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Jay Cutler's John Elway impression may have been better than the actual Elway play

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You've probably already made the connection between Jay Cutler's five-yard, helicopter-style rushing touchdown against the Detroit Lions yesterday, but here are the two plays on videotape.

Elway's scamper was obviously the more important play, coming in the midst of the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl XXXII victory over the Green Bay Packers.  But, I dare say that Cutler's was much more impressive, as he was able to get more elevation and withstand a more powerful collision. On the other hand, his clip doesn't have the voiceover work of Alec Baldwin.

Which of these two is the better football play?

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I may be a homer but Cutler's was better. Elway looked like a ton of bricks. Jay sailed higher and did a total 360. I gave it a 9.0.

Elway never paused, never hesitated. Cutler did. And in that instant you can see the fundamental difference between the two. Cutler is calculating and never quite willing to give it his all. Elway leaves nothing behind.

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