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Enough Ced: Give us your Bears rants

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Forget what we learned from Thumper in "Bambi." You should probably be saying something right now. (AP photo)

There's no way to sugarcoat the Bears' brutal 45-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The offense was offensive.

The defense was indefensible.

The special teams were anything but special.

On a day when they could have gained a game in the standings on the Minnesota Vikings and quieted some very loud Bengal mouths, Lovie Smith's crew laid a big, fat egg and reverted back to .500.

They let former running back Cedric Benson run all over them and get his redemption -- to the tune of 189 yards on 37 carries and a touchdown.

They let serial tweeter Chad Ochocinco make good on every electronic promise -- to the tune of 10 catches, 118 yards and 2 touchdowns.

So, what do you do after one of the most painfully unwatchable games in recent history?

You vent.

We want to hear your best Bears rants. Feel free to really light into anyone and everybody, holding nothing back.

Maybe you'll feel better when you're done. Visceral diatribes have a way of soothing the soul.

At the very least, it will be entertaining.

Go ahead, the floor is yours.

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No First Round or Second Round Pick to improve a horrible offensive line, Rod Marinelli improved the D-Line Really?

It all starts with line play.

No rant. Just a question - How do all you Lovie supporters defend this performance? The players looked like they weren't prepared, and didn't have their hearts in it. That falls squarely on the coaching staff.

This team just let a former player who was reviled here - Benson, show up the organization, coaches and players. They rolled over and died.

There has been no more stinging or irrefutable condemnation delivered against this Bears team and its organization that I can remember. Cedric Benson made the whole group look like fools.

Either get it together, or move on. This was sick.

Complete disaster. Bears did the right thing with Benson. He was lazy here. This game the Bears had no energy. They played like what we complained about Benson. Ron Turner's offense is a joke. The line is terrible on both sides. There is alot of work to be done. Cutler will take the heat but can't blaim him for a line who can't block and receivers who can't finish plays. Can't run the ball. Overall the most disqusting game I have seen as a Bear's fan

Living in cincy I was at this abomination in person (luckily my tickets were free) - 3 hours I'll never get back...I still believe in the players on this team... the coaching staff?? um...not so much. TOTALY out-schemed!

Kyle responds: Quick, get yourself in a shower. Rinse and repeat.

New name for the Lovie Cover-2: The Wide Open

I can take losing, but this is too much!!!! The game was over practically before the toss was decided - the game should have been close at the very least. The Bengals were waltzing into the end zone as if the Bears had lined the path with daisies!! May I suggest that Lovie Smith select someone to call the defensive plays who knows what they are doing - it's obviously beyond his capabilities.

A royal can of whip-a** was opened up on our defense today, and the spray in the face isn't going to stop until Lovie, Turner and Angelo are run out of town.....or until this season is over with, which I can say it pretty much is!! I am totally embarrased to call myself a Bear Fan! But like Lovie always sez when he takes the blame, "We get off the bus running, and Tommie Harris is almost 100 percent healthy and should play this week"....Gime me a freakin' break....Actually, how about a break on my Direct TV bill since I am (was?) paying to watch DA Bears get their a** kicked!

The bears are completely DOA. Lovie Smith is a horrible coach and Ron Turner is a washed-up loser who couldn't coach in college. The offensive line is horrible and the team plays with no emotion (just like lovie). It's time to get rid of the coaching staff and bring in some winners.

Benson was lazy here because he was catered to and allowed to be that way. Poor coaching and motivation. Lovie can't or won't light a fire under these players buts. The bears haven't been able to consistently play at a high level since Lovie got here. Even in '06 you couldn't watch a game without nearly having a heart attack. Lovie coached bears either play at the same level as the team they are playing, get lucky(Steelers, Seahawks game.) Or get blown out. Again, poor coaching and bad motivational skills. The games we win are usually due to talent,(speed etc,) not game planning, management or because they are plain fired up. How can a team not be fired up after a loss like last week? One answer...COACHING!

Lovie and gang need to be fired!!! Angelo should be shown the door Monday morning. Cutler looked and acted like a cry baby! I don't care if the line couldn't block....Cutler is the "Leader" and needed to act like one. Yes, Jay we all know its not your fault but don't walk out to the huddle. Act like a MAN and show your teammates that you don't care what the scores is your going play the game.

This season is OVAH!

How sad is it, Bear fans, that we are stuck with this incredibly incompetent, over paid head coach, through the 2012 season. Lovie is such a pathetic excuse of a head coach.

Toss in an incompetent GM, signed through 2013 as well, and we are looking at 4 to 5 years of mediocrity, at best. It is time to ignore this pathetic team and focus on the Blackhawks and Bulls.

While the Denver Broncos organization is turning Kyle Orton into the next Jay Cutler, the Bears are busy making Jay Cutler look like the next Kyle Orton! Ha!!

Why do these things seem to always happen to teams with Jay Cutler at Quarterback? Now Chicago has a great arm without a quarterback attached, locked in for nearly forever. I see Chicago returning to among the worst in the NFL over the next few years.

How do you like Rod Marinelli? He is supposed to be a defensive guru but he was horible in Detroit. Is he doing any better in Chicago? Please do not send him back to Detroit.

This entire Bear team can be summed up with one word; HEARTLESS!!!!!!

I just got to say today I am embarrassed to be called a Bear's fan. I have had enough with our shoddy play on both sides of the ball, this game really hurt us. The 2 things we are identified with, defense and running the ball are totally absent when we are playing. It is really troubling seeing everyone who leaves this team getting better playing somewhere else. Come on guys, how much longer can I put up with this.

Right now I don't know what to think about the Cutler experiment, I just see too many confused faces on both sides of the ball. We need organization now!!!!

There should be no talk of Benson getting revenge. He washed out of here a dope smoking, drunk of a player, and by the grace of the Bengals he got a second chance (after four months of being out of the league). I'd play like my life depended on it too if i was Benson. He owes Bears fans an apology. Now the bears coaching staff is another story. Time to really look at making some changes.

End of first half sums it up, down 31 we go for a field goal. Embarrasing.

Lovie Smith is officially on the hot seat. Bring on Bill Cowher.

Fans.Ron Turner duz need to be fired. Lovie didnt call any plays so its not his fault, but he should be smacked for hiring turner. Dont fire the head man. Now we see how important Urlacher is. And why arenet we running the ball our of the spread offense. Stop jumping on Cutler. Yall use to do the same with Orton and look at him in a new system. Cutler is a beast. Our season is not over. And who ever the dummy was who said Lovie is over paid you know nothing. He hardly gets paid,thats partly why they hired him.CUtler is a leader and he did just fine. Once we got down now all of of a sudden we line up in five wide,and u expect them not to know we are passing the ball.Give Cutler a break. If they benched him yall would be whining. Everybody was on Favre crotch and look what happened to them. Percy gave them a chance.

This game has given me a greater feeling of disgust than what I felt when we lost to the Colts in the Super Bowl. We all are being told by players and coaches alike that things will get better... it sure looks like they're getting worse. The O-line can't run block, and they're average at best in pass protection. And it doesnt look like a problem that will be solved anytime soon, no 1st or 2nd round pick next year... I am a huge supporter of Lovie Smith, but his decision to keep Ron Turner around this long could lead to him losing his job, and unfortunately a new head coach. The defense has officially fallen apart. The only time we get pressure on the quarterback is when we sacrifice one of our three linebackers to blitz, and that has proven to be severley ineffective. Our one brightspot in the secondary is Tillman. But regardless of his talent level, he alone can't make up for the rest of the secondary. I'm hoping Urlacher can come back from his injury because this defense has shown it is not ready to function without him. The stigma of the Bears defense playing tough, and smash mouth football left after week 1 when he dislocated his wrist. With all of the glaring spots on this team that are in need of an upgrade I'm sad to say it may be while til I expect to see my Bears back in a Super Bowl.

The players have stopped playing for Lovie Smith! Time for him and his entire crew to be shown the door. With no protection on the field and Ron Turners horrendous play calling, Cutler is going to get seriously hurt out there!

It's the Bears karma. That's what they get for letting key players go. The blame should be placed squarley on Cutler's shoulders, just as he would have gotten praised had they won. We should root for some real winners in this city for a change. Go Bulls!!!!!!

oh no they didn't, turn into the St. Louis Rams....Oakland Raiders...Tampa Bay Bucs....oh, oh...those teams at least have their draft picks next year

It's Lovie Smith & Ron Turner and get Coach Mike Shanahan off his couch on on the sideline to get the QB he drafted going! The Bears "D" is embarrassing too watch. My flag football league hits harder than those 11 guys that I saw flying around the field today! the Bears organization needs to come to their senses and save us all the trouble of watching this poor play and Fire Lovie wants he lands at O'Hare!

Thanks for the trade! From: Denver Broncos (we will enjoy next years #1 draft pick)

The Bears need to clean house...From GM on down to the lowest coach on the totem pole. This team stinks and it starts at the top.

$30 Million Quarterback, 30 cent coaching. And you expect what???

We just bent over and Benson just stuck to us. Everyone needs to be fired

Two words- BILL COWHER

Cover 2?!!! Cover NO 1!

Can anyone tell me why Lovie is supposed to be a defense genius ? Currently the bears have no idea on either side of the ball. 8s54bq

I wonder if Mike Ditka would consider coming out of retirement?
This year's Bears are playing as if they don't really care, and it shows.
Perhaps if this group of prima donnas would stop counting their paychecks and start to play ball, we would see "da Bears" once again.
If the Bears coaching staff cannot bring this point home to the players, let's publicly demand that the coaching staff exit quietly, not letting the door hit their butts on the way out.

If you don't think Ron Turner is a washed-up loser, just check out his pathetic coaching record at illannoy- he is still the only coach in the history of the school to lose every game in a season.

The Bears proudly displayed the Cover-0 Defense today. They've also renamed their offensive line to EXLAX - 'cause they can't block shit!!!!!

GUTLESS WONDERS! I enjoyed watching the bad Bears teams of the late '70s more than these impersonators. You could beat those '70s teams 45-0 but you were going to get punched in the mouth. You knew you were in a fight. Not these girls of 2009 wearing the same uniforms.

I thought Cedric Benson was the problem? No, wait, Thomas Jones was the problem. No, wait, Kyle Orton was the problem. No wait, Tank Johnson was the problem. Berrian wanted too much money. Muhammad wanted too much money. The real problem are Angelo and our so-called coaches. Let's clean house and send Lovie to Washington. Maybe he can get the Obama kids to hula-hoop!

Ahhh ha ha. Cutler's up to his same ole game. Hanging his head, crying to the refs, complaining to his teammates. And he's all yours! Forever! And you have no decent draft picks! SUCKAS! Go Broncos!

bye-bye lovie!!!!! hello john gruden!!!!!!!!!!

Lovie,Turner never mind they all need to go. Why do you think that Cedric and Kyle and soooo many others leave this team and live up to expectations. No coaching or inability to motivate. It doesn`t mater they will sell out every week because we are all idiots. Cutler is probably thinking "what the hell have I done".Don`t bring in any more players until you bring in a real coach with a winning system.

Once again, the Chicago residents that are BEARS hecklers are not let down. We can call the interception, we can call the fumble, heck we can even call the pathetic look on Cutler's face. Bears fans are silenced. Again.

Bear fans, " The fish stinks from the Head" we need leadership!

Man this is the worst i ever felt about my team!!! I thought we were going into this one on a mission after all the crap they were talking last week!!!...well i guess our coaches didnt prepare the team as usual!!!

I've been watching the Bears for 40 years and this is the worst game I've ever seen. Lovie must go-quick. He's running the defense? Give me a break.

Go home, Cutler, pout, and count your money. You're the best paid, fastest bust-loser ever in Bears history!!!! But you're a Vanderbuilt guy...shoulda known.

Go home, Cutler, pout, and count your money. You're the best paid, fastest bust-loser ever in Bears history!!!! But you're a Vanderbuilt guy...shoulda known.

I really think someone should loose their job after these last two weeks... trust me Lovie...

Cowher! Cowher! Cowher! Cowher! Cowher! Cowher!

Typical Bears offense . Third quarter, 3rd and 26 ....they throw a 4 yard pass. Later 3rd and 5 , they throw a 30 yard pass. Help !

I still loathe Benson and am glad he is out of our town. The man showed 'low life' tendencies on draft day that came to fruition once he put on an NFL uniform.

still don't have a clue why many in the chicago media defend Ron Turner. biggest problem with the Bears in general is their inability to adapt to the reality of their situation. the offense and defense are easily beaten and no one in the organization thinks there is a need for change. if the present group of starters are not able to execute the game plan, then come up with a different plan! Jerry Angelo has drafted many good players. the only problem is that they are playing on different teams. look at the list of players in recent history that were let go without any real compensation - Benson (yes, eat it Benson haters), Tank Johnson, Thomas Jones, Chris Harris, Bernard Berrian, Justin Gage, Marc Columbo, Mark Bradley.... I see a pattern here. after watching the game I started to wonder why so many people love Forte but hate Benson. the difference between the 2 backs was obvious in the game. the sad part is if the Bears knew how to develop different types of players we might have had both of them on the team. this Chicago addiction to blue collar, "grabowski" types prevents the Bears from ever getting talented players with personality. the greatest irony is that the most successful teams that we have had in this city were loaded with arrogant, super talented, ego maniacs.

Can someone please tell Bear players that sportsmanship is ok after
the game.Helping Ced Benson up after 9 yards here and 10 yards there was unacceptable.Bear players should have been angry after
Atlanta but they just looked bad.

After a great day of skiing in the Rockies I caught the last of the Bears game. The Jay to Chicago trade in my eyes can NOW be best described as your "ski-rude"!!! enjoy Jay


They got our money and our draft picks
and we got a PUNK!

Cover who? Next year.

I've been a bears fan since the George Halas / Rick Casares / Bill George / Joe Fortunato / Lujack / Bobby Layne Midway Monster days,

and was blessed and lucky enough to still be living in Chicagoland during the '85 season with Walter as well. Been there - done that.
I ain't no dam troll like I get called when I get furious and lose it this year -

This team is one of the worst excuses for a football team I've ever seen. Little girls!!!

No defense - special teams STINK - limp impotent offense, cr@ppy coaching,
and a $50 million-dollar PUNK for a qb!!

Denver really stuck it to us, and I bet they're laughing their butts off!!
They dumped an over-rated overPAID jerk on us, cleaned us out of our best draft picks for the future,
got a surprise WINNER for a qb thrown in,

and they're 6-0 relaxing on a bye week, playoffs virtually guaranteed,
watching us get humiliated by the Bengals on Fox coast-to-coast!!!!

I'm taping the presser after the game and advise all Bears' fans to do the same - so we can watch our resident punk qb display his boredom and arrogance to the press and the fans just like he did in donkeyland last year after throwing picks up for grabs off his back foot and LOSING game after GAME!!

Hey, ... Jay's gettin' paid - what the hell does HE care.

The donkees really stuck it to us this time - and it's gonna' take YEARS to undo the damage. Congrats McCaskys -
and GOODBYE playoffs indefinitely!!


Stupid stupid losers Losers LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Cutler and this team STINK!!!!!

I just want accountability! The current decision makers in this organization are responsible for far too many poor draft picks and poor talent evaluation. Both the GM and Head Coach were given extensions based on a single season which resulted in a superbowl LOSS. These guys have been given more than a fair opportunity to mold this team into a winner and it's time to be's not exactly happening. I believe we finally have a QB in place that a team can be built around and I beg that the bears don't waste the next 3 years with these guys laying the bricks. I used to think it was ridiculous when fans begged for a head coach that spouted with vigor and emotion. I've come to believe that unless a team has a true team leader who commands the locker room and directs the huddle it falls on the coach to provide an emotional lift. This team horribly lacks both that player and that coach. They play uninspired, boring, and increasingly stupid football. A change is needed.

Wow..I just watched in stunned silence. Wanted to scream, but why? I could type and type about the continual idiot moves this team has made, but why? We are doomed to watch these idiot coaches do nothing all week just to have their team whooped on sunday. Two weeks in a row this team clearly was not ready. Lovie needs to be given the final warning here.. get it going (quick) or you are gone. This is year #5 for him. And Cutler is disgusted.. and he should be. Hes been handed the team of misfit toys. And why in the hell was he in the game down by 30+ points.. !?!?! Joke..and now we dont pick until the 3rd round? wooooweeeee.. Can you spell 5-11??? FIRE LOVIE AND JA NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was clear that the Bengals always had two or THREE receivers down field, but I never saw more than one for the Bears.

Serious motivation problem for this team. Time to remvove the "C" decal from the helmet. They don't deserve to wear it.

Why does Cutler look like he has dentures? Anybody else notice that? He just oozes moron.

Our "D" is horrible. Our coaching is horrible. Our $30M QB (who we traded away two first round picks and a quality QB for).... is horrible. Worst of all Orton and Benson are on new teams playing at a probowl level.

Truthfully, we're lucky to be 3-3.

I love the comment from the poster who said Cutler is a beast. Yes, a lot of us Bronco fans thought his play was pretty beastly most of the time.

If there's something Cutler is not -- it's a leader. Maybe a leader in whining and deflecting the blame, but look at his record.

The guy is NOT a winner.

Listening to Lovie Smith talk is a reflection of how this team plays. With no life! Please stop blaming Jay Cutler, he's a Stallion. The offensive line is a joke, Jay's running for his life all day and can we please stop talking about his demeanor! The defensive line is mediocre.

After the game Lovie acted as if it was no big deal to lose this way and seemed offended when asked if position changes could happen. This team was so unprepared for this game, mentally and physically and that starts with the coaching. Pathetic. The culture on this team needs to change and a new coaching staff would be a start.

All the loser Bronco fans who keep coming here ragging on Jay seem like the psycho ex girlfriend. Get a life!

Lovie has been given five years to deliver us a super bowl win and now every year seems to be getting worse. I have seen every Bears game in the last ten years and do not remember watching a bears team as embarrassing as today's. Unless the Bears make the playoffs and get better I think it's time for him to go. Every year the bears lose games because of being unprepared, making mental mistakes, getting lousy penalties. I think the team is talented but needs to be revamped on defense and new offensive line. I think to let Lovie go, wish him luck and get a new head coach. Time to get a proven winner like Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan or Tony Dungy. Jerry A, you need to make this decision right after the season is over, you delivered us a QB, now deliver us a head coach who doesn't tolerate this crap from his players.

Was that Jay Cutler or Rex Grossman out there today?
Coaches: Way to give up on the running game when it was 14-0.
D Players: Way to give up period.

The problem with the Bears is with the coaching. Get rid of Lovie and Ron Turner and things will improve. Those two combined take whatever they are given and make it worse.

Why do the Bears not starting looking for someone else to take over? Maybe if you light a fire under Lovie he will actually do something?

I hate say that I told u so.............but I did.
10 more games 4 Lovely Smith and it's OVA.

Lovie has been surrounded by mediocrity for so long, that he has lost total perspective on what quality looks like.

I'm embarrassed right now. I had a feeling that they would lose this game. I told a friend of mine that Lovie's teams never win a big game on the road and sadly, i've been proven right. Unlike last week, this team looked totally unprepared and i feel that the Lovie has taken the Bears far as he can take them. It's time for a change!

Everyone keeps whining about the line when its better than last year and the receivers as well .Orton was sacked and pressured more times than jay by this time last year.

If Orton can adjust and have us playing for a playoff spot then jay should be able to as well.

Jerry Angelo last February: I wont make it another season if these buffoons realize that that the defense is toast and has us straddled with overpaid over the hill no impact players and the line is gone too...what shall I do ? what shall I do ? Got it Ill sale them on the franchise QB sure I know Ortons played great but these clowns loved Rex until he had a breakdown if I could find someone like him but only too cocky and arrogant to ever care what the hack writers and drunk fans think. There is no one like that ...oh wait this Cutler guy sounds interesting... but hes never won anything .oooh but that arm but that young coach who came from a 3 time sb winner wants to dump him .. well maybe he hasnt seen him throw ? Haddie Mae get me the Broncos front office on the phon!

85bears yeop them boys could smash mouth at least!

Adams for that 2 really looks smart now right? Yeah we needed Adams more than a draft choice, How about Omiyale/Shaffer? Angelo/Lovie both gotta go.
Please McCaskeys at least get Marriuci/Shannahan. and maybe Dline/Oline for Christmas instead of the usual new Boat you buy for your own D. self. oh and get rid of Ted - maybe sell the team while you are at it, cause after 40 years of being loyal to a team WHOSE OWNERS don't care enough to BUY! talent with OUR hard earned money - Cutler was just enough for them to make enough $$ off Jersey sales to buy thier new Boat. {?

People - URL is OLD AND SLOW! Please get off that expensive old diesel and concentrate on YOUNG PRO BOWLERS!!! Look it up under Wykipedia as Bears fans dont remember what a Pro Bowler is.

Anyone disagree with Sapp now? Anyone??

The Bears are an obstacle team. What do I mean by that? It means that they are not one of the teams that are in it, but just on of the teams that other teams have to beat in order to move on. They have been irrelevant since the 80's were over. I was a Lovie Smith supporter until today. Bears are always unprepared in one way or another and are usually out-schemed. Cover 2 doesn't work and Turner will ruin Cutler. Cowher for next season. Won't happen though.

The Bears have changed their identity in response to having Cutler. That may not be Cutler's fault, but it is because of Cutler. The Bears no longer run the ball. And now the Bears are saddled wtih Cutler for the foreseeable future, without their 1st and 2nd round picks next year. This is not going to get better anytime soon.

When the season started Lovie Smith took on the defence. By doing so we felt the staff could coach thier way out of the past problems. It is obvious where the past and current problems begin and end, with Lovie Smith. How can anyone defend the poor coaching of the last two weeks. Should we as fans support this anymore? This is an embarassment to a once proud franchise.

Could we please stop using the Cover Two. Everyone knows how to exploit it and we need to readjust.

I blame this loss on the defense. This game was over after the first half. They should of pulled all the starters and put the second string in. At least they would of tried.

This loss comes down to coaching....coaching....coaching.

Our offensive philosophy under turner is pathetic. No crossing routes and no routes for anyone that involves moving forward while catching the ball. Curls ,outs and hitches is all turner knows and he needs to be fired. Lovie acts like he is on prozac. I am so sick of his no emotion we will work on it mentality. Cuss someone and run their asses of and piss somebody off besides the fans. the only player i was proud of was briggs and he has no help. Also when u run cover 2 all day and they run deep in routes all day u see what happens. Our safetys have no clue on how to jump a route or come up and make ocho pay like ray lewis did. We cant just play a scheme and rely on the players to make it work. U have to scheme to ur players strengths an zone aint it.. Therefore I have canceled my sunday ticket and wont waste my beautiful sundays inside watching flop ball anymore. Just a frustrating waste of precious time. Lata Heff.

why is everyone blaming Lovie and the staff, the players take the field and they just dont have the talent plain and simple! wake up people this in not the 85 bears!

Well as my blue collar neighbors and i say there must be a problem if we sitting on our couches and can see what defense the bears are in and how to attack it but the bears coaches cant seem to understand adjustments must be made. i tell ya carson palmer had 6 yards in front of him with no bear defenders around and was able to make every pass he attempted. now i watched kerry collins, brian griese, gus ferote do the same thing last year. why is it so hard for lovie and company to understand the cover two is worthless now. offenses have adjusted to it just like the 46 defense was neutralized with the west coast offense. my advice is simple first get a cover corner to play opposite tillman (Nnamdi Asomugha can be had from oakland) second find the second comming of mike brown cause the lb cant set the defense. third find hungry offense lineman (all five are constantly on their butts or holding the defenders) usually nebraska and oklanhoma have pretty good offense lineman in the later rounds of the draft. next get rid of the present coaching staff (coaches usually have three years to live or die in the nfl) the players are lost its clearly time to reorganize. last we need a scouting department and dont say that it doesnt matter because the steelers prove it year in and year out by drafting smart. now i leave with one last wish and that is that hag virgina mcaskey be banned from anything involving the team decisions. we are one of the oldest franchises and should be head and shoulders above everyone else but instead we are mediocre and cant dominate like other teams have. im calling the bears out THIS IS MY LAST SEASON ROOTING FOR YOU DO SOMETHING OTHER THEN STAND PAT!!! THANK YOU


This is the second straight game where the Bears were out-coached and out-played on both sides of the ball, not to mention clearly unprepared. Today's game a total embarrassment! Looks like the Bears forgot to get on the plane to Cinci. Come on! What a pathetic display today! Pathetic. Let's face it, folks, the Bears' season is over. It is great to get a Pro Bowl quarterback, but without a team around him, so what?! And the sad and disturbing fact is Bears mortgaged the future to get Cutler. So how do you build a team around him with no draft pics? Well, Angelo was never very good with top picks anyway. Time to clean house, from the top down. Unfortunately that will not happen. There won't be any accountability. Halas Hall will reek with rhetoric this week. Problem is, the rhetoric isn't the only thing that stinks. The Bears are pathetic! Simply pathetic!

Head Coach - Bill Cowher.
Offensive Coordinator - Mike Martz.
Jerry get off you butt and call these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long before bears fans, and more importantly Bears' owners, wise up and realize that Lovie, Angelo and Pillips have no idea what they are doing? Curly larry and moe will turn the Bears into the black hole like tampa bay. They will keep pulling in old players and coaches from the scrap heap until the Bears are the scrap heap. I think we are just about there.

Cover who? 6 possessions, 5 tds and a field goal. No punts, NO PUNTS! The reason Lovie angelo and Phillips don't get embarrassed by all this is because they are the embarrassment, get it?

The Bears are done until this crew is gone, and then it will take years to rebuild, maybe longer if Angelo is allowed to give away more draft picks.

I wonder if Mike Shanahan would consider comming to Chicago as the Offensive Cordinator? I think Jerry Angelo is bringing in good talent. They seem look pretty good in different uniforms.

It's kinda funny to me that there are Broncos fans still so obsessed with Jay Cutler that they take the time to post about him on the CHICAGO Suntimes website.
The fact is that he is a great quarterback. If the Broncos weren't dumb enough to get rid of him they would be a very scary team right now.

benson, 39 att, 189 yds, 5,1 ypc, 1 td
jones, 26 att, 121 yds, 4.7 ypc, 1 td
orton, 20-29, 229 yds, 2 tds, 0 pics (27-12 record as a starter)

cant even waste my time searching for how the rest of the bear cast-offs did this week or last - berrian, chris harris, tank johnson, mike brown, marc colombo, just gage, and on. john st clair will probably catch a td pass against us next week. should include devin hester in here as well, while still a bear the brillant move to turn him from KR to WR has wasted his talent.

why do ex-bears always peform better elsewhere? ron turner ruins careers - of players - and probably will ruin lovie's career as well.

worse: when the bears made the trade this summer they also traded away their identity. the bears cant run. what a joke.

worser: fotre equals a-train equals rasham salaam. one year wonders.

even worser: no draft picks next year so no chance we will upgrade the line or the wide out corps.

even worser than worser: the defense is old - urlacher, harris has been hurt for, what 3 years, vasher never came back from hi injury, alex brown and wale, while i love them, are not getting any younger.

hoping we can manage an 8-8 season this year and next, trade away cutler, and get back to being the bears.

This team is going nowhere until Ron Turner is fired. He is an awful, awful offensive coordinator.

Why is it when so called outcasts like Cedric Benson, Kyle Orton, Thomas Jones, Bernard Berrian and way too many more to mention seem to flourish once they stop playing for the Chicago Bears?? My biggest worry is the Bears will find a way destroy Jay Cutler’s career as well with the High School style offense this team has ran for the last 20 plus years.
By the way Lovie Smith, it has been downhill since you fired your Super Bowl defensive coordinator Ron Rivera over a stupid power struggle on your behalf.
Ron Turner is one of the worst Offensive Coordinators I have ever seen. This guy could not cut in the Big Ten when he ran the Fighting Illini in the ground and got fired from that program.
There is talent on this team however the true colors are coming out as to the real problem and that is the people that wear the headsets and the suits at Halas Hall.
If Joe Montana started his career in Chicago the Bears brass would find a way wreck his career as well. Enough is enough.

Cutler completed 70% of his passes with a group of wide receivers who could not get open all game. I was impressed with the ones he zinged in there that were completed even though they were covered well. Say what you want about the Bears having speed options at receiver, until they become better route runners and on a consistent basis, they're going to have trouble getting open and Cutler will continue to have to throw the ball into a small window.

Ron Turner could make Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald look inept in his offense. TURNER MUST GO!

The offensive and defensive lines were terrible. Terrible blocking. No push up the middle. No pressure on the QB. Lovie can stop telling us this is a good football's terrible. And once and for all, stop all this Rob Marinelli love.

Lovie, pick up your last check.Enough of this CRAP.

Cutler is #2 in the league in interceptions, and his 3 today led to 17 Bengal points. We cant afford to keep giving the other team the ball. I hate to say it, but another week like this and we'll need to start Hanie.

Wow...where to start? Cutler is completely bi-polar. Home, great. Road, yikes. As good as our lines were in our Super Bowl year (can anyone believe that was only 2 yrs ago?), they have gotten old and porous in a hurry. Anyone can have a bad game, but the Bears flat out quit today. You can't get pride back. Either you have it or you don't. They may tease us into thinking that they can make the playoffs again at some point, but go check the record book on the last time a team took a 35 point beating and made the playoffs. Even if they made it, would you want to see us play Minny, Cards or NO? Ugh...and the future doesn't look bright with all of our future draft choices headed to Denver and Tampa.
Forte is not a bad back. He is simply proving what Benson showed when he was here. When you have no holes, you get 2.8 yds and a cloud of dust. Why do you think the Bears throw for 4 yds when they need 20? Because the line can't pass block any better than they run block. Cincy is pretty good, but Ocho-Stinko and that douche Benson made everyone on the Bears look like Pop Warner pukes. The Bears should clean house on the lines and coaching staff due to their collective lack of pride. No one takes a beating like that who has an ounce of self respect. Good coaches don't let their players quit.

HUMILIATING ! Lovie Smith has clearly lost this team. As defensive play caller, it is HIS responsability to call the correct coverages and have his team prepared to play. He is a MISERABLE failure. Jerry Angelo must be held accountable as well,he put is heartless team together. I got sick seeing Bears players patting Ced Benson on the head after every carry.The Bears of the 70's lost alot of games, but had pride and beat the HELL out of the opposition ! This team is a reflection of it's head coach, SOFT ! Players need to lose their starter positions beginning with F.Omiyale, O.Pace, T.Harris ! Lovie has to go NOW !!

Anyone else find it interesting that all these people picked up in the offseason (Omiyale, Pace, Tinoisamoa) are complete busts? Omiyale was a legitimate free-agent, but there is a reason he was never a starter. There was a reason Carolina wouldn't re-sign him.

As for the two former Rams players, maybe they should have thought about there being a reason that these players were waived by their teams and they were willing to take a cap-hit and start from scratch than use these "capable" players. The reason is that anything was better than using these washed up players and make way for someone that could be good soon rather than someone who was good YEARS ago.

I already believe the Gaines Adams trade was a waste and he is going to be just as useless as well. These coaches are so arrogant they think they can make a star out of anyone. Who have they really made a star of? Any good player on the team is from another coaching regime and were already good previously. Anyone they trade away flourishes. And yet here we are looking at a team that has more negatives than positives.

I was excited as anyone about the Cutler deal, but what good is it when the rest of the team is terrible? I am sure thinking he wishes he never opened his mouth and wanted out of Denver. This team has one of two problems, either their talent evaluation is terrible, or their player development is. If the problem is the evaluation then it is the GM's fault, if it is the latter then the problem is the coaching. I see all the evidence for the latter and feel this entire coaching staff, training staff, and even the water-boys need to be FIRED.

Jerry Angelo is NOT the problem, he is making the right moves if you ask me. The problem is the players are not being developed properly, they are not being used properly, and they are not being put into plays that are being called that are leading to any kind of success individual or for the team.

Look around though, a lot of the players that we thought were busts or not very good seem to find success elsewhere. They are calling plays that are completely stupid, and doing it repeatedly. Think about Wolfe running up the middle. How about watching the same screen pass blowing up the defense repeatedly. Or exploiting the same spot in the zone over and over again. If they can't see what everyone else sees and says over and over again either they are stupid or their arrogance does not allow them to see it.

Hopefully if this season continues this way their will be an entire house cleaning event and every coach on this team is fired.

Look at orton, benson, and jones all playing like pro bowl players. I blame the coaching staff for that RB mess with jones and benson and ron turner sucked in college how do he still have a job. Jerry angelo and Lovie should be fired because it makes no sense way the o-line and d-line gets knock off the ball at the word hike. NOW all bear fans see this team for what they are.

Eight years 1 first round offensive line draft picks and one third round pick . Jerry lets get that autopsy started you neglected the offsive line here for years plugged in crap and this is what where getting crap complete utter failure in the trenches where a football team is buildt

Embarassed ? you should fire Lovie then quit .sadly Ted Phillips wouldnt know how to hire a new gm Wed be back getting some guy the NFL recomends for us .

Your a scout and you give us crappy offensive linemen and never pick there and you always pick on the defensive line and they suck too

OK, let's review: Benson, a high first round pick gets cut for a DUI that he ends up being not guilty for. Sure, he had a couple of questionable years in Chicago but NOW he's performing like the first RB taken in the draft like he was. Nice move Bears...

Tank Johnson Sure, he's been a distraction of guns, pitbulls and best buddy thugs getting shot but he too gets cut for a DUI that he ends up being not guilty for.

Note to Bears management: This is the NFL, not the church choir...

It's gonna take new ownership.
Might I suggest Checkerboard Square and Rush Limbaugh?

Bears need a coach with passion. Fire Lovie; hire Bill Cowher.

It's too bad a jet didn't fly over a make a sonic boom. The Bengals might have thought the half was over and headed for the locker room. The Bears might have scored 4 plays later. (Probably a field goal)

This team is a joke.

I lived in the town where the Bears have had Summer Camp at. Bourbonnais, IL

For 3 weeks out of the year, some of the players "not all" treat it as a party. These guys are always out clowning around.

I hang out at the local bar where alot of the Bears hang out at. Let me tell you I have seen some stuff with these clowns.

Lance Briggs would go out and party hard until 5am and then go to practice. I dont talk to them much, but they creep out the girls and act like pigs.

As for Cedric Benson. I've seen him smoke weed at a friends house with her mom. This was during training camp in Bourbonnais. Its a joke. I can never take this team serious. They really have no heart. With Urlacher out. The soul is gone.

Dont expect anything but medocrity from these goons.

It's time to bring a second NFL team to Chicago. One with a quality organization, coaching staff and players. Are the Florida Tuskers in the UFL for sale?

Well just like teachers the Bear players are just not paid enough
More pay = Better performance As any Chicago Fan knows you have to be traded to play in the Champion season it seems once traded from Cubs Sox Bears Bulls Hawks you suddenly become a better player Right Mark grace CED?

This is not bears football.there's no emotion or killer instinct from the players,please get rid of the coaching staff accept special teams coach.Hire BILL COWHER,

Tommie Harris isn't the only player quit playing.

I enjoyed the Cedric the Entertainer and Ochocinco comedy show. This solidified Pro-Bowl slots for them. The Cleveland Brown game is a toss-up, Bears Offense and Defense got totally exposed. By the way, Jay Cutler is a good Q.B. but he's no winner-The guy scares me!

It's amazing to me how many ranters here are prioritizing the bashing of Turner and/or Cutler. Were you folks not watching the game? Seven straight possessions! The vaunted Bengals offense (sarcasm intended) and the mighty Cedric Benson (even more sarcasm) literally walked all over the Bears "Cover-0" defense (renamed since it doesn't really cover anyone at all, and also because of the huge donut hole it leaves in the middle of the field, i.e. the spot that basically any junior varsity QB can complete pass after pass) seven times in a row. Only the seventh try was held to a field goal, and frankly that's probably because the Bengals were getting a little gassed from all the forward motion.

Now if you really want to fault Jay and/or Ron for not putting up seven straight TDs to answer the Bengals' onslaught, I suppose you could. I certainly don't want to exonerate them entirely (a couple of scores early may have stemmed the tide), but frankly hanging a whole lot of blame on the QB and/or OC is pretty unfair, especially since the GM left them without a pro-level Offensive Line. Given that Line, it's not hard to understand why the Offense might start a game rather slowly. If it happens in the same game that the Defense is stopping nothing at all, well, then the Offense is playing the whole game in comeback mode. Jay didn't really start winging wild passes yesterday until the game was already out of reach. So you could criticize him for not being an accurate QB when his team is down by four TDs and his O-Line is providing only minimal protection, but that's not a particularly virulent condemnation.

Face it, folks; this one wasn't about a failure by the Offense. They were on their heels all day. The Defense put them in a hole early and often. Lovie Smith and his buddy Rod Marinelli and their ballyhooed-but-obsolete defensive scheme were the culprits yesterday. They and Jerry Angelo are at fault for this team. Or perhaps even higher up, i.e. the McCaskey family, who enable these jokers. Let's point fingers at the proper targets, shall we?


You can get rid of the GM and the entire coaching staff, but they will be replaced with others who kiss the a-- of the McKaskey's. The ONLY way for this franchise to become a winner is to replace the McKaskey's and their cronies with someone, or a group, who actually knows how to combine the concept of a winning franchise with profitability. The Rooney family does it very well in Pittsburgh, so it can be done. And the others who need to share in the blame of this fiasco organization are the imbeciles who keep buying tickets and merchandise to "support the team". Stop being enablers and start boycotting this team. When the cash flow stops, eyes will be opened.

Blaming individuals doesn't do any justice for the Bears lost. It showed the inadequacies of the Bears corner backs, O/D lineman,and play calling as a whole. With corners getting burned and switching to zone it only showed how a well coached team can out scheme the soft zones. The Bears better stop trying to get speed backers and get someone who can push an offensive lineman around.

Every time a camera showed the defensive side of the ball it looked like linebackers were on roller skates with d-lineman on there hands and knees. Offensively seeing Chad and Chris get out and open shows what having star caliber WR's can do for you. Kyle Orton has done a decent job in Denver but a lot of that has to do with the personnel he's got around him. How many times has he been sacked?! Quarterback with a running game and time to throw with good receivers will look like a pro bowler. Not only that the blocking schemes the Bengals used look like Denver in the Shanahan days..hint hint

Bottom line Bears need to stop living in the superbowl year and see that as the NFL evolves so should they. To be honest in retrospect the Bears were saved by a lot of things going their way. And a lot of teams do get luck their way but Chicago needs to stop thinking just cause there the mighty Bears teams will lay down.

Lovie Smith: Unprepared, uninspired, and unable.
Ron Turner: Can't teach, can't motivate, and can't see it.
Players: Passive, undisciplined, and inept.
Bear's Organization: Dysfunctional, disorganized, and dismissed.
All of the above: Clueless!

After the horrid defense yesterday, brady quinn is calling jeff smardijia (ok I can't remember how to spell it, but ND fans know the name) and is telling him to come and play catch next weekend.:)It would be like old times playing against some division 1AA opponent. that's how bad the bears played yesterday. heartless, gutless....just so much 'less' than the other team it was pathetic. they are becoming the cubs, all their ex players go away and are soon motivated, talented and put in a position to succeed as football players. Wonder why that is??? and why the people who run and coach the bears can't figure it out.
I vote for shanahan and/or cowher to come here and fix it. that would be fun to watch til they realize what our GM considers a good player good GM's consider practice squad players.

I can't wait for U2 to come back to Chicago next July.
It's the only winning team we'll see at Soliders Field.

I am so glad you guys took Cutler off of our hands. He has never won anywhere he has been! It won't be long before he is pouting and throwing the coaching staff and players under the bus. You guy can keep our loser, we are glad to have your winner!! Go Broncos!

I don't blame Cutler for his interceptions in this game. The Bears were behind by 31 points before half. He had no recourse but to take chances to help get them back in the game. Remember that they have no #1 receiver, have lost Urlacher and Pisa on defense and Harris hasn't been the same since 05-06. I blame Lovie and the coaching staff. I kept seeing an unbalanced line of the Bengal offense and no adjustments were made by Lovie and his defense. I saw another 3 receiver set covered by 2 DB's again and a quick screen happens, again, with positive yards. Again, did they not learn from their mistakes from previous games. Two words for the coaching staff fixes all for the Bears,"Your fired".

The lack of intensity and the careless mistakes is a direct reflection of Lovie Smith's coaching style. It only makes sense that their first offensive play of the game was a false start proving they learned nothing from last weeks loss.


Let's see if Gruden will come out of the MNF booth and show these Bears what it means to play hard.

Heart + Emotion, can you say Bill Cowher???

cover 2 gotta go, coaching needs to change, lovie put some fire under the boys ass or its gonna be your ass i bought the ticket for absolutley nothing its sad and yall are a fucking joke bill cowher catch a plane come to chicago and show the windy city how a real coach wins

Until Michael Mcgagme gets his hands off the throat of the Bears, we aren't likely to see another Championship Team. When was the last time we had a really good offensive line? When was the last time we had two quick defensive ends who could get off the ball and actually pressure a quarterback consistently? When was the last time we had linebackers who made receivers and runningbacks fear the middle? when was the last time we had a free safety and two cornerbacks who were competent enough to cover their respective positions? When was the last time we had a coach who could light a fire under these lazy players asses? Does anyone remember Payton ,Payton, Payton punt? whatever happened to offensive creativity and defensive schemes that were effective? Why not try no huddle more often since we can't do anything with one.

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