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More trouble brewing for Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable?

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tom-cable-randy-henson.jpgOakland Raiders coach Tom Cable may be disciplined by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his altercation with a former assistant during training camp.

Randy Henson is accusing Cable of punching him and breaking his jaw in an Aug. 5 incident. Henson's lawyer told the NFL Network that his client has met with authorities to discuss the matter.

While criminal charges haven't been filed, Fox Sports is reporting that Goodell will consider punishment, if warranted.

"This is not getting pushed under the rug," Goodell told the Web site.

Cable has said that "nothing happened," however.

"When all the facts come out, everything will be fine," Cable said.

The Raiders play the New York Giants on Sunday, providing a perfect opportunity for the commish to meet with Cable.

Goodell: Cable discipline still possible     (ESPN)

Tom Cable could find himself in a lot of trouble soon     (LA Times)

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it is so sad that the oakland raiders have to keep going threw the same old drama every year. you have a owner who want change or grow with the times.bench jarmarcus could that be the answer yes i think so also the offensive line who cant open any holes four the backs to run threw. its so sad.

cable should get fired. take the worst qb in the nfl with you, put gradkowski in to finish our terrible season, rebuild towards the future. hey why not on your way out, punch al davis, break his jaw, and then he too can leave, then maybe we can get something going.

If we can fine and penalize a Black female like Serena Williams for getting verbal abusive, it's preposterous if we can't do the same for a white male who assaults another coach. Quite frankly, I consider it an outrage that this coach is not arrested, fined, and removed from the NFL altogether. No one just makes up something about being assaulted especially if they have the broken jaw to prove it. I will have lost complete respect for the NFL if they do not choose to treat this matter with the utmost seriousness and send Tom Cable packing. There's no room for assault ofthis nature made by coaches. It's absolute absurd. God knows if he were Black, he'd have been hauled off to jail with no questions ask. This is presposterous!

There u go Jonas...make a fight between 2 white guys a racial issue??? get a grip man. There is so much wrong with the Raiders that only cleaning house can fix. Russel and Cable need to go.

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