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Erin Andrews chats with Oprah about the peephole video

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Thumbnail image for erin-andrews.jpgErin Andrews, America's most visible sideline reporter, was on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" yesterday to dish about her feelings in the wake of the now-famous peephole video of her that was passed around the Internet this summer.

In a 10-minute segment, taped on Aug. 27, she described her reaction to finding out she'd been a victim of a peeping tom.

"I kept screaming: 'I'm done. My career is over. I'm done. Get it off. Get it off the Internet,"' said Andrews, her eyes watering as she remembered talking to her father. "They thought I was physically injured, (that's) how bad I was screaming."
Andrews has since returned to work and her lawyer says she is planning lawsuits against whomever shot the video, as well as anyone who posts it.

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Well she is beautiful so i can see why temtation led this perv to do what he did, neverless he violated her priavcy and thats like rape. I hope they throw the book at him so in future any peeing tom perv will think twice before he try this again. stay beautiful Miss andrews.

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