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If you're a big Kurt Cobain fan, you probably won't like this post

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We're not going to let Kurt Cobain rest in peace.

First, there was the super creepy mash-up featuring the flannel enthusiast interspersed with Rick Astley. Now, we stumble on this footage of the former Nirvana frontman's likeness really belting out Bon Jovi's bar classic "You Give Love a Bad Name" along with songs by Bush, Megadeth and Public Enemy.

Here's the deal. Cobain's persona has been licensed as a video game character in "Guitar Hero 5." You can apparently unlock him in the career mode and sully his reputation by making him play guitar right-handed, sing Bush's always confusing lyrics and emulate Flavor Flav.

The somewhat gut-turning visual evidence:

Unlocked Kurt Cobain Sings Bon Jovi In Guitar Hero 5     (Sterogum)

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Wrong....Just wrong.

NO! This is an utter disgrace....
Why can't people just....

Someone should shot the bitch Courtney Love in the face for this. She has been pimping Kurt's good name for decades, but this just goes too far.

i hope kurt's soul comes down and gets revenge on those jackasses at activision

Oh my gosh. I am sick. Why?

why don't they just use Bon Jovi for a Bon Jovi song?

im literally sick man like physically sick..............

uhm, not cool.

This has just disgusted Activision and courtnet love (whos probably responsible for this has no right)We cannot let this happen at all

Why would you do that...?
You people are so retarded...
guitarhero metallica was awsome now you go throw everthing away with this...

That bitch will one day get hers for EVERYTHING she has done and I eill be in the front line to watch it -can't wait

That bitch will one day get hers for EVERYTHING she has done and I eill be in the front line to watch it -can't wait

this is a disgrace..........courtney should hav nt done this.....this sukks.....

Now this is so Fn messd up!! why the hell will do such an awefull thing!!!... this makes me so sick... pyhsically, mentally and emotionally.... some should shoot that Fn whore courtney right in the fukn face!!... this is so wrong!!

I can't believe this this not right. This isn't what Kurt Cobain stood for but courtney love doesn't give a dam. So sick to my stomach.

who cares? they did it with jimi hendrix and noone made a fuss?

What a Disgrace! Kurt wouldn't have allowed this. He hated the fame, the attention. Courtney has milked his name for every penny she can get. I wanna say that she's up there with Yoko Ono, but Yoko doesn't exploit John's memory. Courtney had Kurt Killed, he didn't commit suicide, Watch Nick Broomfileds "Kurt and Courtney." At the end Nick doesn't believe the Conspiracy, but I still did and do. Too much unknown for it to be open and shut.

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