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Jay Cutler winning a game against the Steelers? JACKPOT!

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cutler.jpgIt's borderline sad -- and certainly pathetic -- that a humble unpaid blogger like myself feels terrible for neglecting this work space I fill now and again with fairly obvious and shallow observations about the world.

When that happens, you get stuff like this -- a buddy's email reflecting his shallow and fairly obvious observation.

Deal with it.


Know you're a big Bears fan now. Was wondering if you caught the ref in the Bears-Steelers game knocking your boy Cutler in the face while he was signaling a timeout? It was awesome. Good thing it wasn't Ed "Hercules."

You notice how much (Cutler) looked like a out-of-his-mind Jim Breuer? I know you love those commercials where he screams, "JACKKKKKPOT!!!"

Also, the Lions still suck.

Funny thing is, I had a screen grab ready to go yesterday, but never got around to posting it. But, the always on-top-of-things guys over at The Big Lead did. Would that I were that responsible.

Winning your first game at home? Great. Doing it against the Steelers? Jackpot.

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