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Oregon's LeGarrette Blount packs punch for Byron Hout at Boise State, gets suspended for the season for his effort

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LeGarrette Blount had plenty to say with his mouth heading into Thursday night's Pac-10, WAC top-20 tilt between the 16th-ranked Ducks and No. 14 Boise St. Broncos.

By the end of the game, a 19-8 win for Boise State, Blount was talking with his fists and being dragged off the field by coaches and cops. And for his troubles, University of Oregon suspended the talented back for the remainder of the season, including any bowl game the Ducks might play in.

blount punch.jpgBlount will, however get to keep his scholarship.

University president Richard Lariviere called Blount's behavior "reprehensible."

"We do not and will not tolerate the actions that were taken by our player. Oregon's loyal fans expect and deserve better," Lariviere said in a statement. "The University of Oregon Athletics Department is reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action, reflecting the seriousness of the player's behavior."

Blount, who's own coaches say he has a lot of maturing to do and was suspended once in pre-season practice already, put the key quote on the bulletin board before Thursday night's rematch of the teams, saying Oregon owed Boise State an "ass-whoopin' " after the Ducks 37-32 upset loss last season at Oregon. Unfortunately for Blount, he forgot to open up his can during the game in the 19-8 loss. The closest he came to the end zone was in scoring four total points - two for Boise State in a safety and two for Oregon in a 2-point conversion. This in a game which saw the high-powered Duck offense manage zero first-half first downs and only 5:50 minutes of possession.

But it was after the game that Blount finally decided to start the whoopin'.

Following what appeared to be a quick taunt, Blount nailed sophomore defensive end Byron Hout with a cheap-shot right hand, caught by ESPN cameras. Apparently not satisfied with the impending suspension that will draw, he then started to go nuts on Boise State fans on the way off the field, forcing Oregon coaches and police to forcibly remove him.

As the Broncos began celebrating on their famous blue turf, Hout yelled in Blount's face and tapped him on the shoulder pad. That drew an immediate scream from Boise State head coach Chris Petersen, but before Petersen could pull Hout away, Blount landed a right hand to the defensive end's jaw.

Then as Blount was being pulled off the field, he had to be restrained from fans heckling him on the way to the Oregon locker room.

"You know, just emotions getting the best of players, and you know, it was a hard fought game, really proud of our defense," Petersen said. "Typical first game, lot of sloppy football, but I thought our defense rose to the occasion and played great."

Blount set a Ducks record with 17 rushing touchdowns last season.

Hout will not be suspended for taunting Blount. Boise State spokesman Max Corbet said that Coach Chris Petersen planned to spend time with Hout this week to help him learn from what happened.

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Hout shouldn't have touched Blount. Really, he shouldn't have taunted him at all -- that was just low-class. But once he actually touched Blount, then it was on. Hout should be suspended.

And his coach should make him run laps or something for getting knocked out, after talking trash, on national tv.

As much as I enjoyed this football game - Boise reminds me of the Beavers a bit, underestimated and constantly having to prove themselves - Blounts reaction at the end was such an embarrassment for the entire Pac-10 and the state of Oregon as a whole...This was a Thursday night game, the whole country was watching (well maybe the east coast had mercifully gone to bed by then???)...

I am interested to see how Oregon decides to handle this...

Winners should always be humble, I think Hout learned a lesson about winning, however only desperate individuals punch people while their head is turned, Blount should be kicked out of College football. That is not an example to set for anyone, you can't just hit people when they say something you don't like. If so That means that I could punch this Peter Smith for his post, What Blount did was rediculous!

Peter Smith - HOUT LOW CLASS???, what about Blount. Just another thug, throw his ass in jail!

This guy should be put in jail and never see a football field again.
Oh yea he is a sports hero they can do anything. What a disgrace for college football.

Wasn't that video evidence of assualt? I am not sure why he isn't in jail. If I punched a guy on the street I would be arrested on the spot.

As far as Hout is concerned I guarantee Coach Peterson will suspend him for his actions. One of the reasons for Boise's success is Peterson's hard line on discipline. The whole incident is worse for Oregon's coach as this was his first time out as head coach and one of his guys goes totally bone headed. I feel really bad for him.

I have to say that I agree with Smith. Hout should have never touched him. The Boise defense concentrated on shutting Blount down and when they were successful, I'm sure it became more and more frustrating for him. In a situation like this --- it is bad sportsmanship to taunt anyone. Hout should be subjected to some sort of punishment and the last thing that he should have done was tap Blount, much less forcefully shove his shoulder and yell at him. I can't say that I wouldn't have reacted in the same way and I am a successful business woman. From day one we are taught to defend ourselves if anyone were to lay a hand on us and yet, when he does he is ridiculed to disbelief. It's crap. Blount made a mistake, yes. But Hout should have kept his mouth shut and maybe he would still have his teeth.

We don't know what Hout said to Blount and I believe Blount was the one who TAUNTED before the game ever started. If all it takes is a touch on a shoulder to a receiver (who gets dogpiled on all through a typical game)to get Blount to react with a cheap shot... Maybe Blount is in the wrong sport. And maybe he should keep his comments to himself and prove himself on the field and not with his mouth.

Blount owns this entire problem. Blount chose to talk smack before the game calling the entire Boise St. team out and then when he and his team got beat down, AGAIN, of course the Boise St. players are going to talk smack back. Peter, this is just the way things work in life as well as sports. If you are man enough to put it out there then you have to be man enough to absorb the retort. But, Blount is a foolish man as we all saw on national TV. He is a thug and a poor sport. No matter what Hout or the fans may have said Blount had a choice to make in that moment and considering his summer suspension it seems obvious that Blount struggles to make good decisions. Blount deserves whatever he gets.

Listen: trash-talk happens, but physical violence against other players (of the opposing team AND your own team, no less) and fans is purely inexcusable. Of course Hout shouldn't have touched Blount; I do not dispute that fact one bit. However, you can't tell me that a quick shoulder-tap (commonplace in football) and a little trash talk necessitated a sucker-punch haymaker to the face. Especially after the quote above when Blount promised to deliver an 'a**-whoopin' to the Broncos. Hout deserves an extra lap or two at practice, but you can't even remotely call him the villain in this case for giving Blount a taste of his own trash-talking medicine.

And this asshole will still make it to the NFL. Goes to show you how "classy" some of these professional sports players can be.

It used to be that we got in each other's face BEFORE the game and shook hands afterwards. Looks like the NCAA now has us doing that in reverse. Perhaps, after last night, the NCAA will now institute mandatory singing of Kumbuya during halftime?

Hout's taunting really was not necessary but when odds are stacked against you and it's posted all over ESPN the you owe the Broncos an "a** whoopin" - c'mon! It was completely inexcusable for Blount to throw a punch and then go unruly on the crowd. Emotions run high - yes, but this guy is a loose cannon that deserves to be seriously reprimanded!

I agree that Hout should've kept his helmet on with a glass jaw like that. Don't taunt a disgruntled player, who's adrenaline is already pumping & hot tempered. Words are just words, but Hout did give an unfriendly tap to Blount's helmet & shoulder pad. Losing is bad enough punishment, so why try to rub salt in the wounds??? Blount has a nice straight right jab which he landed right on the money, but this isn't MMA!!! He needs to count to ten or something. That kind of impulsive behavior is insane and he need's anger management. Hout & Blount both need to grow up or join the UFC and have Dana White pay them big bucks for a real match. My money's on Blount though!

Interesting take, Peter.

True, Hout shouldn't have touched Blount, but Blount put the onus on himself with his pregame comments. He wrote a check he couldn't cash, and then couldn't man up about it.
Hout responded by letting him know about it. No high class move to be sure, but understandable. It doesn't have to 'be on' after Blount is touched. He brought that on himself, he just couldn't take it, despite dishing it out, a true sign of immaturity. Blount's actions were cowardly and indefensible.

BTW, Hout didn't get knocked out, he got up immediately, and to his credit, didn't go nuts like Mr. Blount.

Lets just start by saying the entire situation after the game was wrong. I am a hardcore BSU fan and what Hout did was wrong. Should he be suspended? Maybe 1 game. Its college football, and these kids trash talk. They do it in every sport. It is how you react to the trash talking that counts. I would have understood a small push or shuv back at Hout but Blount was way out of line and needs to be indefinitely suspended from college athletics. Oregon has a huge decision to make now. If they dont react to this situation properly, it could mean for huge losses in recruitment opportunities and a possible drop in enrollment. It is one thing to trash talk and be a soar loser, but to start throwing fists and then going after fans..........that is just uncalled for. I feel bad for Chip Kelly's first game as head coach. This is not the best way for him to start the season.

I will be watching for updates on decisions to be made by both Oregon and the NCAA.......

BSU's Hout, more than likely, taunted Blount as retaliation. I find it hard to believe that Oregon's Blount was not running his mouth the whole game. Both schools were embarrassed by this. Blount looks like he needs a team of psychiatrists to handle him. What has gone on in this guys life where he would lose it like that?

Cheap shot? Don't talk smack, hit someone on the shoulder, and turn away. Christ almighty, with a guy like that, what do you expect? They both should be suspended, but pretending like football doesn't encourage this with the massive amount of smacktalk going on down on the scrimmage line is pretty ridiculous.

There are some real idiots on here. To say Hout deserved it is just an ignorant thing to say. He slapped on his shoulder pad, his pad, so he gets sucker punched by a little baby that cant actually back his talk off the field up with good play. What happened to this country with so many idiots that think that deserves a sucker punch to the face. Push him back or talk trash too dont be a a child, grown up and be a real man. He should be out of footbll. Hout should sit out maybe a half.

"Its college football, and these kids trash talk. They do it in every sport."

Not my kids, you pull the crap Hout pulled and you're done with my team.

The idea that "everyone does it" is nonsense, and is propagated by childish thugs who couldn't spell "sportsmanship" if their bag of weed depended on it.

Hout committed assault, not "trash talk". Talking involves words, not touching, and this was NOT in the context of the game.

And people who justify that garbage disgust me, like you "bronco-nation" for instance.

The fact that Hout didn't get kicked off the team tells you just how classless a buffoon the coach of BSU is.

As to Blount, he should be in jail, in addition to a year's suspension.

That fool hout needs to learn to win with class . Blount was on his way out and Hout had to talk s***. In a way what did he expect ? All I gotta say he got knocked out - blount was wrong but HOut needs to learn to win . The coach needs to use him as an example ... Talk sh** and u might get knocked out . But the suspension was a good penalty.

I'm an Oregon Alum from Chicago. I have nothing but fond memories from the athletic side and academic side from my 4 years in Eugene and I hope this doesn't tarnish anyone's image of UO. I am ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by Blount's behavior. In my mind, Oregon did the MINIMUM by suspending him for the season. He should lose his scholarship too!! The Ducks don't need him around.

Blout's a thug, deserved the suspension absolutely. That said Hout was a punk b*tch and got knocked the fug out on national television and will forever be taunted for folding like a lawn chair and having that stupid tough guy mongoloid grin go to a blank slate. You are a clown and got what you deserve, Hout. Forever a laughing stock.

To Peter Smith----STOP IT! Blount shot his mouth off the whole night but didn't back up the talking with a good game, that is why he lashed out. Hout taunted but it just proved that blount could dish it out but could not take it. Tapping someone on the shoulder pads constitues a cheap shot in the face. What if he caused permanent injury (I know it is far-fetched but could happen) then what would be blounts answer to that.I'M SORRY I don't think so. He got what he deserved. If he can't handle a little jawing in college, what will he do in the pro's. He is already labled RABBIT EARS!!!!!


After the game Blount was walking off the field, not looking for any trouble. Hout was surrounded by his teammates and coaches and had his helmet off, obviously feeling invincible. He's a 225-lb DE who will never sniff the NFL, a college sophomore who felt the need to push Blount on the shoulder and taunt a player superior to him in age, college class and football talent. I will forever condone Blount's actions toward Hout. Blount will probably make it to the NFL despite the heinous ruling against him while Hout will forever be a laughingstock.


Anonymous, Blount wasn't charged anything for the same reason that Hout wasn't charged with anything. HTH.

Punishment for Hout should be playing the video of him getting knocked out on the jumbotron before every home game. What a wuss.

I think both players got what they deserved. Blount just lost a lot of money if he does make it to the NFL and Hout got humiliated as a punching bag and bad sport.

Too bad this isn't hockey or else everyone would consider this normal. Think about that before you start calling Blount a thug.

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