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It turns out that planting a fake bomb at a major league baseball stadium could land you in hot water

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tampa-bay-rays-bomb.jpgEveryone has a different definition of humor. That's what makes life so fun and explains the long run that "Two and a Half Men" has had on network television. But, sometimes one man's idea of a joke is another's idea of a very serious crime.

Especially when the gag in question involves planting a fake bomb in a stadium full of with people in it.

A Tampa Bay Rays employee was arrested before Wednesday's game with the Boston Red Sox and accused of planting what appeared to be a fake bomb at Tropicana Field, police said.

William L. Jordan, 38, was arrested on a charge of planting a hoax device. He is a mechanic with the team and built and hid the device as part of a "practical joke," the St. Petersburg Police Department said.

St. Petersburg police: Tampa Bay Rays employee planted fake bomb at Tropicana Field    (Tampa Bay)

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