Montoya is not Mexican he Colombian and 2. In Colombia they do not have tacos alright that's the point that he said something without having knowledge or facts correctly ignorance eh which in turn makes him and you IGNORANT PEOPLE. That's what was wrong about the taco comment its got nothing to do with Texas and or he went out for a hamburger .

I am Colombian, and we don't eat tacos (food from different countries in Latin America is different). Regarding the comment from Bob Griese, was it probably "politically inappropriate" from the American culture point of view? Yes. But Montoya did not even care... that's latino culture... we do not care about things like this, especially given the fact that Bob was a grown up who accepted his mistake and apologized.

By the way, colOmbia is spelled with an O (colOmbia).

He sounds more uninformed than racist. I think he should not be punished just alerted that we appreciate football relevant information during games. He is better than the grumpy guys that can't get over the fact they got old. You know like Steve Young and Jaworski. They always complain about how the guys of today are not good enough. Or the standard of a lot of white commentators the black qb's are not really qb's bull crap.

Bob was an excellent quarterback on a great team. Can we read his mind on how he feels about people or groups of people...?? No
The idea that he would not treat Montoya as he would my Idol Jeff Gordon by only thinking of him as a great driver and not his heritage in 2009 we are still having problems. It is not an idea of being thin skinned, when your eyebrows go up when you hear a comment like this. People joke about everything i get a chuckle too out of some things i hear and read. If you notice the only time racist comments come out is when the minority is the minority. White men dont make these racial slurs when they are in a locker room with all blacks and latinos. Neither do blacks or Latinos.... to keep things in prospective. I dont know how Bob feels about minorities but his comment was not really great.

Bob Griese should knee down, raise his kilt and accept a well deserved punishment from JPM. (In braveheart I saw Scotish wearing kilts, so I asume all English speakers do, the same as all Spanish speakers wear big sombreros and eat tacos.)

i love bobo griese

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