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Police report: Miguel Cabrera also involved in altercation Aug. 31

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Miguel Cabrera's now-public domestic disturbance Saturday morning was apparently not the first time the slugging first baseman for the Detroit Tigers has been involved in a police report this season.

Another Birmingham Police report shows that Cabrera was involved in an incident back on August 31 at the Townsend Hotel. Three people at the Rugby Grille claim Miguel Cabrera came in drinking from a large plastic cup and became verbally abusive toward a heavy-set teenager who was with them.

According to the police report, Cabrera wanted to go outside to fight. He reportedly threatened to get his "click-clack" and motioned like he had a gun.
Cabrera later told Tigers brass that he doesn't own a firearm.

Again, the Tigers face the Minnesota Twins in one game for AL Central supremacy Tuesday afternoon. That really can't come soon enough for Miguel.

Miguel Cabrera's 'Other' Run-in with the Law     (WXYZ)

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1 Comment

Maybe if the White Stocking were involved in more domestic altracations, then they'd be playing in game 163!

Linda S.

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