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Terrell Owens did not care for Rodney Harrison's opinion about T.O.

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terrell-owens-glasses-hat.jpgBuffalo Bills wide receiver and sit-up enthusiast Terrell Owens had a very trying day.

First, he was held without a catch in his team's home loss to the New Orleans Saints. Then, he had to face the unrelenting gauntlet that is the Buffalo media in a post-game press conference that featured a lot of one-word answers and a less-than-thrilled T.O. weighing in on the play-calling decisions.

Somewhere along the way he had to pick up this awesome glass-hat combo.

Later, on NBC's broadcast of "Football Night in America," former defensive back Rodney Harrison ripped Owens on national television -- a move that led to the receiver's loaded, Twitter-fueled comebacks.

I could less about Rodney Harrison! Anybody tht using steroids, yes STEROIDS rodney, is a cheater & cheated the game!

Is tht Y u used steroids b/c u were worried about ur stats or ws it b/c u were losing it? Lol! U're a loser & a cheater? Got any steroid ...

Hey rodney! Send me sum steroids 2 the Bills facility next week!
Harrison was suspended by the NFL in 2007 for four games for violating the league's performance-enhancing substance policy.

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You tell him T.O. !!! Rodney Harrison was one of the dirtest players in the game and now he has the right to go T.V. to voice his opinion about T.O. or anybody else. He was a cheat shot artist and he cheated the game probably more then we will ever know. He needs to SHUT UP !!!!!


I agree with T O Checkmate Rodney

Who were the jackasses asking TO those questions? It's obvious they were trying to bait him and get a juicy quote. Journalism is a dead art in 2009.

Rodney Harrison's house isn't made of glass, it's made of Steroids.


I am a Bears fan. If T.O. were on my team, I'm sure I would love him. With that being said, he is an egotistical, AGING, out of the league in 3 years, hose bag. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.... TEAM CANCER !! Just wait and see. Go Bears.

PS We needed a #1 wideout as bad as any team. Thank God we resisted.....

Harrison is trying too hard to be critical of everyone. Most of his comments about everything was over-the-top critical. Calling T.O. a class clown was bordering on personal. He repeat it several ways to get maximum effect. It was a personal opinion that he could've kept to himself. He was trying to be Simon Cowell of the NFL and with his past he can't comment like that. Who has forgotten that he was a cheat who played for a cheat. He's going to have to stay in the newsroom because he's going to be person non grata to a lot of players because he doesn't know how to temper his comments. Will he use his new job to bite the hand of the team that feed him with one of those honest comments?

Rodney Harrison is a tainted, and poorly spoken commentator for ANY network, much less a sadly represented one in football like NBC. Can Ebersol say Rush Limbaugh? I'd hope so, and that he'd pull that f-tard off the air asap. It'd be one thing if the cat was AT LEAST entertaining but he's not. Find someone who makes football entertaining and shares information that provides insight into what it's like to be INSIDE the locker room. I have NO INTEREST in listening to a "juicer" from a team that already had the signals lament about a player that he STILL couldn't stop. It kinda sounds like Rods feminine itching problems are acting up and the poor baby is uncomfortable. If your gonna be a commentator then keep it neutral. And put an asterisk after the name Harrison if THAT one ever defames the Hall Of Fame. (Roid head with the play call before the snap)
Pick someone with INTEGRITY to make those character evaulations.
THAT dude has NO character.

GET EM T.O..... Harrison WHO???? Who still plays and who is one of the best recievers EVER? That would be T.O soooo get off it and grow up Roidney Harrison... Peace Peace

I'm not the biggest T.O. fan but Terrell is RIGHT ON here. Rodney Harrison is a dirty loud mouthed cheating douche.

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