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Troy Polamalu gets injured, the Madden Curse refuses to go away

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Thumbnail image for madden_nfl_10_cover_larry_troy.jpgArizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald might be a little nervous right now.

His Madden 10 covermate, Steelers safety and wild-hair enthusiast Troy Polamalu, left last night's season opener with a knee injury. Early reports have him missing three to six weeks.

This, of course, has everyone talking about the so-called "Madden Curse" this morning. Fitzgerald and Polamalu are the only duo to be featured on the title.

The always on-point MJD over at Shutdown Corner has a rundown of how athletes on the cover of the game have fared in the following year.

It's not a pretty, feel-good list by any stretch of the imagination.

Do you believe in the Madden Curse, or is just a made-up thing that the media made up so we'd have something to talk about and seem smart?

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The Madden Curse lives on.

I think the Madden curse is very real, but for different reasons. I think The bumbling John Madden is a curse for football, itself. Journalism fell into his lap, he was a VERY dirty coach, and noone understood his speaking or his stupid little monitor pen! The fact that Polamalu made the cover irritated me since John Madden hates Pittsburgh and believes his own curse. Collinsworth isn't much better, but he's smarter than Madden. I play the game all the time so I'll give the bumbling idiot $50 and say thank you!

I don't necessarily believe in the curse, but it is fun to talk about. The players that they put on the cover are always, obviously, star players and are always near or holding the ball. Which coincidentally, is what all the other players are trying to do so the odds that those players get hurt more often is a coincidence, but not a curse. But to repeat what I said, it is fun to talk about the Madden Curse.

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