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Jerry Krause won't be attending Michael Jordan's induction into the Hall of Fame

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Despite the fact that he's credited for assembling the teams that would help him win six championships, Michael Jordan won't be seeing Jerry Krause at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

"I don't have a great desire to be there," the former Bulls GM told the Boston Globe.

Krause, who served the team from 1985-2003, was the chairman of the Hall of Fame selection committee until he stepped down in the early 90s. He disagreed with the committee's practice of keeping the selection process secret. He told the Globe he vowed not to enter the Hall of Fame building in Springfield, Mass. unless former Bulls assistant coach Tex Winter was inducted.

Krause and Jordan's relationship was one of the more interesting and complex story lines throughout the team's championship runs. Krause told the Globe, "We were not close and we're not close today."

However, Krause praised Jordan's professionalism off the court, and paid him the ultimate compliment after the star's first retirement, when he told Jordan "he was better than [Earl] Monroe."

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Why am I NOT surprised?

Jerry Krause has ALWAYS been a classless buffoon who was lucky enough to manage the GREATEST player and team of all time and he never appreciated the gift. Why should he start now?

Jerry, I doubt MJ would even WANT you there!

I can't help but appreciate Mr. Krauses honesty. He seems to be a man of integrity by sticking to his guns by not entering the building again. And plus he and Mike weren't best buddies so there really is no need for him to be there. I don't see his presence or lack of it being an issue.

Krause has been boycotting the Hall of Fame for years solely because they won't induct Tex Winter (the guy who implemented the triangle offense). That's why he's not attending Jordan's induction - it has nothing to do with the whole overhyped Jordan versus Krause "rivalry." But thanks for trying, Kevin Allen. You do a nice job of trying to spin the truth there.

Congratulations to Michael Jordan.

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