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Green Bay Packers DIY saves Favre jersey from textile banishment

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brett-favre-aaron-rodgers.JPGIn about an hour, the Green Bay Packers will square off against the Bears in the season opener at Lambeau Field.

Today has already been a confusing emotional day for Packer backers, with former hero Brett Favre leading the hated Minnesota Vikings to an easy road win in Cleveland in his first meaningful game wearing purple and gold.

For so many years, Favre's No. 4 has been a wardrobe requirement for all red-blooded males residing in Wisconsin, and some intrepid fans are finding a way to still get use out of it.

The solution, as it is so many times, is duct tape.

Here are some tailgaters tossing the pigskin around, letting the world know that their allegiance now lies with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Apparently, the guy didn't have the resources or time to spell out his new guy's last name.

Maybe next time.

This, of course, is a far more eco-friendly solution than some Broncos fans employed when Jay Cutler fled to the Windy City. 

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