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Renowned high-school hockey player Levi Johnston to appear nude in Playgirl

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02_levi_lgl.jpgRemember when Levi Johnston was just a name to us, a kid from Alaska who enjoyed playing hockey and was Bristol Palin's boyfriend?

We all seemed so young, so innocent then. We'd never heard of the Octomom. Jon and Kate were together. The Cubs hadn't signed Milton Bradley.

Simpler times.

Now, in a little over a year, Johnson has become a media-seeking, Vanity Fair-gracing celebrity after a brief stint as a roustabout in his home state.

He will be even more exposed to the American populace -- well, a certain subset of it -- when he appears in an upcoming issue of "Playgirl."

That's right, it's going to happen.

He's currently hitting the gym, buffing up for the spread, according to the always fun TMZ. They report that the 19-year-old is working out six days a week, either so he looks good or for his inevitable reality show where he tries out for the NHL.

The shoot is scheduled to take place sometime this month.

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Holy crap. God, I hope this guy never goes away.

Could these people possibly get more tawdry?

Poor Bristle will someday have to explain to her son how she ever ended up in bed with such a jacka$$ as his Father. LADIES please stand to be counted by making sure you do not buy the mag and do not support any sponsor that advertises in the issue this jerk is in. I will post the sponsors to boycott when this issue is checking it in store and not buying it.

When the convention got started
Johnston came highly regarded
Now from Palin he's freed
She and Playgirl agreed
Levis are best when discarded.

News Short n' Sweet by JFD8

Hockey Star?

This seems like a over-reach for Levi. Doesn't a tawdry reality show usually come before a tawdry nude photo shoot in the 15-minute trajectory?

Besides, someone pulled the wool over his eyes: it won't be women buying the magazine at all.

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