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Yes, those giant tattoos on Brandon Inge's arms are real

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brandon-inge-tattoos.jpgDetroit Tigers third baseman and Web Gem enthusiast Brandon Inge sported a drastic new look last night when television cameras captured two enormous tattoos on his once-barren forearms during his at-bats.

While an online debate as to the authenticity of the ink (many believed they were fake) raged on, Tigers beat reporter Steve Kornacki went right to the source.

Inge had the under side of both forearms tattooed with the names of his young sons while the Tigers stayed in San Francisco over the weekend to play the Oakland A's.

He has Chase on his left arm, and Tyler on his right arm.

"This guy does tattoos for a lot of major league players and drew them up for me the last time we were in town," Inge said. "He said to sit on it and think about it, and I just loved it the more I looked at it. It's a real unique cursive style.

"My wife loves it, and it's for my two boys. I'm very happy about it. The stereotype about tattoos drives me nuts, but don't judge me by this. These are very special to me."

Pretty heavy work to have done in a 27-hour span between ball games, but then again, Inge suffered through 119 losses in 2003. After that, everything else is a cakewalk.

*Nice work on the screen-grab by Detroit4Lfye. 

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No biggie. I have Kirk Cousins' name tatted on my scroat.

I would think that the weight of all that ink would slow down his bat speed even more...if that were possible.

You probably should have cited the person you got that photo from

I do not like his tattoos. Also, he is not such a good player, so we will not have to see them for very long.

I don't judge people personally for their tattoos, many different kinds of personalities have them... but they all look like crap, especially yours, Inge. Unbelievable you would want something so ugly and tacky...

It is amazing that some people would look down on someone for tats. I love the idea he went with. Now he can say is sons are helping him swing the bat. Ugly and tacky, nah its personal art, well i guess opinions are like bung holes, everyone has one.

Brandon Inge is a Golden Glove third baseman. Let's see y'all do that. I would laugh at how inept you were!! He could play circles around you clowns, any day!!

He's definitely not a Gold Glove MBL third baseman, but does look like he's ready for a Golden Gloves boxing match down there. He's a minor league talent and his tats are fugly and stupid, but I hear he's a decent guy. At least he'll be able to afford plenty of long-sleeve shirts.

What kind of font are his tattoos in???

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