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What did Byron Hout say to warrant Blount's punch?

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If you thought LeGarette Blount's yearlong suspension for punching Byron Hout was the last you'd hear of the Oregon-Boise State stupid fest, think again.

Now, Ducks blogger Bob Rickert is speculating as to what Hout might have said to deserve Blount's knuckle sandwich.

There are two leading theories in the Rickert camp:

"The most circulated and not denied by those inside the Boise State program is that Hout asked Blount how his dead family member was doing. The one he buried just a few weeks ago."

"The second rumor not denied by Boise State's program is that Hout dropped the N bomb."

An argument could be made -- not by this blog, however -- that the punch, while inappropriate, is more understandable than previously thought.

What do you think? Boise State hasn't come out to deny these rumors and no one is talking about what was said. If either of these rumors prove true (unlikely) should Blount's suspension be lifted at some point?

Someone needs to call "The Lip Reader."

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A couple of weeks prior to the game LeGarette Blount was on record in the media talking about the "a** whopping" that he owned Boise State. If you watch Byron Hout's lips in the the video he seems to be reminding Blount of his "a** whopping" statement.

There was nothing racial or anything said about Mr. Blount's dead relative. The article was written by a disgruntled Oregon fan who is trying to justify losing two years in a row to a perceived inferior team.

Please stop propagating rants that have no basis in facts.

Has anyone ever considered that the reason the comment has not officially been made public is that it was not racial or insensitive in nature, and simply was a response to Lagarrette Blount's SI comments? Sensationalism like the blog post by Bob Rickert makes me sick. If he had a shred of factual evidence to back up his accusations, I would give him some credit. Maybe Hout said "want to go out for a burger?" BSU isn't denying that remark either.

I don't condone Byron Hout's actions, and he IS being punished for them (that's a fact the people want to overlook just because they don't know the exact punishment). In my opinion, making baseless defamatory accusations such as Mr. Rickert is making is childish, irresponsible, and shows a lack of moral character on his part. Let the administration at both schools do their jobs. They get paid for it and Mr. Rickert does not.

Well here's a comment from a pretty good guy, Coach Hope of Purdue,when asked about the Blount incident. Suggests Blount wasn't dismissed for this incident only...

Hope said he’s had to dismiss players from the team before, and it’s not an easy thing to do. He did note that he doesn’t know the situation with Blount, but that every time the coach has dismissed a player it wasn’t because of just one incident.

Blount was suspended for part of spring practice, and has numerous other disciplinary measures taken. Oregon coach Chip Kelly is permitting him to practice with the team and remain on scholarship this season, though he won’t play in games.

“It’s really hard any time you have to dismiss someone from the football team and you have to put into their future goals and aspirations and dreams,” Hope said. “Normally if it gets to that point, it’s the last straw. Normally the first time a guy makes a mistake you don’t dismiss him from your football team.

“When that happens, usually when that happens, the player, all players and the head coach know that we’re right in making that decision.”

Yes, if either of these statements are true, then I think his suspension should be cut in half.

Thanks for opening this discussion.

What I saw that night was obvious unsportsmanlike taunting by a BSU player and a totally disproportional response from a single Oregon player. But what I also saw were two teams who did everything else right after the punch was thrown - coaches who stepped in immediately and even players who exercised great control in a very difficult situation. Kudos to both teams overall.

In regards, what the BSU player might have said: I knew about the SI article and immediately assumed that the BSU player was throwing the Oregon player's words back in his face. My assumption was reinforced when I learned that Oregon suspended their player for a year - which they wouldn't have done if the BSU player had taunted him over a death in the family or with racial epithets. In any case, I suspect if we can wait for a few more days, the truth of the matter will be coming out.

Best regards,


By the way, Rickert's factless, speculative blog post referenced above has been removed from the Oregonian website. It's about time the Oregonian did something about it. I'd call it a complete lack of professionalism on Rickert's part, but he is just a community blogger (not an employee). Also, all of us make dumb little mistakes in our lives. Time to put this all behind us, people. Everyone directly involved has done it, so I suggest we all follow suit. I am right now.

the suspension is excessive _no matter what was said_. what was said is, in fact, completely irrelevant. what _is_ relevant is the slap on the shoulder that Hout delivered to Blount. that's it. that's all that matters. Hout instigated the riot with that slap. this is really no rocket science. i know Blount is black, and therefore has to be crucified for being born the wrong color, but this is not a difficult concept to grasp -- if you win the game and touch a player from the losing team, there is going to be a fight, and in a heated rivalry, probably a riot.

Hout should be suspended for the year for instigating the riot, and Blount should not be penalized any further.

if you open your mouth and say something no matter what, you better be ready to back it up.

"i know Blount is black, and therefore has to be crucified for being born the wrong color, but this is not a difficult concept to grasp"

You have SERIOUS issues.

There was no riot. 178 of 180 football players on the field and 100% of the coaches/staff for both teams behaved perfectly fine out there. Hardly worthy of being called a riot. Lets not make crap up, people. Try reading Jason Whitlock's take on this whole thing. His take is the most reasonable take I've seen anywhere on this issue.

Here's an excerpt...

"2. LaGarrette Blount deserved to be suspended for the entire season. Besides running stadium steps, Boise State did not need to take additional action against Byron Hout.

I do not believe the gossip being circulated on Twitter and other places that Hout called Blount the N-word. There were two black Boise State players standing very close to Hout when he was sucker-punched by Blount. The black Boise State players didn't react like they'd just heard the N-word. And neither did Blount.

In all the footage I've seen, I've never seen anything where Blount is shouting: "Call me a N-word again!"

Had Blount simply clocked Hout, I would've been cool with a two-game suspension. When he responded to the taunts of Boise fans and had to be restrained by coaches and security and dragged off the field, that's what escalated the severity of the punishment.

The people making excuses for Blount's behavior deserve a mouth shot. The people trying to equate Hout's taunting with Blount's criminal behavior deserve a mouth shot.

Move on. Blount will get a chance to redeem himself in the NFL if he can get his behavior issues under control. He blew his chance to be a college player."

I personally think football is getting a little wimpy. Men fight and it is totally ok for men to fight. I am a BSU fan but I think hout deserved to get punched and they should have left it at that. How are our boys going to learn to fight if we treat them like little girls. Let them get a little bloody!

"MenFight", so assault is Okay in your world when someone makes a comment that upsets you. These are grown adults, this is not an elementary school yard.

"Peter Smith", you simply cannot be serious. In what world do you live in where a touch on the shoulder pad warrants shoving your fist into the blindside of someone's face? Hout's actions, while churlish, do not make dropping the hammer on someone's jaw acceptable.

It is my wish that your warped outlook results in you receiving similiar treatment one day. Next time you're in a crowded room and you brush by someone, intentially placing your hand about their frame, I hope they unwittingly break your face -- see what you think about your viewpoint then. And please, spare me the counterpoint stating that he "also taunted him with words"; it still doesn't call for that type of criminal behavior.

Blount doesn't deserve to be out for the season? You know something, you're right, he deserves jail time. The same punishment any one of us would receive.

Evidently we live in a world with a bunch of pansies.....Just because someone gets punched is not a reason to put someone in jail. Half the people in jails should not be there..If you run your mouth to someone, you should be man enough to back it up. If you do not want to get punched, close the pie hole...Thats the problem with todays society, to many rights activist!!!!!! Most men today are a bunch of
sissy's that tuck there tails when the wife says no....Hopefully you get my point folks. So my take is, if Hout said something insulting then he got what he deserved. You don't turn your back to someone you just insulted. He had his team mates by him, and did not think Blount would respond....So for you wimps who think fighting is not football, you are wrong. The rights activist have ruined most sports. Look at Nascar etc....(no more fighting). So for you people who are rights wimps, attack hockey, boxing,
and cage fighting, see if you can figure out how to make that a no contact sport..and by the way, GROW SOME!!!!

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