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Larry Johnson not gaining fans in the gay community

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larry-johnson-twitter.jpgA day after taking on first-year coach Todd Haley and making homophobic remarks via Twitter, Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson continued his 24-hour tour of controversy by dropping another slur.

Johnson, sitting next to second-year running back Jamaal Charles, told reporters that "I'm not talking till Thursday," his usual day of speaking with reporters.

Then Johnson turned away and whispered.

"Get your f***** ass out of here," he said.

In the wake of the Chiefs' 37-7 loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, Johnson tweeted about Haley's lack of football-playing experience from a Twitter account that appears to be his.

"My father got more creditentials than most of these pro coaches," Johnson said. It was followed with, "My father played for the coach from "rememeber the titans". Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn."

He didn't stop there.

Johnson continued the rant, and, in later responses directed toward Johnsons Twitter followers, contained inflammatory remarks about gays. In a reference to someones profile picture, Johnson called it a "f** pic" and called the person a "Christopher street boy," a reference to a predominantly homosexual section in New York's Greenwich Village. Johnson's Twitter profile was taken private and some posts were deleted.
If this is indeed Johnson's doing from the beginning, what type of punishment should he face, if any?

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Wow. What a surprise.

That a citizen who knows the pain of slurs would then use slurs to hurt or denigrate others.

Wow. What a shock.

I wonder if he uses the 'N' word, too?

The player uses rough language during a frustrated period after a crushing team loss. Certain words are considered offensive when used in public, even though they may be commonly used in private conversations. Some are slurs, others are just swearing. He should quickly apologize and get the attention focused back on improving this team.

Freedon of speech. Homos dont deserve an exception to that anymore than real minorities.

Kyle responds: It'd be fun if you left your real name.

It's possible that Larry is struggling with his sexuality. Why is he so familar with that section of New Yorker? Many of these players project toughness outwardly and internally, there are struggling with their sexuality. I would be surprised if Larry is one of those players. I watched him closely and I think something is up with him. He always seems unhappy. In psychology, I learned about the defense mechanism called "projection." I think Larry might be projecting.

Being a gay male myself, I don't like that he said it, but he has every right to say it. This is a country of free speech, not just for certain people or certain subjects. He will be taken care of by his coaches and the league.

Seriously, who cares? People act like it's such a big deal to say "fag" or "faggot" it's just a word. Sticks and Bones... Words don't hurt. Besides LJ has a right to be angry. But maybe Haley isn't the person he should show it towards.

Before his profile went private, he was also exchanging verbal blows with a number of fans. Comparing his wealth to what he assumed to be their relative poverty, to the point of laughing and mocking these people. It was a *really* sad, petty display.

He speaks of his father as a figure or respect, what would a man who hits women and speaks to people in such a juvenile way know about respect? Has he earned a cent in that contract yet? It's appalling, his lack of talent and production. He really has little room to be so brash. It's tragic to the point of hilarity.

I hope the league dispenses some justice and humility to this clown.

Larry Johnson is a gigantic ass and there is nothing new about that.

get a freakn life people if you really want to worry about crap like this then go ahead. its ridiculous what society is becoming. you have no life if your worried about some jock calling someone a name its simply ridiculous.there are so many other important things in this country to worry about. cheers

Sticks and Bones?

I agree with Patrick 100 percent. I was wondering the SAME thing. Wow...Spitting in women's faces...shoving women...I don't think he is too fond of us women. I think he's fighting the urge to come out of the closet. Don't fight it's okay.

I think he's been running with his boy Kanye West too much, has a hurt ego and is taking it out through the media. Perhaps they should call up Joe Pa and have chewed out... Maybe then he would listen, I'm pretty sure Joe's football resume can compete with Johnson's father.

The deal being made about this is pathetic. These are random rants by someone and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. And then people twist his words to somehow mean he is a closet homosexual. Aren't you now attacking him and insinuating inflammatory remarks about his character? You are Hypocrites.

Hmmmm. Let's see.
"My father got more creditentials than most of these pro coaches,"
"My father played for redskins briefley".
So LJ went to Penn State, yet cannont spell credentials, nor can he spell briefly.
What the hell are "creditentials"??? Amazing what some of these a-holes who were given an opportunity to get an education at a major university FAILED MISERABLY at doing so.

Masters of distraction...the real story here is why do inexperienced and unqualified whites continue to be appointed to positions of leadership. When will we ever get out of the Bushes.

Anyone that thinks this is a story should go back to gradeschool. Who cares what this man said and whether he has any issues. What's hillarious is people actually get upset with his words. It's a word people, a word. Comedy

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