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Curt Schilling run for Senate? Not a bloody chance

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curt-schilling-bloody-sock.jpgFormer Red Sox pitcher and speaking-his-mind enthusiast Curt Schilling has decided that he won't run for the Senate seat vacated by Massachusetts' Ted Kennedy.

Appearing on an Artie Lange-less "Joe Buck Live" on HBO last night, Schilling put an end to speculation that he'd dip his toe into political waters.

"Regardless of the amount of support and outreach that's been given to me, it just did not make sense," he said.
You'll remember that earlier this month, Schilling had taken to his blog to talk about his aspirations to hold public office. Of course at that time, he did say it was a very slim possibility.

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1 Comment

It's just as well, when he was here in Philly he was known for making statements that would blow up in his face.

Even Coakley would have defeated Schilling, even though she never heard of him!

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