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Cubs 7th Inning Stretch Jumps the Shark with Richard Dreyfuss

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The Cubs "7th inning stretch"  officially jumped the shark last night.

Ironically, it took Richard Dreyfuss--he of "Jaws" fame--to send it overboard.

The guy admitted he had not watched a game since 1988. He had no idea Bill Murray was a Cubs fan. And, he rambled on about how screwed up our country is. Just what we want to hear while watching America's Pastime.

If you missed it, here's some of the  transcript:

Cubs play-by-play announcer Len Kasper: Welcome to Wrigley Field.
Richard Dreyfuss: Great to be here, but I've got gum on my shoe.
Kasper: Oh, really.
Dreyfuss: That's a gum joke.
Kasper: How many times have you been to Wrigley.
Dreyfuss: This is the first time.
Kasper: And your thoughts?
Dreyfuss: It's like being in the Second City.
Kasper: Because that's where we are.
Dreyfuss: And everyone is dressed better than me. Which is really...that's a tough one.
Cubs color commentator Bob Brenly: The good thing about Wrigley Field is we don't have a dress code here. Come as you are.
Dreyfus [giggling]: I don't have a thought code.
Kasper: You're from Brooklyn, right.
Dreyfuss: Yeah, I'm from Brooklyn. I was  there when the Brooklyn Dodgers were there and then they went to L.A. and they followed us out.
Kasper: So,  your earliest baseball memory would be?
Dreyfuss: Sitting behind a big pillar and not being able to see anything. [actually, a pretty good line; but then]
Kasper: You can do that here, actually. [a great line]
Dreyfuss: I was wondering if that was déjà vu or just my meds.
Kasper: Well, you brought up the meds.  One of m favorite movies, "What about Bob."  A big Cubs fan Bill Murray played Bob in the movie and you were Dr. Leo Marvin.
Dreyfuss: [and I'm pretty sure he wasn't kidding]: Is Bill Murray a big Cubs fan?
Kasper: Oh, he's one of the biggest Cubs fans in the world.
Dreyfuss: Now, I think you [Cubdom] would do a lot better if you got rid of Bill Murray. [Another decent line]

Here's where it went really south.

Kasper: I know that you would like civics to be more of a focus.
Dreyfuss: Yeah, to say the least. I think that um, you wouldn't get on an airplane and hear the uh, a voice on the loud speaker say, we're going to take our pilot from mid... from economy class. And that's what we do with running the country. Running the country is the most complex thing in the world and we treat it as if it's nothing. And that's why we are the first generation to have failed in the oldest principal of our nation, which is our future is more important than the past. We've let down our kids completely. They not only don't know what due process is, they don't know how to balance a checkbook or hammer a nail and, uh, they act as if, we act as if the 21st century is going to be a cakewalk and it ain't. And we all know it.

A pitching change. Thank God!

Dreyfuss rambled on saying such things as "the last game I remember was Kirk Gibson in '88."

To which Kasper replied: "You were there."
Dreyfuss: No. I watched it on TV.
Kasper: THAT'S the last game you remember?

As the inning dragged on, Kasper stopped asking questions of Dreyfuss and tried to focus on play-by-play. I found myself starting to feel sorry for him, especially when several foul balls prolonged the agony.

So, Dreyfuss decided to interview himself.

Dreyfuss: If you had asked me, I would have [played center field]. Absolutely. Better than Manny Rodriguez.

[Loud, hearty laughter from Kasper and Brenly]
Kasper: Who's Manny Rodriguez?

Kasper: Were you referring to Manny Ramirez.
Dreyfuss: Oh, Ramirez. Yes, Ramirez. Was I ethnically incorrect, there.

More foul balls.

Kasper: How long are you in town?
Dreyfuss: Three, four days for a film festival.
Kasper: Are you in them? I hope you are.

Strike three.

Kasper: Richard Dreyfuss, thank you very much.
Dreyfuss: Thank you...and I hope you guys win...and ...[he continues to ramble on as the director wisely cuts to the commercial]

Enough, already.

When they came back from commercial, Kasper and Brenly breathed a sigh a relief.
Then Kasper said: "That was interesting."

Len, Bob...we feel for you.

Please, Cubs, bring out the hook for the 7th inning stretch. It's time to kill the shark.

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I understand that in the past Dreyfus has talked about his bipolar disorder.Those exerpts kinda sounded that way.He definitely appeard ill at ease and nervous and in need of a script were his best performances germinated from. Improve isn't easy for everyone.

You could not be more correct. I found myself watching last night's trainwreck through my fingers. It was the most painful thing I've ever seen during the stretch. Hopefully, they will wake up and realize that this is a TIRED, TRITE, STEAMING PILE of 'tradition'. It's bad enough when you get people who have no connection to chicago up there plugging whatever project they are currently hawking, but when you get people who have admittedly NEVER BEEN TO WRIGLEY field (or stadium a la Jeff Gordon)or even seen a baseball game (Canadian singer Deborah Cox, it's time to call it a day.
Please My Ricketts, make this the FIRST ORDER of BUSINESS.
END THE 'CELEBRITY' 7th Inning Stretch

Just because they have a celebrity sing take me out to the ballgame, why does that have to include a half inning interview? Do away with the interviews, and as far as how well the celebrity does the song, if they do it well, show it on replay, and if they sing like Ozzie Osbourne, just don't show it. Problem solved.

But he's Richard Dreyfuss! He was in JAWS!

He always makes me think of the SNL spoof of Star Wars auditions:

"Dreyfuss" as C3PO at the -1:21 mark.

I love Richard Dreyfuss as an actor but his appearance was depressing. At least he didn't get on his far left wing soapbox. How can you have someone singing for the seventh inning stretch who does not watch baseball or know anything about it? I have always thought the Cubs need to get rid of the "guest" conductors and play a recording of Harry Carey singing the song. This parade of people who are not baseball fans and/or cannot sing worth a damn is ridiculous.

Harry Carey, Mariah Carey, who cares. The Cubs are done in 09. Richard Dreyfuss or Richard Kimball, who cares. This dude was done after Jaws. Hasn't done anything of note recently. Why not get Rafer Weigel in there to sing take me out to the ballgame. That would really give us something to BOO about.

Did anyone listen to the radio broadcast? Usually Santo interviews in the top of the inning. That would have been priceless.

The Seventh Inning Stretch jumped the shark a long, long time ago. Many Cubs fans have been begging for the madness to stop for a few seasons now. NO MORE CELEBRITIES - unless they are avowed, bona fide, card-carrying Cubs fans and understand and appreciate the game of baseball. Former Cubs players and members of the organization could also do it. Maybe occasionally let community members (local sports teams, etc.) do it. Otherwise, just give the job to Ron Santo.

I listened on the radio. Thankfully, it was a very short 1/2 inning so there wasn't much time. On the noon show today, Ron said it was "weird" but he still likes the guest singers - as long as they are selected carefully.

Saying it's time to get rid of the guest 7th Inning Stretch conductor (and interview) is like saying America should take away peoples' guns. Just because there are a few bad apples, does that really mean it should be spoiled for all the people who are good and fun in the booth? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess ya never know who's gonna be a kook but often, like today with Dennis Miller, there are GREAT guests who do a good job. Keep it a tradition!

The interviews are unfair to Len and Bob and to the celebrities both. Len and Bob are there to talk baseball, and they do a great job of it. Why should they have to go off topic with every random knucklehead that sings the 7th inning stretch? And there are a lot of celebrities that aren't baseball fans, and that's OK. I'm tired of hearing everyone having to falsely suck up to wrigley and chicago etc. when you know they really don't give a s**t. It's not a variety show, it's a baseball game. Do away with the interviews.

By Rodrigo Mendoza
Harry Carey, Mariah Carey, who cares. The Cubs are done in 09. Richard Dreyfuss or Richard Kimball, who cares. This dude was done after Jaws. Hasn't done anything of note recently. Why not get Rafer Weigel in there to sing take me out to the ballgame. That would really give us something to BOO about.

Mostly agree except Mr. Holland's opus (sp?) was a great flick and he did a good job.

They need to keep the 7th inning thing going, if they brought real baseball people in then the interview might be about how horrendous the Cubs are. This was the celebrity has no idea.

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