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CB Bucknor the new Buckner in Red Sox' loss to Angels

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cb-bucknor-umpire-red-sox.jpgFirst base umpire CB Bucknor had a rough night during Game 1 of the ALDS between the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox. The veteran missed not one, but two brutal calls that each went against the visitors, both involving the very vocal Kevin Youklis and both involving Howie Kendrick.

Twice Bucknor ruled Kendrick safe on plays at the bag, once rulling that Youklis had pulled his foot on a force, and another where he ruled Youk missed a tag. The picture over to the left seems to contradict the first play in question, and video replays also stand in stark contrast to the second call.

Considering the fact that the Red Sox put up a big, fat zero on the scoreboard, these calls didn't cost them the game. But, is it too much to ask that the umpiring in the playoffs be conducted at the highest level? That seems fairly reasonable.

Bucknor was voted the worst umpire in the majors in a 2006 poll, a fact that certainly didn't escape Boston-area media outlets.

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I was shocked to see him working an important game (play off game). I was not surprised at all, that he missed two fairly obvious calls.
I have seen this same umpire miss several similar relatively obvious calls while watching many Cubs games; and I thought that he was a National league umpiring "nightmare". I guess, now that I recall all umpires work both leagues.
I also recall hearing Bob Brenly infer ,on more than one occasion, that Mr. Bucknor might be over matched with the scope of his responsibilities as an umpire in MLB.


Curt Schilling said, BEFORE the game: "To be honest one of my biggest fears is the umpiring crew. This is about as bad a crew as I have ever seen assembled. Joe West for all his pomp and circumstance can ump a game. C.B. Bucknor? Greg Gibson? Not so much. I’m blown away that A) they made the postseason and B) they are umping what I think will be the most watched series. If I HAD to put them on the postseason roster, I’d try and hide them on the outfield foul lines of Colorado. Look for BOTH to have game impact in this series." On the Dennis & Callahan sports radio show, he clarified that Joe West was a "jackass" but at least competent, although had a hugely varying zone depending on whether he liked the batter or not - and blasted Bucknor and Gibson as simply "the two worst umpires in the game".

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