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Kevin Allen is leaving, but we're soldiering on

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kevinallen.JPGWell, it finally happened.

When we started this garden-variety, unedited blog last summer, we knew two things. One, we had absolutely no idea how many people would be reading. Two, that it would someday have to end.

So, it's with a bit of sadness that I tell you of my cohort Kevin's departure from the Chicago Sun-Times -- and more importantly, that you'll no longer be privy to his particular brand of wit and prose at this URL.

Take a minute and let that sink in.

He's leaving to pursue another job opportunity, presumably one where he'll no longer get to write about Erin Andrews as much. I guess it has other perks, though.

Our eight regular readers will probably be surprised to know that the vision for this space was to take a high-brow look at current sporting events as well as functioning as a meeting place of sorts for people who liked to prove how intelligent they were.

Think "Atlantic Monthly" meets "Heaven is a Playground."

That, of course, was before we learned about Search Engine Optimization, Google Trends and the public's insatiable desire of videos of bone-crushing hockey checks. 

Nevertheless, it's been a hell of a lot of fun co-writing this thing with Mr. Allen. And it's not really going to be the same without him.

After some soul-searching and a couple of rough nights at home with single-malt scotch, I've decided to promote myself from co-editor to editor and keep the blog running.

Again, don't want to disappoint the eight of you regular readers.

Who knows what sort of changes are in store without his stabilizing influence. This could very well turn into a forum about "Lost" conspiracy theories. I guess I'd have to update the banner if it did, so maybe not.

Anyway, please join me in congratulating Kevin on his new job and in wishing him well in the future.

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Single malt Scotch? That come in a can?

RIP to KJAllen.

Kevin may be gone, but "Bears Brightside" will always live forever in my heart.

The first Sun-Times writer I ever dated!! I LOVE YOU, K. Allen!

Linda S.

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