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Jay Cutler is our quarterback, but that's not as exciting as before

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091409bear.JPGWe don't give up on the Bears' new franchise quarterback 60 minutes into his Chicago career, do we?

Because that would be an impulsive and ridiculous thing to do, right? Ridiculous and impulsive no matter how bad he looked.

Sure, Jay Cutler's first half in Green Bay wasn't what Bears fans who've been lusting to see the gunslinger in a game that matters hoped for. Eight completions on 22 attempts and three interceptions is nowhere near the production expected from No. 6.

And his fourth interception of the game, the one that eliminated all hope of winning, is going to be the lasting image everyone takes away from the game.

The first taste of Jay Cutler in a meaningful game leaves a horrible taste in the mouth of Bears fans everywhere.

But, he's the guy. He's the quarterback of the now and the future.

He's the undisputed face of the franchise, a position that comes with all kinds of pressure and attention. He played awful, granted, but certainly didn't lose the game by himself.

In fact, had the Bears' defensive unit been able to buckle down in the final two minutes, we'd all be talking about how he overcame a dreadful start to muster a huge road win in a hostile environment.

Cutler wasn't the one who let Packers receiver Greg Jennings streak down the middle of the field for a game-clinching 50-yard touchdown catch. He wasn't the one that called for a fake punt on 4th-and-11 deep in Bears' territory in a two-point game. He certainly wasn't the one that caused linebacker Brian Urlacher to leave the game with a wrist injury.

But, he's the guy who's going to get all the blame when the Bears lose. That's the other part of being the guy who gets all the glory when they win.

His final line (17-for-36, 277 yards, TD, 4 INT) isn't going to be a trend. Nothing in his past would suggest this is anything more than an aberration. Throughout the NBC telecast, former wide receiver Cris Collinsworth jumped at the opportunity to point out how his receivers failed Cutler. One of those interceptions -- by the enormous Johnny Jolly -- was sort of a fluke.

None of this is going to make anyone who bleeds orange and blue feel any better.

Nor will the fact that he bounced back from first half full of groans to put the Bears in a position to win.

Facing a 10-2 deficit, Cutler came out of the locker room and promptly led the Bears to a touchdown in their first second-half possession, connecting with Devin Hester on a 36-yard pass. After a defensive stop, the signal-caller drove the Bears down for a 47-yard Robbie Gould field goal to take a 12-10 lead.

It was just over 11 minutes in game time, but sure went a long way to calm down the collective nerves of a fan base who was suddenly very displeased with their new leader, at least according to the comments streaming through on our live game blog.

When the fake punt fiasco allowed the Packers to kick a field goal for a 13-12 advantage, Cutler and the offensive unit responded with a 15-play drive capped by a chip-shot field goal from Robbie Gould.

But, just when it looked like he was going to be the goat-turned-hero, Jennings' touchdown afforded him the chance to be the goat-turned-hero-turned-goat and throw another interception.

The Cutler era is now 0-1.

A bad 0-1 because this game was very winnable.

So, Bears fans, what now? Do you shake it off, knowing this isn't the Cutler that's going to show up week in and week out? Or do you brace for another year of disappointment?  How much do you blame Cutler? How much of the blame would you like to see him take? Isn't that what makes a leader?

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Chicago is the place quarterbacks come to die.

I was never sold on the Cutler trade to begin with, he hasn't had a winning season since high school, and seems to be a cancer in the locker room.

If all you needed was potential and a great arm to make it in the NFL Todd Marinovich and Ryan Leaf would be in the hall of fame. Unfortunately, you also need poise, confidence in your team mates, and ability to learn from your mistakes. All things Cutler and the above two guys don't (didn't) have.

Cutler is a terrific talent. He has been thrown into the midst of a team coached by one of the most inept head coaches of modern times (Lovie Smith). The offensive play calling in the first hafl (turner) was amateurish at best.

Thiw as a winnable game and if I woned the team Lovie would be fired tomorrow morning - of course, after I had received a verbal commitment from bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, or Clarabell.

Cutler is a terrific talent. He has been thrown into the midst of a team coached by one of the most inept head coaches of modern times (Lovie Smith). The offensive play calling in the first hafl (turner) was amateurish at best.

Thiw as a winnable game and if I woned the team Lovie would be fired tomorrow morning - of course, after I had received a verbal commitment from bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, or Clarabell.

What a nightmare scenario for Jerry Angelo & Lovie Smith... Cutler has a career worst game and Kyle Orton stumbles his way to a win in week 1.

Even though Cutler was easily the biggest contributing factor to loss tonight, I's still rather have him than the Orton/Grossman Monster. By the end of the season this game will be forgotten... or better yet laughed at.

This was so sad. Cutler played very inconsistently and our running game was terrible. Now we have a ton of injuries and I have to admit, the Bronco fans who have been telling me for months "Be careful what you wish for" were right. Cutler made too many mistakes in key places. And he didn't even come close to getting us a big drive.

I also want Mannelly to explain himself. What on earth was that?

Convenient that you forget to mention that Cutler's would be game winning drive happened because of a horrible call against Al Harris on third and long. Not only was the contact minor and INSIDE FIVE YARDS, but Hester lined up off the ball (which should have resulted in a five yard penalty against Chicago). The Bears got beat by the Packers on that drive, and they should have had to punt.

Of course, even without the call on Harris, Chicago would have been lucky to punt. Just a few plays earlier Cutler decided to throw the ball to 4 packers, who somehow managed to drop the ball.

Don't blame this loss on Cutler. It's hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by the most inept bunch of coaches and players this side of the Mississippi. Once again on the national stage the Bears look like the JV team from corn field. It’s obvious that Lovie has to go and maybe it’s time for the McCaskey’s to sell the store. No more Mom and Pop stale ideas, cronyism and amateur antics. Lead, win or get out of the way.

I guess Jay needed Ed Hochuli to step in and help. He lost his last three games of the season last year and all he needed was one to get in the playoffs. Now that he has a defense...same result..good Jay/Bad Jay was discussed in Denver as well. The Bears will start 0-3. The Steelers and yes..the Seahawks defense will get after him and force mistakes.

Realistically, the Bears needed a touchdown when they were in the red zone at the end of the game to have a real chance of winning. A field goal wasn't going to cut it (and didn't cut it). My dad and brother knew it. I didn't like the play calling then, or when Jolly made the one handed interception when they were in the red zone earlier. I don't like Ron Turner, especially when every run is up the middle and Forte goes nowhere. I know Cutler had a lousy game, but the play calling seemed just as ineffective as last year. It could be the receivers aren't any good (too many drops in one game) but I don't think Turner is a good offensive coordinator.

Well, this is what happens when people run out and place a person on a THRONE before they do anything. Now I guess alot of people have gotten their feelings hurt...oh. well. Chicago should've reserved its opinion on him like Green Bay did with Rodgers and then formed an opinion BUT oh no too many of you fell INLOVE right from the start and didn't step back to look at the big picture.

Watch Cutler after he throws a TD like he did today. He has the body language of I am way better than everybody else. Great QB leaders celebrate as if it was a true team accomplishment after TD throws. Cutler will never gain respect of teammates as he doesn't think of success of team but rather success of me.

You live and die with a gunslinger just like the Packers did with Favre. Aaron Rodgers though seems to be the real deal. I was impressed.

Did they show on tv Cutler screaming at his o-line and receivers? If that doesn't stop, that's going to be problems in the future.

Cutler will still be a good QB for Chicago, but there is an interesting note from some of the commenters here that really echoes the way some Broncos fans looked at Cutler, too: when he loses, blame the rest of the team.

Here's the truth: Cutler has bad games and makes occasional bad decisions. He throws too many interceptions in the red zone and he's been known to throw interceptions that leave opponents in great scoring position. And it's often just bad decision-making on his part.

No, he didn't screw up the fake punt decision (ridiculously bad moment) and he didn't blow coverage, but he did his part to help the team lose and he needs to be held accountable for his part.

All that said, he's also one of the few QBs in the league who can have such a horrible first half and then give you a really good chance to win in the second half. Orton can't do that and Grossman can't do that, but with Cutler, there is always a chance. If he ever calms down and starts acting like a leader on the field, he's going to take a team to a championship--he definitely has the physical skills.

But today, it's got to be hard to believe that the team gave up two first round draft picks for the guy.

Buck up, Chicago fans, it will get better.

I agree that Ron Turner has to be one of the worst Offensive Coordinators in the NFL, and he should be fired (not Lovie Smith). But the guy that EXECUTES the plays is responsible too.

Cutler is to blame for trying the impossible. What other QB do you think would dare to throw into QUADRUPLE coverage? He made a lot of bad decisions under pressure, period. The Packers dropped other potential interceptions, it could have been worse. This is the same behavior he had in Denver when he got constant pressure. That was one of my concerns as a fan when the Bears acquired him.

I hope the coaching staff is able to get into his head and help him tone down his attitude and improve his play-making decision skills.

I knew full well Cutler wasn't the qb he was made out to be but I remained hopeful he would be enough for us and I feel betrayed. By the Bears organization, by Lovie, by whomever decided to get this guy and pay him beaucoup bucks! He threw to Packers more than he threw to Bears. Yes, of course, we had no Offense, but it was more than that ... those interceptions, that stupid handoff to Wolfe, the whining and ranting by Cutler himself. I feel angry, not just disappointed in a game...we have lost before and will lose again...this was more than a losing game...this was a betrayal by the Bears honchos who brought this young man to this team...shame on everyone.

I liked Lovie till today. I often liked the Bears Organization throughout these many many years I have been a fan...until today. I had hopes for our Offense...until today. I didn't believe the hype about this little boy, Jay Cutler, but I kept the faith...until today. Eliminate most of the above mentioned and let's play football!!

After reading all the crying about Cutler's game I must have been watching the wrong game. Yes, he made some bad plays, but what struck me was the lack of communication between Cutler and the receivers. On many plays either Cutler and the receiver didn't both understand the same route, or the receiver simply quit on the route. Numerous times it looked like Cutler missed the receiver by a mile, but the replay showed the receiver slowed or even stopped AFTER Cutler threw the ball. Sounds like some serious coaching problems.

you people are all idiots, and with constant pass pressure, Cutler did pretty good. You can jump on him all you want, but those crappy sub-par line didn't give him any time, like Frank O. the receivers didn't know their routes either.

i Blame Vasher 4 letting jennings make a fool of him and mannalley 4 not listening .....winnable game will do better next game...steelers here we come.defense looked very strong hope urlachers ok and pia...

Chicago sports fan ALWAYS drink the kool aid that their teams serve them. This is no different than any of the other failed "big name" pickups that loser Chicago teams pick up. Ben Wallace, Nomar Garciaparra, Juan Pierre, Milton Bradley, Soriano, the list goes on and on and on..........

And Urlacher is a fraud, wimp and overrated, but I think most Chicago fans know this by now.

This IS the Cutler you'll get every week. He makes dumb mistakes and until he learns how to be coached and by a good coach at that he would turn it around. Looked like Kid Cutler from Denver. I've seen it already blame it on the defense. That's what he does.

Get used to it Chicago fans. Cutler is a "bipolar" QB. Good Jay/Bad Jay. Each week you can only hope the right one shows up. Last year with Denver Bad Jay showed up 8 times and Good Jay showed up 8 times. Unfortunately for us Bad Jay showed up for the last three games.

Now if he throw for 300 yards and four TDs with no picks next week, don't start with the Hall Of Fame talk. Wait a week and see if Bad Jay shows up again. Undoubtedly he will.

The drive that ended with the second pick...get used to it. That's Jay Cutler in a nutshell. Throw a 60 yard, right on the money completion with that cannon he has for an arm and follow that up with an stupid interception when he feels the rush about to get him. You're going to se that over and over this year.

This loss belongs to Lovie Smith who took over defensive play calling for Bob Babich.

The Bears were in a position to win at the end of the game in spite of the three interceptions, yet Green Bay was allowed to set up the bomb that ultimately won the game for them.

Cutler did the best he could and I stand by him as the team leader.

Lovie Smith earned the "L" and the defense let the team down.

Forget blaming the QB... we've been doing that for years... when will Lovie and the front office realize Ron Turner is a liability??? HE is the one calling the plays. He is the one sending the backfield out instead of keeping them in to pickup blitzes. It has become a trend for our offense to get blitzed mercilessly and he doesn't realize this until it's too late. Only by the grace of our defense were we even competitive last night.

No other OC in the league abandons the run in the first quarter. No other OC in the league can take a Pro Bowl QB and make him look like a joke. Only when we kept blockers in and started running the ball in the second half did the offense start clicking...

Oh and why is Knox active and Aromashodu inactive? Who showed they were on the same page with Cutler more in the pre-season, Knock or Aromashodu???


Not the performance we had hoped for of course. But it's not all doom and gloom. I recall all the talk about Greenbay and Aaron Rodgers "great" pre-season offense. Well I was a lot more impressed with their defense. I really believe that they will have one of the top D's in the league this year. And they were the real reason for cutler's mistakes. Overall I think the Bears D' did an sound job of containing Rodgers, considering this is the first game that all our db's have started together, not to mention on the road at a hostile Lambeau field in a game no body gave us a chance. Look for a good rebound at home against the Steelers. Cutler is still young learning a new O" and quite frankly has no experienced wr's. The Bears will learn from this and they will get better. And we prob. will have seen the worst possible performance cutler will ever have in a Bears uniform. Have faith season is still young along way to go. Really did anyone think we were going to be 16-0??? Get healthy and take it to the Steeler's at home in week 2...

Even the inept officiating crew couldn't save this game for the bears. The illegal contact on Hester was phantom at best and, if called correctly, there is no field goal on that drive.

Defense played well. Urlacher is Urlacher - decent player with an IR stay on the horizon.

I understand the awful taste in your mouth's, Bears Fan's! We had that same taste game in and game out ever since Jay (the whiner) Cutler came to the Broncos. Isn't it interesting that with all that has been written about "the Cutler situation" in Denver, not one of his teammates stood up and said they'd miss him. In time maybe it will work out for you but in the mean time look for more games like this one in the future. Last night you all had "Cheese" with your "Whine"

Everyone is down on Lovie but the man is a great defensive mind. The bears looked like their old selves on D with him calling the plays. The real problem is Ron Turner. The guy is an absolute moron! He abandoned the run and the Packers just went wild with their blitzes. Had he stayed with the run and worked in some play action Jay would have had time to make some better throws. The first and goal situation from the five just shows Turner's ineptitude. A sweep with that amount of space is a terrible call on second down. Call some playaction after the first down run and find the tightend. Turner is the worst OC in the league and until they get rid of him the bears will suffer on Offense.

Cutler is the best Bears QB in the past 20+ years. He didn't lose the game. What lost the game was the inept play calling by the chief play callers...Lovee Smith and Ron Turnitover. Hey Lovee, watch some game films of winning teams and see how they do it. You and Ron may learn some new plays. You're not going to win with the up the middle run play every down. Ever hear of a draw play or a screen pass? Try it you might like it.

Denver, Orton 17-28-0-243
Chicago, Cutler 17-36-4-277

That about sums it up! Enjoy it Chicago, it won't get much better. Cutler is fun to watch, but he will not win in the long run. Didn't you watch Denver fold in the last three games last year to lose the division title?

One game does not a season make. I am disappointed , yes, but Cutler certainly showed that he can get the team the lead. The interceptions were stupid and mostly his own fault, but receivers are partially responsible as well. Clark looked particularly bad at times, and Olsen disappeared. Even so, Vasher's blown coverage, even though he slipped, cost the game. Whether Cutler can come back against an even tougher defense when pittsburgh comes to town is a biger question. If he can and does, that first game will be quickly forgotten.

Ron Turner was a colossal failure as head coach of the U. of Illinois. How he was able to weasel his way back into the NFL (thanks brother) is beyond me. He is in way over his head as O.C. for this football team and should be coaching D2 football somewhere, not in the booth calling plays. Boooooo....

We can put the blame on Cutler but football is a team game. If we had an offensive line we could both run the ball and provide pass blocking. Johnny Knox is a raw talent but he is the best receiver we have - and that tells a lot about our receiving corp. How many dropped balls did we have in the game? Hester is still not a receiver!

Too soon to tell but I think Jay will be ok. That was horrific though.

Sure - I believe that Cutler will recover from this debacle. But unless we change offensive coordinators, and develop quickness at the receiver position, we will never maximize his talent.

I say "quickness" instead of "speed" because those receivers I see in the NFL who are productive may not be the fastest on the field, but they KNOW how to create separation from defensive players very quickly. The Bears receivers either are incapable of doing this, or do not know how. Last night, Green Bay's defensive backfield, to a man - appeared quicker than our receivers!

If these two things are not corrected, it is going to be a LONG and dissapointing season.

cutler has been playing like this for years in denver...did anyone think that giving up 2 first rounders + a starting quarterback would keep from throwing picks? looked like a combination of rex grossman and jeff george. guy is all hype. good luck chicago you are going to need it with this guy running the ship.

New QB, inexperienced WR's, 3 new O-linemen. Why did people think it was going to go smoothly? This transition has never happened in the NFL before (young stud QB changes teams) and this team has neglected the WR position for too long.

Give it a few more games, before you start screaming about the sky falling. Honestly if you are giving up on him this fast you were clueless anyways.


Forcing balls into coverage? Throwing INTs at the most critical point in the game? Never leading a winning team in college or the NFL? Constantly placing blame on others and throwing his teammates under the bus? Um, how does a kid with that much physical talent to play QB end up at Vanderbilt? The Broncos had to win 1 game last year to win the AFCW, it was against Buffalo at Mile High, what did Cutler do?

Let's be totally honest: Cutler did not play well but neither did Mr Rodgers. The best QB in this division is still old grey beard Farve. Minnesota in a runaway with this division, Da Bears and Pukers play for distance second.

i still trust an believe in our QB!!!!!

It is not the Quarterbacks it's the offensive coordinator. Doesn't have a clue what to do with what he has

Welcome to the CBA world. (Chicago Brat with an Arm) You thought you wanted him, enjoy. You will relish his new found monikor when you see him play more. And yes, I'm real sorry about Eurlacker.

Two of those picks Cutler threw were the direct result of Mr. Ron Turner. The Packers have seen enough of Turner's inexplicable play calling to know any passes thrown at the goal line will go to either a tight end or wind up as a screen pass to the running back, and they jumped all over it. Not to mention he ran a slant route with a rookie who nearly had a TD running a fly route earlier in the game with 58 seconds and no timeouts left. I mean, he's like the Bears equivalent of Larry Rothschild: inept at his job, yet someone likes him, so he'll hang on to it.

Minus th 4 int Cutler was having a better game than Rodger except when Cutler was being pressure he turn the ball over while Rodger played it smart and took the sack,punt,or 3 and out.Cutler has to learn he doesnt have to win games in the first 3 quaters with this defense.
The oline played terrible also. The oline hasnt been able to run block since we lost Reuben Brown. Everbody though Cedric BEnson was garbage no our oline just cant run block. Every times forte runs it immediately someone in the back field and they get no push at the LOS.I think Chris williams need to move to the left side and let Kevin Shafter play Rt and Josh Beekman replace Roberto Garza. I hoestly believe Adrain Peterson couldnt run behind this line. O yeah and Orlando Pace needs to be cut we were better off with St. Clair

The Chicago fans and the Chicago media forced Jay Cutler to fail. Of course Jay Cutler could have beaten the Packers, but then the fans and media would have wanted to stake claim to his soul.

Bears fans can try to find light in all of this by blaming the play calling. But, unless I missed when Turner was in the game and playing qb, I am pretty sure Turner and play calling had NOTHING to do with where Jay decided to try and throw the ball. There is a reason Denver got rid of him and Chicago saw it very early in Jay's tenure in Chi!

I didn't read every line of every comment here. But I didn't see anyone mention this: Urlacher is out for the season. The linebacking core was supposed to be taking some of the pressure off of a pretty poor secondary, and helping the defensive line with the pass rush which was a weak spot last year.

Now the linebacking core is out two starters, with one future hall of fame linebacker for the rest of the season. In addition the offensive line looks like a bunch of aging square dancers out there, and Cutler panicked with all of the effectiveness of Rex Grossman.

I'm changing my pic for the season record from 10-6 to 6-10 after last night.

When does hockey start...

Cutler looked nervous and shaky in the first half. He calmed down in the second and was much more poised (as noted by Collinsworth). The pick on the 7 by Jolly was an amazing, albeit fluky play by a 300 pound lineman. The 4th INT was mostly Knox's fault. Also, the fact that the Bears burned all their timeouts (foolishly) put even more pressure on Cutler to go 60 yards in 1 minute with no timeouts.

What I think is amazing is that the Bears were -3 on turnovers against the number 4 offense last season in the NFL, and had a 2 point lead with 2 mins to go. The defense played a great game. If they can play like that all season, the Bears will make the playoffs. Tough 3 games to open, then the schedule softens signifcantly. Gotta go least 1-1 in the next 2 games to stay in it. Then 9-4 the rest of the way will be attainable when you play Cincinaitti, Clevalnd, Detroit twice, St. Louis, etc...

We should blame Cutler for the loss, but Nathan Vasher has been awful for a longer time. He is over-rated and not a starting corner back in the NFL. Watch what will to him happen when Holmes and Ward come to town!

Cutler's performance (especially in the first half) did leave a bad taste in my mouth however, with a QB with a "gunslinger" mentality, there will be bad and great times. For goodness sake, it was only one game with the outcome heightened due to the opponent and where the game was played. I am already happier he was in the game rather than Grossman. Look, there were far more pressing issues like the need for a group of Secondary personnel that can actualy cover receivers and dumb decision making with the fake punt. Are you kidding me? The O-Line needs to learn how to protect Cutler. What I did like was how the team composed themselves in the second half that is until the 4th pick! This loss was painful but theer are still 15 games at least to play. I for one will reserve my "kill the QB" feelings until the end of the season. I think that by the end of this season, we Bear fans will be singing a different tune.

you people are so lame!!! you all were so excited when the bears signed jay, and now he has 1 bad game youre talking sh*t!!! did any of you really watch the game? not all of jays mistakes were all on him. the WR's werent playing good at all last night. the line couldnt stop the blitz at all, which didnt give jay time to do anything. sure, jay is also to blame, but not all of it is his fault. oh yeah, ron turner does suck as O-coach, his play calling sucked ass!!! if he was worth a crap he would have made adjustments to get jay more time to throw. he didnt use forte enough either. it sucks about urlacher but im not to worried about that, the bears have enough linebackers to cover him and tino. instead of looking for linebackers to replace those guys they should look to replace the D-backs. they should go out and get pacman jones, chicago is pretty good at taming the beats, they done it with rodman. also they need to go get matt jones, we need someone with some expierance to catch the ball and run theyre routes the right way!!! so, for all you people who jumped on the jay cutler ban wagon, dont give up on him yet. IT WAS JUST 1 GAME!!! GO BEARS!!!

Fist of all, please don't compare Cutler's gunsling style of play with Farve. Cutler isn't even close, talent wise and he isn't a team player. Number 2, both teams played poorly but the Bears did get beat by a much better team, player wise and coaching wise...Wake up Chicago........

FIRE LOVIE!!!!!!!! Cutler is top 5 in the league, yesterday should be reason enough to fire Lovie and ALL his staff.

Come back in from the ledge people.

Cutler's second half numbers - 9 of 14 for 150 yards with 1 TD and 1 int give a rating of 94.3. Unfortunately, the hole that he dug for the team in the first half was too deep to get out of.

He had one brutal half and one pretty good one. Its up to him to perform and get the pressure off of himself. This game shows that he does not handle it well. The coaching staff will have to help him with that or he's liable to implode.

"This, too, will pass."

lovie smith is a good defensive coach but bad head coach. he manages games like a three year old. no or one time outs at end of games. ron turner is not as bad as he looks and not that good either
how many qbs would have given you a chance to win at the end of a game with 4 ints? cutler will get better but the wideouts angelo has
given him makes it hard. look at best the bears will be a wildcard team, more than likely they won't make the playoffs, if they do the wideouts will kill them in the first game. this is a year of learning for the wideouts whether they are good at the end of the year or not. good teams are going to take greg olsen away from cutler and make the other wideouts beat them. defenses will still load the box up cause they have no fear of these wideouts. the chicago bear fans are the best in football cause they put up with a ownership that has served it's time. they are still the worse ownership in football, they live off of papa bear's past. the bears may give us enough hope to fool us but in the end they are what they are. there are at least three head coaches who could make some kind of statement with this team and they will still be missing on our side lines in the future. nathan vasher has no business on this team and will continue to hurt us. the denfense played very good at times but must hold teams down at crunch time. the only chance this team has is if the football gods smiles on this organization.

Well, it will work this year or Mike Shanahan will be the Bears coach next year.

The D looked decent though. All hope is not lost after one road loss in Green Bay! And they might miss Urlacher a lot less than people think.

Wow.......I know you're writing for the Chicago Sun Times and you must show some allegiance to the local team but you are way off here. This wasn't an aberration. Look at his stats from last year. Look how many picks he threw in the redzone last year. Look how many of his 18 picks were when the Broncos HAD the lead. This was Cutler. Look at the replays. Throwing downfield across his body? That's just plain stupid. You can try to make excuse after excuse. He had all preseason to get to know his receivers and being that he's already been proclaimed a "Great" QB he should not be making this many horrible throws. You want to talk about "flukes" about the interceptions that were dropped. He's lucky he walked out of there with 4 INTS. It should have been an easy 6. There were 15 QBs who had higher ratings that Cutler last season. He cannot read defenses, throws into double coverage, doesn't like to check down. Watch the film. He had wide open receivers and he still threw into double coverage because the problem with Cutler is that he wants to make a BIG play every play. He is overrated. This is going to be a fun season listening to all of the excuses.

And this whole "It's ONE game thing"...let me remind you of something about ONE game. Three games left into the 2008 season and all Denver and the Great Cutler needed to do was win ONE game to make the playoffs. Cutler bombed in two of those games. HE can be blamed for Shanahan's firing and all of the turmoil that has happened since. So ONE game.....while it sounds good......ONE game DOES matter.

Kyle responds: Where does one get game film? Considering this was a career-high in interceptions, I'm standing my very non-controversial stance that this won't happen every week.

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