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It's way too cold to play baseball in Denver; Rockies and Phillies game postponed

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Colorado Rockies fans probably have an ample number of jackets, wool caps and mittens in their closets. You don't live in Denver and not adapt, after all.

They'll need all the cold-weather gear they can bring with them tomorrow night, when the game postponed today will be made up at at 8:07 p.m. MT.  That's 10:07 on the East Coast.

 Major League Baseball decided to move the game back after a snowstorm blanketed the area and iced over roads. Tonight's game-time temperature was expected to be around 25 degrees, which would have made for the most frigid postseason game ever.

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Did you know Al Gore was going to attend the game? Oops no Global Warming.

Global warming is causing unusual weather. We have to pay carbon taxes to Al Gore and his financiers or the planet will melt. Stop driving a car or eating meat. Only Al Gore, Brad Pit and Rockefellers can do that. Go back to being serfs, for the good of the planet.

and in the meantime, record high temperatures were set all across Alaska yesterday, including a 69°F reading in McGrath. Their low yesterday morning of 49°F was warmer than the old record high of 48°F.

Two can play at that game.

climate isn't weather - um except when it's warm and windy also if Denver has north pole weather, obviously the north pole has Denver weather.... lets just move the game to the north pole and everything will be fine

Why would you play 162 games under in one environment and decide the championship in a new one?????

The oceans are cooling (NASA). The Earth has been cooling for ten years(NASA). Antarctica in 2008 & 2009 had the least amount of glacial melt in the thirty years of record keeping (NASA). Record temperatures can be an indicator, but I prefer a global view. Greenland is so named because one thousand years ago it was green, the Vikings grew crops and raised cattle there for hundreds of years until the Earth cooled again. Oh, by the way, CO2 levels continue to rise at unprecedented rates. Can anyone perform basic logic anymore?

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