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Cooking with the Bears: Cutler, defense late and a pinch of missed field goals

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devin-hester-jay-cutler-bears.JPGWe heard about it.

We heard how Jay Cutler was going to make Bears fans re-think how the game of football is played.

Three games in, that's not exactly what's happened -- but that's okay.

A more accurate synopsis is that this Bears team is winning not by completely abandoning the long-held staples of the franchise -- defense and making fewer mistakes than the opponent -- but by jumping on the back of their new-found gunslinger when it matters most.

Today, the Bears won their second straight game on the strength of a fourth-quarter comeback, capped by Cutler's 36-yard touchdown pass to Devin Hester in the face of a Seahawks blitz.

Maybe Kyle Orton makes that throw most of the time. Maybe Rex Grossman makes that throw half of the time.

But, if Cutler is the guy charged with changing the face of Bears football, he's the guy who has to make that throw every time.

That's what he needs to bring to a team whose recipe for success is a lot closer to the traditional one fans have grown to know than a new-fangled dish that's brand new to the palette.

The defense stiffened up after spotting the Seahawks a 13-0 lead, and rookie wide receiver Johnny Knox added to his rising rock star status by hauling in a touchdown reception and turning in fearless kick returns, setting up the offense with good field position.

Then, they added their secret ingredient: some sort of mystic hex on the opposing kicker. And for the second straight week the two missed field goals came back to be the difference in the ballgame.

It wasn't as aesthetically pleasing as one might hope. Then again, it was much easier on the eyes than those sea-green Arena League uniforms the Seahawks sported.

So, Bears fans: Can Cutler and the gang use this recipe to reach the postseason, or are significant improvements needed? At 2-1, the Bears have a chance to keep rolling next Sunday against the Detroit Lions. It could be the perfect time for the offense to break out and eliminate the necessity of another nail-biting finish.

Or maybe just another chance to stick to the 2009 script.

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1 Comment

Not exactly what I was looking for in this game. I knew that Green Bay and Pittsburgh were going to present some challenges for this team, and they did. But a mediocre Seattle team missing 8 starters including QB, both LT's, CB, MLB, OLB? Seriously, we should have rolled against this team. Lovie's cover nobody defense completely negated the wonderful game by of defensive line. If Hasselbeck had started, we may have had 6 or 7 sacks in this game. But if you continue to play a zone that any receiver, quarterback or tight end can make a play at anytime, we will fail more than succeed. I wish I was an offensive coordinator against the Bears, I would slant, deep out, post and drag route this team to death. Then after putting 40 or so up on the board, I would run zone blocking running plays and let my RB use the gaping cutback lanes to run out the clock and maybe put 20 or more on the board. And thats just the defense. Now Ron Turner will not get a passing grade from me until he proves he can call a complete game. I dont want to see anymore 0 routes when they are playing man press coverage or running the ball every single 2nd down of the game. When we throw down field, we make plays! Simple as that. Until we can establish that, we are NOT going to be able to run effectively. And whats wrong with Josh Beekman? Does anyone else think that he would be a tremendous upgrade over Frank Omiyale? Did anyone else see the off tackle run to the right side and Forte 5 yards in front of the pulling guard? His man made every play in the backfield for the 3rd consecutive week. This has to stop!

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