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'Shaq Vs.' gives LA writer a chance to dis Pat Tomasulo, Charissa Thompson -- not cool, LA writer. not cool

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So the LA Times -- in all of their sybaritic LA wisdom -- doesn't know who Pat Tomasulo is. That's all I remember from their entirely shoddy and unapologetically Southern Californian review of the brilliantly conceived and well-executed ABC show "Shaq Vs." Sure, there were a handful other words that populated Diane Pucin's review, but I've forgotten them because of the following sentence:

"Oh and what's up with the so-called (no-name) announcers and the low-rent version of Erin Andrews as sideline reporter? Bad, bad idea. Need more Shaq, fewer no names."

The accused no-name announcers include one Pat Tomasulo, while the sideline reporter in question is none other than inimitable Charissa Thompson.

Apparently, because we live in one of those pesky fly-over states where I and my fellow Midwesterners tend not to use our highways as parking lots, Ms. Pucin doesn't think we count. And because we don't count, she apparently doesn't bother to watch Tomasulo in his regular gig on WGN or Thompson on Fox Sports Net and the Big Ten Network.

I can almost understand not watching Thompson, but that no-name you mention happens to be among your Tribune Company brethren!

If Ms. Pucin lowered her skyward-pointing nose long enough to notice the force of media nature that is Pat Tomasulo, she'd understand that he does for Chicagoans what Bob Hope did for warring American troops -- without a golf club or all those pesky one-liners. One might say that Tomasulo is a man of the people, but it would be an unfair assessment as it insinuates he's mortal, a "man" of flesh and blood like the rest of us.

Not true, Ms. Pucin. Simply not true.

Tomasulo -- who recently charmed America's face off while filling in for Regis on 'Regis and Kelly Live' -- is now pulling double duty as an announcer in "Shaq Vs." (He's pulling double duty, Ms. Pucin ... are you pulling double duty? Or is the LA Times where you draw the line?) Pat Tomasulo proves once again that he's more than just a local sports hero/reporter. He's now a local sports hero/reporter who has been tapped for 2 national television shows -- one featuring the most dominant center in recent NBA history and the other featuring the most dominant Ripa in recent WGN history.

Ms. Pucin, Pat Tomasulo is better than you, better than me and better than everyone who isn't the president or my parents.

And what kind of authority on sports journalism are you, LA Times, if you don't know who Charissa Thompson is? Though you call her a "low-rent version of Erin Andrews" in your charming turn of a cliche phrase, Ms. Pucin, there's no doubt in my mind that you'd trade salaries with Ms. Thompson faster than you could order one of your fancy LA coffee drinks that we've never even heard of yet and probably can't pronounce because we're simple midwesterners with gaps in our teeth and functioning public transportation.

We don't need "more Shaq, fewer no names" in "Shaq Vs." We need more Charissas and Pats -- and fewer Diane Pucins in the sports journalism landscape.

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It's people like Diane Pucins who make LA a vapid and irrelevant place to those of us in middle America.

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