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Big Dawg's Madden 09 lawsuit likely to be dismissed

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big-dawg-cleveland-browns.JPGA lawsuit against Madden video game maker Electronic Arts filed by the man who routinely attends Cleveland Browns games wearing a dog mask will likely go away, according to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

John Big Dawg Thompson sued EA after he found out that Madden 09 -- released last year -- showed a Browns fan wearing a get-up that resembled his own.

Thompson's lawyer, Alan Parker, told the Plain Dealer that the case is being dismissed.

Part of the complaint reads, "Cleveland Browns Stadium includes animated fans that features a character dressed unmistakably as Big Dawg, with a distinctive pop-eyed and heavily jowled dog-face mask and orange hard hat."

For this perceived transgression, Thopmson was seeking a minimum of $25,000 and a demand that EA would stop putting his image in its video games.

John Big Dawg Thomson is the man's legal name -- hence the lack of quotes around the phrase "Big Dawg."

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I am glad that the suit will be dismissed. That guy is plain ridiculous. Its a great game and he should be honored to even be a part of it. Nobody would even know who he is if they didn't watch a Brown's game or if this lame ass suit wasn't filed!

Actually, I think the term "settled" is probably more appropriate. I doubt EA is getting out of this for free.

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