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Video: There's a movement afoot, and it calls for Denver Broncos fans to burn their Jay Cutler jerseys

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As excited as Bears fans are to have Jay Cutler under center, a select group of Denver Bronco backers don't seem to be doing so well in the aftermath of his departure.

One 10-year-old in particular has channeled his displeasure -- and proven summer vacation probably needs to end soon -- by starting a campaign to burn all of Cutler's now outdated Broncos jerseys.

Through the magic of YouTube we get to see the youngster torch his once-cherished Cutler shirt and give a speech about the Santa Claus, Ind. native being a whiny, selfish so-and-so. Methinks dad may have given him some help with this little diatribe.

It's important to note that this preteen's fiery hatred is not just for the Bears new captain, but extends to yet another NFL quarterback. Bright orange prose and the use of the Royal We informs us that he hates San Diego Chargers' Phillip Rivers even more.


Even more amusing is the off-camera clincher from the videographer who states, "So much for non-passionate fans."

OK, let's think about this. At some point, someone used their hard-earned money to buy this jersey for the kid. He probably wore it proudly to school and pretended he was Cutler in the backyard. Now, all of those happy memories are up in flames -- and all due to a lack of understanding of the multibillion dollar business that is the NFL.

Perhaps I'm being too critical. Perhaps there are some skeletons in my own closet. They may be in the form of a Juan Gonzalez Detroit Tigers shirt. Maybe the kid is an innovator.

Or maybe it's really time for school to start back up.

Let's just hope he doesn't get too attached to any Kyle Orton jersey that may be in his future.

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