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The Joe Mauer pitch-tipping video is not a big deal

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A video making the rounds this morning shows Minnesota Twins catcher and All-American golden boy Joe Mauer allegedly tipping pitches from second base.

The YouTube video, diligently uploaded by "rolemodel2008," features an at-bat by Twins outfielder Jason Kubel on Tuesday night againt the Detroit Tigers when Mauer was on second base. The uploader identifies the American League's leading hitter's repeated touching of his helmet as his pitch-tipping technique.

As one might expect, the Twins are laughing off the incident. In fact, Mauer's longtime teammate Justin Morneau says that the catcher has not once tipped him off in their five years of play together.
"I've been batting behind Joe for five years," Morneau said Thursday. "I haven't gotten a sign yet. I'm still waiting."
Kubel and Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire also said there's nothing to this, hopefully putting what is a non-issue anyway to bed.

Anyone who has played the game knows that stealing the other team's side is part of the game. Why else do catcher's mix up their signals with a runner on second base. The risk exists, of course, of gettting caught and getting a high, hard one right in your kitchen.

In much more important news, the Tigers can clinch the AL Central title with a win this afternoon against Minnesota.

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I think it is sneaky for Mower to touch his ear hole, etc. But Tigers ought to have a more complicated system that can't be stolen so easy.

Really, are you honestly thinking he is stealing signs. Are you a Glenn Beck watcher? He is touching his helmet before the catcher is even completing his signs.

Yes, yes he was stealing. Did you watch him on TV last night with that Rick Riley? Mower was obviously brought up to do anything to gain adulation and applause from the locals. Good for him and the Twins, but maybe not the most honest guy. I think now that he has cashed in and other teams are figuring out his deceptive tendencies, his numbers will be dropping. Hope so!

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