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Jay Cutler slightly less popular than Brett Favre ... in jersey sales

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jay-cutler-jersey-bears.JPGJudging strictly by jersey sales, Jay Cutler is the second most popular player in the NFL behind Brett Favre. released its jersey sales rankings for the NFL's first four months of the fiscal year to MSNBC, and there were a few surprises.

The most notable surprise comes in at No. 20 -- Michael Crabtree -- who has yet to don the jersey 49ers fans seem to be so wild about. Eagles quarterback Michael Vick proved you don't have to be a starter to have a popular jersey as his came in at No. 4 -- despite the fact that some sporting goods stores refused to carry it.

Eli Manning was the only player whose jersey number matched its sales rank -- not necessarily surprising or interesting, but it sure is a coincidence.

Cutler, who recently showed Chicagoans he cleans up well in a photo shoot for Michigan Avenue magazine, came in at No. 23 this time last year while playing for the Denver Broncos.

Notably absent from the top 20 were Bears players Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester, who came in at Nos. 11 and 12 last year, respectively.

For the list of the NFL's top 20 jersey sales, visit MSNBC.

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