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Marcus Jordan, UCF freshman, will trade his Adidas shoes for Nikes this season

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marcus-jordan-ucf.JPGIt's gotta be the (right brand of) shoes.

Marcus Jordan, son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, will be wearing Nike shoes when he suits up as a freshman for the University of Central Florida basketball team this season. His teammates, meanwhile, will be donning Adidas.

Michael Jordan's name has become synonymous with the brand of shoe he hawked throughout his NBA career.

"It's a level of importance with the Jordan Brand and my family," Marcus Jordan said Thursday at a team media event. "It's no disrespect to Adidas. I have a high level of respect for adidas, but I'm going to be wearing Jordan shoes. I'm wearing the Adidas uniform and all my other UCF gear is Adidas, but the shoes are going to be Jordan Brand."

Fanhouse is reporting that Adidas was not happy about the decision, but "didn't press the issue because they feared a backlash."

Marcus Jordan, a 6-3 guard who graduated from basketball powerhouse Whitney Young last year, is the second oldest of Michael Jordan's three children.

During his Hall of Fame induction speech, Michael Jordan said his children carry a "heavy burden" and that he'd never want to switch places with them. 

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the bigger question is, is he in the rotation to play at the school, that is the real tell, tell question!
i wonder why he doesn't where a nike uniform, just joking!
i hope things work out for him in florida, looks like big brother might lace em after all for the fighting illini!

PLEASE tell me that UCF isn't going to let this prima donna millionaire get away with dictacting the dress code of school athletes. His famous father draped an American flag over his shoulder in the Olympics just to cover the Adidas symbol on his jersey, now the son REFUSES to wear school sanctioned gear that every other player will be using! PLEASE tell me that this kid is not a spoiled brat. PLEASE tell me that this kid,who grew up in a house larger than the average golf course country club main building, is just misunderstood and is really a team player. In this day and age the average UCF student needs to take classes and exams on computers because the school refuses to hire more teachers but these kids get a free ride and STILL have issues with the school. I say play by school rules or go to some other school. UNLESS UCF continues to cower to the Jordan family.

fastfinger, PLEASE tell me YOU understand that all of those amenities you mention that Marcus Jordan has been so fortunate to have are largely because of Nike. Seems to me that he's actually quite aware of his good fortune and feels compelled to respect the company that is responsible for it. Nike has given a lot to his family. Wearing Adidas is a serious bite in the hand that feeds.

I think he is very respectful towards the people who actually put the bread on the table at the Jordan house. Without Nike, young master Jordan would not have had the same material standard as he has now - so I think that he is really proving that he's NOT a primadonna.

Yall need to get off his back... He dont wana wear adidas then he aint got to... I wud wana wear my daddy shoes to.. Btw he aint no prima donna so yall need to be easy... That why he actually making it sumwhere and is actually known why u just sitting her commenting on his life so lil the boy alone!!!

marcus is never going to be like his dad marcus is weak he need more improvement. so he can be a star like air jordan. he's a weak jordan

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