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Michael Vick is back with Nike -- sorta

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Thumbnail image for Vick Release.jpgUpdate: A spokesman for Nike is saying Vick's agent spoke out of turn and that no new endorsement deal is in place. Instead, the company is providing free gear.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback utility man Michael Vick made his return to the NFL on Sunday, but in the multi-billion dollar world of professional sports, it may be his return to the Nike brand that signals his comeback is complete.

Nike is welcoming Vick back into the fold today, more than two years after it cut ties with the former Atlanta Falcons star, according to Vick's agent.

Segal told SportsBusiness Journal that Vick will wear Nike shoes, gear and apparel, but would not reveal the terms of the agreement.

"Mike has had a great relationship with Nike and is excited to be part of the Nike team again," Segal said.
For all of the speculation that Vicks' return to the league after an 18-month prison sentence would be marred by protests and the always powerful court of public opinion, it's gone pretty smooth.

He was on the field for 11 plays in a 34-14 win over the Kansas City Chiefs -- none of them particularly remarkable -- and accounted for 30 yards. It's seemed that the media circus has calmed down some as he assimilates back to game speed and the Eagles explore how to use him in their offense.

But, if past Vick posts around here have taught us, he's still a lightning rod for criticism on message boards and blogs. So, we'll ask if you all have a problem with Nike bringing him back so quickly.

As I've said before, Vick has served his time and said/done all the right things to earn his second chance -- one he seems determined to make the absolute most of. Of course, others would say that he should continue to suffer financially for the errors in judgment he's made.

So far this year, his No. 7 jersey has been one of the league's hottest sellers -- something that would suggest his marketability hasn't suffered through all of this.

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M Vick is a monster. Nike should be ashamed. You an bet Nike products will never enter this household again.
This man is sick in the head. Anyone who can do the things he did to mans best friend should never be in the public eye again. We should not have to be subjected to this vile creature EVER.
Since Verizon sponsors the Eagles - I have changed my service and I will never patronize duncan donuts or anyone who sposors him or the eagle again. what he has done is unforgivable.

Michael Vick went through our judicial system, was sentenced and served 18 months of jail time and lost hundreds of millions of dollars!

Regardless of what some people may feel about his crimes, this is America and he served his time, paid his fines, lost his nine figure contracts and earned his second chance, so please let him share his amazing talent with the world.

This young man is so gifted and he will entertain all of us sports fans with his dazzling speed, juke moves, outrageous reflexes, rocket arm and his love for the game. Let him make his mark on history and set a new bar for future quarterbacks. Remember MV is the only quarterback in NFL that rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season, he now runs a 4.25 40 yard dash and can toss a football 50 yards with the flick of his wrist!!

I am a true NIKE customer and can't wait for MV's new gear!! Bring it on!!!

I'll never buy Nike again, and I run marathons. Bring on the boycott.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am done with Nike. I have been a lifelong Nike supporter until now. WHY MICHAEL VICK? I guess it's ok now? HE ELECTROCUTED HIS OWN PETS. HE DROWNED HIS OWN PETS. Does that even matter to them? Thousands of responsible athletes out there and they choose the one fresh out of jail. WHAT HAS VICK EVEN DONE TO WARRANT A CONTRACT WITH THEM? I will be speaking very poorly of Nike to everyone I know. I am now an Addidas customer. I have one word for Nike: Climacool.

And since when does society OWE Vick a second chance anyway? That's great that he served his time. Suppose it was a Governer of a State who was convicted for committing the same heinous crimes (killing his own pets, racketeering, interstate commerce violations, illegal gambling, etc. etc., would the same politician be given the chance to go back in office once he served his time? HELL NO. Double standard.

Mooner you are just ignorant, that's your only crime.

Hello they are just dogs. Not human beings. He paid his debt to society. He deserves a second chance just like all the haters out there who are trying to hold him down. If you open up some of their closets you'll be suprised what falls out. What's next changing the toilet paper you use because it's associated with the Eagles or Vick? Last time I check Jesus is the God of 2nd,3rd, 4th and many more chances. HATE ON HATER, HATE ON!!!

Of all the people to endorse why him he's horrible:( I loved Nike but will try to stick with Under Armour from now on.

He who is without sin,cast the first stone.

To Gina, Mike and Mathew,


I will never buy Nike again and will forbid anyone in my family from ever buying Nike.

they were only dogs relax

OMG, what a bunch of freaks? I mean really? lets get real for a second here. What he did...was wrong? YES. Sick? YES! But lets keep it in perspective here, would everyone feel better if Mike Vick ATE the dogs he killed? Probably not but all of these hypocrites is what makes me sick. I think they have blown/are blowing this way out of proportion, here is my point. What mike Vick did was wrong but fails in comparison to what is done billions of times every year to animals everywhere, for the sake of food. Think people the next time your sitting at dinner with he fam with the steak, or chicken, or what ever what that animal went through to get to your plate, Google animal cruelty with peta or something. The videos are heartbreaking but the animals are tasty lol. Why is that acceptable, because we eat it? They are still living things, get over yourselves. I like meat, I like steak, chicken, pork, and more, I even like dogs as pets. i got news for you people eat dog. He did his time case closed. Pass the potatoes please. Rover I will kick your a#$ if you pee on my rug again.

Well then, I'll never buy another Nike product. I'll also urge those who I meet up with who are considering purchasing Nike products to reconsider.

Vick is a disgusting pig and I hope he burns in hell.


I have been a Nike fan since I was 5 years old! Ever since Michael Jordan came on the scene I had everything Nike! I am nor almost 30 and shocked that Nike would have Vick back with them! This is completely disgusting to me and I VOW TO NOT WEAR OR PURCHASE ANYTHING NIKE UNTIL VICK IS GONE!!!!! If he stays with Nike, I sadly will ban Nike FOREVER! Not to mention all of my friends and family are completely with me on this! HUGE MISTAKE NIKE!! You have let down SO many people! P.S. Great message to send to children: Kill and torture helpless dogs and get a multi-million dollar contract out of it! Shame on you Nike!

Nike Supporting Vick?? a convicted Felon!! This must be the new customer profile Nike the Eagles and Roger Goodell are catering to. They should all be ashamed of themselves! I'm not an animal activist; however, I will encourage everyone I know to NOT think like Nike or PRO football. It truly is not acceptable to be, or to support, a Thug criminal Felon like Vick, NOT even after they have done their time. Do we really want our children to think it's OK to be a criminal? you just go away for a year or 2 after being conVICKted, then come back with full support from Professional sports and behemoth companies like Nike. What's happening to common sense? The sporting industry is setting a very dangerous precedence with Vick!! and all to make the almighty buck. I cannot believe that there are actually people out there that believe the Vick message being sent by PRO Sports is good for anyone. Like many, I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of Nike sporting goods over the last few decades. I will never spend another dime on anything they sell. Step up everyone; boycott these Nike and Eagle fools as the inspiration and intelligence they emit through recent decisions may well be detrimental to those precious and impressionable future leaders - our young adults and children.

If Michael Vick was really remorseful I would be willing to give him a break, but in the speeches that he has given, he has not once shown remorse for the cruelty done to the animals. He has only shown remorse at getting caught doing something that was damaging to his career. This is a classic sign of a sociopath, a person that cannot admit to doing anything morally wrong. This isn't a racial problem, this is a problem with athletes in general, they have gotten away with murder since little league all the way through school and the pros. If they show that they have physical talent they are given the red carpet through life, even their fans will forgive them, because their fans are hero worshipers and their heros can do no wrong in their eyes. Companies like NIKE feed off that hero worship and make billions while laughing at the minions that buy products they probably don't even wear themselves.
For the record people, he didn't KILL dogs he TORTURED dogs. There's a big difference.

I will never buy Nike again. yes he has done his time but I really do not think that he has changed. this message from Nike just says Yes you can kill an other living thing and we will forgive you. He has Not changed at all he is the same person he has always been. Not sure if you all know this but he is trying to get another dog!! How can Tiger Woods and Michael Vick be sponsored by Nike? Never again Will I buy anything Nike!

Mr. Vick may have paid a monetary and judicial debt, but it does not change what he did. It's not about the difference between animals and humans; it's about a person being able to DO something like that. It takes a "special" person to feel nothing when (or continue to batter) a creature in pain is looking at you for help, is bleeding, and crying in pain. Astonishing.

Please remember this quote:
“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

I don't hate Michael Vick. I pity him. I don't know if it was something in his life or merely a defective gene pool that would create a person capable of such an act. I can't imagine how horrible it must be to live with that kind of flaw in the brain.

What scares me is the number of Vick supporters... they are clearly capable of the same behavior but WITHOUT the 24/7 scrutiny that Mr. Vick will have, they can commit crimes against living creatures -human or nonhuman- under the radar. Please know, though, that you have my pity, also. I AM sorry that your lives -or gene pools- are so damaged. I hope you can at least try not to hurt another living creature. Please do your best. Good luck.


Nike exploits little children around the world to make their shoes for no more than $4 per pair, comes here and sells them for $120 and you are worried about whether or not they sign michael Vick? Their ridiculous use of foreign sweatshops should be the reason for a boycott, not for using the millions you've already given them to endorse Michael Vick?

I agree Michael Vick killed dogs (bad). Nike hurts poor children (worse)

Another good reason to continue the family Nike boycott. I don't believe in a person that would force a lesser creature to do things he himself would not do. When I see Vick fight to the death in a cage against another man, I may think differently.

it is rediculus that vick is still being beat up over this. he has served his time. i bet ya'll also slap your kids every time you remember something bad they did.

The animal had no secound chance Eagles no Nike No help support cruelity to harmless animals that had to fight for life...they still great you with love.


Come on people, GIVE ME A BREAK! Michael has done nothing no more than the rest of the world "HE MADE A MISTAKE-HE PAID HIS DEBT (IN FULL)" and now he just wants to live his life! For those of you who will protest, I say to you "have fun" while the rest of us will be watching this MAN put his life back together and enjoy the rest of his life!!

Great!! I was wondering when nike was going to have more football gear out. I used to love the Junior Seau's, Deion's Diamond Turfs, and I still have a pair of the cross trainers that Mike had before he went to jail. Nike is a company in the business of making money. They do that by associating themselves with the most dynamic athletes available. I love Peyton Manning, but I don't think I would go put on his shoes and feel like I can run a 4.2, but I put on a pair of Jordan's I feel like I can drop off Bryon Russel from the top of the key. Vick has the number 4 selling jersey in the league, Farve is #1. Even before Vick came back he had the #1 selling jersey in New York, I guess they were hopeful. I live in Atlanta now but am from Chicago, and I thought they should have brought him back. What if something happens to Matt Ryan? I'd rather have a pro bowler, than a professional bowler as my backup. The Bears could have gotten him at a fire sale price. Give this guy a break. He is a FOOTBALL player, not the president, not the pope. Just like Charles Barkley said "I am not a role model". Anyone who is great at something will be admired for that. I may admire the qualities like work ethic and focus that make them great but you have to be able to separate the person from the ability. I loved Michael Jordan growing up in Chicago but the only thing I would want my kids to do like him is work hard, and it's the same for Vick.

Michael Vick is a monster. I don't care that he's a good football player, the atrocities he was involved in no longer qualify him as a human being! He should have been punished much much much worse for what he did, it was truly despicable. Shame on Nike for taking him back. I am never ever buying Nike again and will lobby against them from this day forward.

Wow, Nike shoes used to fit my feet better than any other shoe, but that was yesterday. Never again. If a pedophile did his time in jail, you wouldn't reward him with big contracts. If your kid wants to hang a poster of Vick in his bedroom, are you going to tell him this is the guy who tortured animals? Nike is rewarding psychotic behavior in the name of the almighty dollar. This has nothing to do with serving your sentence. This has everything to do with the NATURE of the crimes. If he had taken steroids, smoked pot, embezzled, of course give him a second chance. But torturing dogs? Yeah, like jail cures that.

For all you heters out there..learn how to forgive. What would Jesus do for you so called religious believer out there. Practice what you preech. Animals in this country live way better than freaking real people why beacuse they are cute and innocent. What about that homeless man and woman, or the couple who can't afford to see a doctor and has cancer, what about our youth in this country?

The bottom line here is that we must learn to move on..forgive and forget. Don't keep hatred in your soul. realease it in the atmoshpere.

BTW I think Vick deserves a second chance like all human beings.

I'm with you C.P.. The voice of reason in a forest of dimwits. Why didn't all these bleeding hearts boycott Nike when it became common knowledge years ago that the shoes were made with practically slave labor? Animals mean more to people who are heartless to people suffering.

alll of you haten on him get a life an u think nike cares if 100 oor so people stop wearing there stuff but they steady making more money than u ever will.or see as long as u live...

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