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Report: Mark McGwire to become St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach

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mark-mcgwire-hitting-coach.jpgThe St. Louis Cardinals are expected to announce that former slugger Mark McGwire is returning to baseball after an eight-year exile and will serve as the team's hitting coach.

Hal McRae, who had served as hitting instructor for five years, will not renew his contract, opening the door for Big Mac's appointment. The news comes after a lengthy period of speculation as to if Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa's would come back for his 15th season at the helm.

With that issue pretty much resolved, the focus now turns to McGwire, who retired in 2001 after a series of chronic injuries. His career took a dark turn after setting the single-season home run record with 70 in 1998, as he became the poster boy for the performance-enhancing substance scandal that plagued Major League Baseball.

At a 2005 congressional hearing on steroids, McGwire refused to address the past, saying instead that he wanted to focus on the future.

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""the focus now turns to McGwire, who retired in 2001 after a serious of chronic injuries.""

Are you a serious writer?????

McGwire is a cheat
Ok, so Mark McGwire came out and said he finally took steroids, but that doesn't make him more 'honest' or 'trustworthy' than other baseball players who are still hiding their steroid usage. It just means that he finally had to crack before he was cracked by someone else. There are some bloggers listed at online sports sites like who say McGwire is still on the level of a Hall of Famer. But I say McGwire is a big cheat and I have lost any respect I had for him before. He should be in the Hall of Shame.

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