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Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech: You got a problem with that?

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The same edge that made Michael Jordan so great during his playing career may have tainted his Hall of Fame acceptance speech last night, depending on who you ask.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski speaks for that camp, likening it to a bully tripping nerds with a lunch tray in the school cafeteria.

Jordan lashed out at former Bulls GM Jerry Krause, with whom he's had a long-running feud, flew in the high school teammate that caused him to be cut his sophomore year and said he feels sorry his own sons have to live up to his legacy.

Now, my gut tells me that the average fan isn't getting too worked up about this, that his perceived pettiness and egotism are more of an issue with the media. But, is there any part of you that could have done without these comments, any part of you that felt like this wasn't really the place for them? Or are MJ's detractors making mountains out of molehills again?

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I don't have a 'problem', but I was disappointed. In hindsight perhaps it was too selfish / naive of me to expect him to be gracious and humbled and to inspire me again as an older man and father in just the way he did as a fan in my youth.

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