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Charlie Weis billboard suggests Notre Dame coach has room for improvement

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(Photo from South Bend Tribune)

Update: is reporting Tom Reynolds, a former Notre Dame linebacker, is  the man behind the billboard.

Some clever Notre Dame fan(s) have found a clever way to remind their coach that he has yet to live up to the stringent standards Fighting Irish everywhere.

"Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the 5th year of his college coaching internship," the billboard reads.

So who's behind this clever public display of animosity? Seems no one knows for sure.

The billboard is located above the Linebacker Inn, and the credit goes to the "Linebacker Alumni."

But the bar's not taking credit. The general manager of the bar told the South Bend Tribune that he had nothing to do with it.

For his part, Weis said he hasn't seen it. He did, however, offer this veiled plea for sympathy: "Welcome to my world."

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hey tom reynold's u r a bitter old jerk. the season hasnt even started n ur gonna b negative on the team. way to mess with a bunch of kids minds as they prepare for the 1st game. ur a such a self-serving asshole. i hope ur pic is published all over, n next time u go to ur alma mater u r so tormented that u can never come back. notre dame is no longer ur mother, please stay away.
---proud alumni

Hey, Sean: You'd be stunned if you knew the names of the guys -- all former players -- who agree with Reynolds on this one. As for being tormented, let me just say this is a guy you do not want to mess with.
Don't be one of those grads who sucks his thumb and thinks ND can do no wrong. Weis is rather a putz and everyone knows it. Loosen up.

Signed, Semi-Old Domer

Sean, if the team goes 3-9 this year, Weis is getting a one-way ticket out of town. That much is clear nation-wide!

Just wondering why someone who is such a "proud alumni" would brag about that fact, when his spelling and grammar are so atrocious. You actually graduated from there and can't type a full word or sentence? And to stoop to name calling? Pretty sad if this is what Notre Dame has to be so proud of.

Curious is exactly correct. One is an alumnus, not an alumni. I wonder what standards were used when Sean was accepted. John, class of 1969

Yes but... He knows Tom Brady and Bill Belichek!! Belichek even let him call some plays during training camp!! Doesn't that count for SOMETHING?!?!?!?!

You sports people are so sensitive

Hey Tom Reynolds, you're new legacy: an embarrassment to Notre Dame. When ND has a great season, despite your attempt to sabotage it, please go away and never come back.


University of Notre Dame Alumni

Curious..... may want to slow down and remember not to end your sentence with a preposition. From the area and the Charlie fans seem to be on the decline.

Wow Sean (proud alumni). Your witty banter and repartee exemplifies the obviously outstanding education you received from ND. Let's face it, the real story isn't this billboard (kind of funny) it's that a "Proud Alumni" of ND is unable to form a complete sentence using anything that even remotely resembles the English language (pathetic and REALLY funny). Well done Irish!

Being that every sentence you posted contains one or more errors, I doubt the validity of your judgmental assertions regarding Mr. Reynolds's prowess with the English language.

As for Tom's billboard, I think it's a fine example American freedom of speech. Opinions are not fact, and to argue them is moot.

I agree that it's pretty lame to do this on game week, but here's proof that Weis has done less with more than any other college coach in the country. Go Blue!

No athlete would hurt their program this bad by negatively hurting recruiting. Embarassed this guy went to Notre Dame. Joking aside, can someone buy out his contract with Burkhart? Guarantee you I am a more successful alumni than this guy and would be money well spent.

If Weis whiffs this year, he's gone and we replace but we have the 2010 recruits for four years in the system. Thomas Reynolds is not too smart a guy.

You folks sure get your panties in a bunch awful quick.

It is commonly accepted that Weis is in his last year at ND.

The only thing this guy Reynolds is guilty of is wasting his money.

The sign should read: "29-21" and be updated every week.
Weis 29-21
Willingham 21-15
Davie 35-25
Holtz 100-30-2
Faust 30-26-1
Devine 53–16–1

Let people decide for themselves. I think they'll come to your conclusion.

Why is it that when Tyrone Willingham started his third season, all we heard for the whole year was "Notre Dame coaches are expected to win a championship by their third season." And at the end of his disappointing 3rd season, he was fired.

Then Charlie Weis comes along...and no one in the media mentions that little requirement. Even though his 3rd season was the WORST IN NOTRE DAME HISTORY. They even lost to Navy for the first time since the Kennedy assassination.

He even got a contract extension based on his first-season record - which he got with Willingham's players.

Why, exactly, was Tyrone Willingham held to such a higher standard than Weis?

And lkirk - the "no terminal preposition" rule is Latin, not Germanic. You're free to put together stilted sentences that make one look like a douchebag, but it's better not to.

"Why, exactly, was Tyrone Willingham held to such a higher standard than Weis?"

We all know why.

Weis best season came with Willingham players, he alone lost the Michigan game and tried like hell to lose against Purdue. Why Michigan if he wouldve ran the ball the last drive ND would have ran the time out and won. Common sense it seems to lack wasnt for him ND will still be ranked today. Against Purdue your best receiver is hurt why was he throwing the ball and in shotgun at the goal line 4 plays all passes and lady luck was on ND side that time but for how long. Im ND biggest fan coming out of Texas and i say get Weis outta here he killing us with his dumb play selections.

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