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Video: Brett Favre delivers a nasty block on Texans' Eugene Wilson

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Before Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre's return to "Monday Night Football," we heard that he believed he had a cracked rib and that taking a deep breath brought on a feeling of discomfort.

Apparently, this condition didn't stop him from delivering a pretty nasty crackback block on Texans' safety Eugene Wilson -- a penalty-inducing move that left Wilson clutching his leg after the play and the crowd booing.

The broadcast team, speaking for many fans who don't want to see players sustain senseless career-ending injuries in preseason games, chastised Favre for the move.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen said on his Twitter that the veteran's block out the Wildcat formation made all NFL quarterbacks split out in formation targets for abuse.

You guys fired up about the guy who didn't want to go through training camp toying with the career's of others, or was this penalty blown out of proportion?

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I've been saying it for the last 15 years and finally football fans are starting to realize it: B. Favre is trash.

Linda S.

I bet Urlacher wouldn't call him a p###y!

This is definately out of proportion, but what does ESPN cover that isn't? It was a dick move, no one condones it, but if Brett says it wasn't his intention to hit him that way, then I believe the guy. It's not like he practices making that block even if he was in training camp, so I could see him screwing that up during the high speed of an NFL game. Favre looked good, whatever the media and bears fans have to say or point out to make themselves forget that aspect of last nights game then so be it, but he looked a lot better than any QB the vikes have had in years.

I don't care what Brett says his intention was! If some DB or lineman went and did that to him on an interception or fumble runback, what would the public's response have been? I'm pretty sure all Favre and Vikings fans would be calling for a suspension and fine. This was a dirty play that deserves more attention. Now we all can see what kind of a man Brett is!

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