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The most bizarre ending to a football game you'll ever see

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In the pantheon of heartbreaking losses, the following has to be near the top.

With Otter Valley (Vt.) clinging to a 16-14 lead over Jericho Mount Mansfield with a second to play, this high school football game looked to be over when Mansfield's 46-yard field goal attempt fell way short.

But then, in a move that combined all the worst parts of Leon Lett, DeSean Jackson and Bill Buckner, Otter Valley's Casey Babcock spiked the football while it was still live, allowing Mansfield's Jeff Sutherland to scoop it up and scamper eight yards for the winning touchdown.

(The astounding play is at the 1:30 mark)

Have you ever, ever seen a more befuddling play? Even the coldest of souls has to feel a little bad for the kid who threw the ball down and started celebrating. If only he'd been born before YouTube.

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I would assume the coldest of souls might not have used the kid's name. Even Deadspin showed that much restraint.

Kyle says: Right, because you couldn't have picked that up from the video.

You certainly could, Kyle, if you wanted to go back and listen for the information several times, but that's a local news outlet that probably didn't give it a second thought and assumed many viewers would know it already. You're the Chicago Sun-Times -- no one would know this kid. Does the name make a difference in the impact of the story?

I've asked this question on, and you're more than welcome to join the discussion there (where, by the way, most agree with you, I believe) -- it's certainly fair game to use his name, but did it give you any pause that this is a 16-year-old kid you're now tying into Google searches for Leon Lett and DeSean Jackson?

I'm not trying to vilify you (and really, we should cut my first comment because that was a bit offsides), just curious about the thought process.

I say it is pertinent information. I don't want to have that kid drafted to my NFL team (assuming he still plays after this). That name goes down on the same list of blunders that Plaxico Burress' did in his rookie year...

Well, I wish I was that kid. I would be making thousands by giving interviews right now.

No one cares about the coach, or the guy who got the touchdown, or any one else in that game.

He actually gained something you won't ever get. A FAME!

While this poor kid will take the blame, lets talk about he coach that placed him back there in the first place. Was it a dumb play on the kids part? You bet! What is even more dumb is the coaching staff putting players to catch a field goal attempt. Absolutely no purpose or reason for it.

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