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Jay Cutler is looking dapper on the cover of Michigan Avenue

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cutler-magazine-cover.jpgWhat a difference a comb makes.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler allowed a stylist to remove the bangs from his forehead all in the name of fashion. Apparently they liked what they saw, as he's the new cover boy for the luxury lifestyle mag Michigan Avenue.

This continues a great tradition of sports journalism and envelope-pushing photography for Michigan Avenue, which previously profiled AOL national sports columnist Jay Mariotti, dressing him up like a hip college professor in the process.

Cutler reveals to interviewer Susanna Negovan that he's single, has diabetes and won't be posing for any magazine covers ... after this one, of course (much to the dismay of the rest of the other players in the cut-throat luxury magazine subculture here).

The general consensus around the newsroom is that Cutler may be treading dangerously into Gordon Beckham territory in the coif department.

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Well remember the 85 Bears they were on every cover and every front page. You could not look at a paper or magazine without seeing them. Commercials are next and the sweet smell of VICTORY!!! Go Bears!! I believe!!

It (he) just keeps get BETTER!

Oh my... someone get me an oxygen tank!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should wear his hair like this more often! My jaw dropped. Looking sexy, Jay!!!!

It was great working with Jay. I had a nice time helping him get the style he deserves. Looking forward to our next shoot together. Go Bears!


My grandma always used to say that showing off the forehead makes a person look smarter. Seems to be true in Cutler's case!

I hope he sticks with this look. The emo bangs are atrocious.

I'm sure I am probably the only girl who will say this but I hate it. I like the way Jay looked before better. It was simple and cute

He looks hot either way.

Which look is this for Jay? Blue Steel, Ferrari or le tigre. Hahahahha, why do they have to do this to our QB. No Jay, no. I just lost respect for him, I am sure it will come back on game day, but don't let them turn you into Brady man, at least be like the Good Manning and do funny commercials.

Oh my God! Can't stop laughing. Eye liner? From not combing his hair in Denver to wearing eye liner in Chicago. What has the Windy City done to him?

Nice, very very nice. Yummy.

I completely agree with an anonymous comment made above. I am sure that some people enjoy the expensive suits and rolex watches and while he does look nice, I personally think he looks better in his uniform or a t-shirt and jeans. What a hottie. Seriously, I need to go get some air!!!!!

Bear down - Chicago Bears!!!!

J-Cut is Hot!

Super Shuffle II next!

He looks like one of the Baldwin brothers. Very nice pics!

This guy is no celebrity. That is for sure.

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