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Vince Young surprises Steve McNair's kids at breakfast for dads

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vince-young-tennessean-com.jpgWhile Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young's on-field performance has been the object of much scrutiny lately, but anyone with a heart would appreciate what he did for Steve McNair's sons on Wednesday.

Young surprised 11-year-old Trenton and 5-year-old Tyler on Wednesday by showing up at their house and taking them to their school's "Dear Dads Breakfast" at a local restaurant.

"Those are my boys," Young told the Tennessean. "I wouldn't say it was to pay anyone back; it was just out of love. Steve would do it for me. He pretty much did it for me when I was growing up. I have a history with the boys and I want to do anything I can. I am their big brother."
Young and McNair had a long-running friendship before McNair was murdered on July 4.

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