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Sean Salisbury is suing Gawker, owners of Deadspin

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sean-salisbury-deadspin.jpgIf you like a good scandal and reading proffers, and I know you do, then the Sean Salisbury lawsuit against Deadspin should provide plenty of entertainment.

In one corner is the NFL quarterback-turned-television-analyst that was a polarizing presence while on the air, and in the other is the ultra snarky epicenter of the sports blogosphere.

(That lead-in actually sounds like the tag line for a compelling movie, if anyone has the energy to follow through on it.)

It seems Salisbury has filed suit against Gawker Media, which owns the site in Texas' Denton County, ending a long and very public back-and-forth between he and Deadspin.

The bad blood began in Jan. 2007, when the blog alleged that Salisbury had been suspended from ESPN for taking salacious pictures of himself and showing them to a gaggle of co-workers.
Salisbury's attorney Jeffrey Tillotson says the blog continued its "smear campaign" against John Clayton's former arch-nemesis by essentially re-posting the "lie" four subsequent times.

"Deadspin falsely stated, 'According to one source close to the station, Salisbury freaked out a station promo girl after sexting her," the petition read.

The blog also provided a link to a Dallas Observer blog, Richie Whitt's Sportatorium, that said in an "update" post regarding Salisbury's departure that "sexting wasn't involved."

Tillotson said Deadspin continued to publish the story as part of their "smear campaign" against Salisbury.

"Unburdened by the truth or any pretense of journalistic standards, Deadspin ignored the facts and instead repeated the malicious lie that Mr. Salisbury 'allegedly' engaged in 'sexting,' which prompting his firing," the petition read. "In the weeks since Mr. Salisbury's departure from The Fan, Deadspin has continued to taunt Mr. Salisbury in emails from Deadspin contributors and has even mockingly asked Mr. Salisbury why he has not filed suit. Deadspin now has its answer."

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"Deadspin falsely stated, 'According to one source close to the station, Salisbury freaked out a station promo girl after sexting her," the petition read.

So is Salisbury disputing that someone said he 'sexted' a co-worker, or the alleged act itself?

Makes me wonder how much coherent thought went inti the filing.

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