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New York Post: Phillies, Philadelphia and Rocky Balboa all suck

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here-come-the-frillies.jpgJust in case the existing World Series plot lines weren't enough to drum up interest in the Fall Classic, the New York Post has decided to raise the stakes. They're rolling out all the stops in advance of tomorrow's series opener between the Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, including trotting out a graphic that features Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorinio wearing a skirt.

The art accompanies a story from the "My-City-is-Better-than-Your-City" file that contains some pretty pointed barbs at Will Smith's hometown, painting it as a second-class town with second-rate fans.
"Bleacher Bums get a bad rap," said Tanner McLoud, 42, of Long Island. "But if you've ever been to the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, you'd realize just how much worse Phillies fans are. "You can't go to a game without getting booze thrown at you!"

Gotham has been regularly beating the pants off Philly since overtaking the one-horse town as the nation's economic capital in the early 19th century.

"I briefly lived in Philadelphia and I couldn't wait to get out," the Brooklyn writer said. "Their fans are whiners, the food is lousy and there is nothing to do. "New York is all about being on top, with no excuses -- just like the Yankees."

After all the comparisons between the teams and the cities, it gets personal. So personal in fact, some bold Yankees fans go after the Philly cheesesteak.

"The big meal there is a steak with cheese and onions on a hero, but they don't even call it a hero. It's a hoagie. What the hell is a hoagie?" said Ron Montclane, 26.
A dress-free Victorino and his besmirched Phillies brethren will face CC Sabathia in Game 1 tomorrow night.

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It seems that every time a team writes negative things about the Phillies and Philadelphia, they end up on top! Let's back to the matter at hand - baseball!

the yankees are a joke and everyone knows it. i think no one would care if they won witch they wont. i dont see why there favered this is the Phillies let me see second trip to the world seris in two years and who didnt even make the playoffs last year yea thats what i thought so all yankee fans can just shut up because everyone knows the phillies will win.

Morrison, I have to believe you are a Yankees fan in disguise deliberately trying to make Philadelphia fans appear as ignorant. I only say this because spell check is built into these posts and your grammar is horrendous. Also, it seems New York, with all their masturbatory practices and perceived self importance, can not find news pertinent to their city as evidenced by the front page of the The New York Post today. Despite all of the "important" things going on in Gotham the only news they could find was about some woman from some suburb of Philly who was willing to give up some sex for tickets to game 1. At least our fans are dedicated and do not mind working for their money to buy tix instead of receiving it as a bailout from the fed.


First of all this is the worst news paper I have ever read. The writers sound like 3rd graders and they don't make sense. I am going to have to say that New York is full of ugly people trying to be beautiful. A bunch of people trying to be something they are not. A bunch of low lifes that don't know how to budget money and end up on the streets. A bunch of people that just want to be cool and say, "Im from New York" in their dumb sounding accent. A bunch of people that are all cocky and can't back it up. A bunch of people that like living in a city where you can't touch anything without washing your hands and a subway system that smells like piss. New York is made up of people that aren't born there and live there cause it makes them feel like they're still in college. New York is a historical city but the people who live there are fake.

WORLD F***IN CHAMPIONS!! And we plan to do it again by beating the crap out of your stuck up overpaid yankees. GO PHILS!

NO,YOU HAVE THAT WRONG-YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for the excellent and useful subject.

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