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Shane Victorino gets unwelcome shower from fan at Wrigley

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(Tom Cruze/Sun-Times)

During the fifth inning of Wednesday night's Cubs-Phillies game, one Wrigley Field bleacher dweller took out his frustration with the Cubs' poor performance on Shane Victorino.

With the bases loaded, Jake Fox lofted a fly ball to the warning track. Just as the ball was about to fall in Victorino' glove, the contents of one fan's beverage was projected onto the center fielder's head. Victorino made the catch, and Sean Marshall tagged and scored on the play.

Sun-Times photographer Tom Cruze immortalized the moment -- for better or worse -- in the photo at the top of this post. 

Wrigley Field security moved in quickly to escort the fan from his seat, but upon further review, it's possible they targeted the wrong tosser. Deadspin has identified who they think are the beer thrower and the fall guy:


Questions remain, however, as to the real identity of the beer thrower. Chicago Police are investigating, but no arrests have been made. Associated Press has this photo of the fan who was carted away:


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Seriously? No comments? Weak cubs fans, weak.

Steve Bartman is the man.

Classic Cubs fans. Worst fans in all of baseball, probably of all sports. No respect for anyone, not even themselves, as evident by the real culprit blaming someone else.

Not a cubs fan, but pretty obvious they are not the worst in baseball. Ummm...Philly??

HAHAHA...the glorious downfall of the Cubs continues...perhaps the culprit is mad because his bad indie band couldn't score a gig at a lame bar playing for ten or twelve people tonight

Shane got his revenge. Cubs, loser team, bigger loser fans.

I hope the fan that threw the beer got arrested and the Cubs banned any from any future games. And is the Jon Gooselin behind the beer thrower.

This is why you got nothing but heartache after 101 years and deserve nothing else. Too bad they got the wrong guy; he needs to get his own golden shower in the Cook County slammer.

This is the kind of moment White Sox fans wait for. Suddenly they grow six inches taller and think it's their platform to rip Cubs fans. White Sox fans, grow up, get over it and enjoy the fact that our great city has two teams!

Gamboa is attack at a White Sox game, and now Cubs fans are dumping beers on players. Shane had the last laugh though. You stay classy Chicago.

What if the distraction made the ball hit Victorino in the head and he became seriously hurt!!! And no one had the B--lls to let security know who actuall did it. That fan needs his a-s kicked.

Thank you, Cubs fan(s), for giving the world a new target for biggest douchebag fans. We, Philadelphia, have wrongly taken the heat for far too long. It's time a real loser stepped up to the plate.

Is anyone else wierded out by the fact the guy in the green Miami Hurricanes shirt seems to be staring directly into the camera during the play...

why are all these cards fans ALWAYS commenting here? it's like THIS is an online newspaper for STL fans... there's a common denominator in the posts, but i have nothing nice to say so i'll keep it to myself.

These are the same idiots who throw garbage on their own field and piss all over their own stadium. The same stadium they claim to be so sacred.

This isn't the first time this has happened at Wrigley. And besides beer throwing, there's been attacks (fight with Dodgers' bullpen, fan running after Howry last year, racial fights with black players/management in recent years), the trash throwing, and one of the incidents at Sox park was from a self-admitted Cubs fan who was wasted at the Cubs game during the day

Throw in the baseball IQ (tonight I heard a ton of boos when their pitcher struck out at the plate), and you easily get the worst fans in baseball

I'm sure there will be many references to the Ligue family on Thursday.

All I can say is stop living in the past.

Oh, wait, that's what Cubbie fans have been saying to Sox Fans for a few years now!

While this guy may be a "Cubs Fan" it's dangerous to generalize about all of us. Some of us, you know, have enough self-respect to not throw a beer on an All-Star outfielder.

Besides, it's not like throwing beer is going to get us into first. This "fan" is an idiot.

Breau: You are absolutely right: you can't blame all fans of a team for the actions of a couple of morons. And I certainly hope that you and all Cubs fans remember that the next time somebody talks about what terrible people Phillies fans are because of the Santa snowball incident 40 years ago, or the two morons throwing batteries 15 years ago. This little beer throwing incident will be quickly forgotten, like so many other bottle throwing incidents and player-fan brawls, but people will continue to regurgitate those ancient Phillies fan slurs for decades to come. So I hope that when you hear that nonsense about Phillies fans, you will remember this incident, and will remind people that every team has a few fans who are morons.

Pretty sad that Cubs fans are fronted by these slobs. Embarrassing.


The guy that was escorted out by security may have not thrown the beer, BUT he didn't seem to have a problem with it when it happend.
Typical Cubs trash. Wrigley Field need to burn to the ground.

this happens alot. its not new......

someone needs to put some chlorine in the chicago gene pool...these are the butt ugliest fans i have ever seen

"Is anyone else wierded out by the fact the guy in the green Miami Hurricanes shirt seems to be staring directly into the camera during the play..."

i am now!

It's always a few idiots ruining it for everyone...

I'm just glad it didn't happen in Philadelphia.

I can just see the national media pouncing on those "classless, obnoxious Philly fans..."

The real problem is that the idiot fan who threw the beer probably has a better arm than 3/4 of the Cubs pitching staff

I think Cubs fans better watch their backs if they come to a Phillies game! Chicago sucks.

Philly fans the worst? Give me a break. Every game a sellout. Drive 90 miles north of Philly to find the worst fans in NYC. Empty seats, boos for home and away, batteries thrown at players and fans, not even close. Actually the worst fans in all of baseball or should I say nonexistent fans are those of Florida (soon to be the Miami) Marlins. Looks like Montreal, a few hundred fans at best with empty seats everywhere. And it'll be the same at their new park. Florida is for pre-season baseball, they'll never support a team in south Florida. Worst behaved fans? NY Worst fans in general? S Florida

that fan is the biggest jacka**, i would have loved to be there to kick his little skinny a**. you and the Cubs suck, Philly and the Phillies are level better than you.

Typical cubs fan. TYPICAL!!!!!!!CUBS!!!!!! FAN!!!!!!

I'm not going to sandbag all Cubs fans, you can see the Cubs fan next to the little punk looking at him like "dude, WTF? are you stupid?". Apparently, the guy next to the little punk decided to drink the beer they both got instead of acting like classless trash. Let's see if the Cubs are the fan-friendly team they sell themselves to be and prosecute that little scum to the fullest extent of the law. That punk should be banned for life too, make him an example. According to this photo, there apparently are witnesses.

This kid is a total tool. He had the brass to throw that beer but the second security comes down he quickly let's the fat guy take the fall. I would like to see this scrawny tool get his. I feel bad for the guy who took the fall. What a complete tool!! Who wears armbands to a game anyway? Was he planning on working up a sweat? What a chode!!

If Victorino loses sight of that ball because of the beer, and ends up with that ball smashing him in the eye and blinding him, we're talking about an All-Star centerfielder being lost forever because some punk thought it would be funny to put another person at risk of injury. This NEEDS to be dealt with. Make an example of this non-fan.

The clock is ticking on this knucklehead now that his picture is out there. I'd be shocked if he's not identified by noon today. I watched the game last night and knew right away they got the wrong guy. This little weasel did his under handed tossing of the beer cup and then sat down.

The clock is ticking on this knucklehead now that his picture is out there. If he's not identified by noon today I'd be shocked. I watched the game last night and knew right away they got the wrong guy. This little weasel did his underhanded beer cup toss and then sat down.

Jack...excellent point. Certainly this is an embarrassing moment for Cubs fans, but Sox fans, and probably Cards and Brewers fans too, are acting like this is the first time a projectile has been thrown from the crowd at a player in the history of sport.

Troglodyte Sox and Cards fans...if you've ever bothered to pick up a book you'd know that it's been happening steadily since the inception of baseball as an organized sport.

Oh, and Jason from Naples, Philly fans are accually the most knowlagable and pasionate fans in all of sports. So if that makes us the worst fans than I'll take it.

Oh, and Jason from Naples, Philly fans are actually the most knowledgeable and passionate fans in all of sports. So if that makes us the worst fans than I'll take it.

That one fan was a tool, you can't judge an entire fan base because of one fan. That's the worst part about being a Philly fan, a few people do dumb things at a Phillies,Eagles,Flyers game and immediately the entire fan base is horrible. Don't get me wrong Philly fans can be some overly passionate people, thats why i love being one though =)

Oh, and Jason from Naples, Philly fans are actually the most knowledgeable and passionate fans in all of sports. So if that makes us the worst fans than I'll take it.

Hey gocardsgo

Congrats on not letting facts get in the way of a story. The fan in the Dodger "fight" was absolved of all wrong doing and received settlements from the Cubs and others. You see, the fact is he did not do it, and the fight was instigated by the Dodger player who jumped the wall and entered the stands. Geez, I hate when facts get in here.

No problem, go back to shining your Arch.

Cubs should sign that guy up. Pretty accurate throw

typical cubs chump stuff.
typical idiotic midwest behavior.
typical loss for the team that will never get it together.

you city should be ashamed.

I love that couple in the 2nd row in the Miami Hurricanes green shirt and the dark-haired guy in the light blue shirt. It's good to see young love. That's what Cubs games are for!

Hey Cubs fans, this is why it's been so long since you have one a world series. You are always trying to get involved and help the team win. Here is a word of advice, let the players play, coaches coach, officials officiate, and spectators spectate. Might help you in the future.

I'm a die hard Cub fan nut I can't stand 99 % of Cub fans . They do not known what their talking about half the time . The beer throwing is just plain dumb and childish !!! You people ruin it for people like myself and others who are fans of the Cubs and baseball. Grow up and stay home and let people that enjoy a baseball game whether win or lose . Which is losing most the time !!!

Looser Fans....Looser Team....Looser ballpark....I can go on and on

you can clearly see it was the dude in the white shirt in the video. real classy bro. too bad MLB got you on video. hahaha

I am a long time Cards fan and I would have to stick up for most Cubs fans and say that most of them that I have run into are knowledgeable about the game and unlike the guy that threw the beer not douchebags. Every fan base is going to have a few of them and it just sucks when they get noticed on a national stage...sorry Philly you still hold the title for worst fans in my book.

I'm no detective, but can't the police ID who bought the ticket for that seat and take it from there? Even if it was bought on a secondary market like StubHub, it's still possible to track it to the guy himself, or at least to the goons who are around him.

Guess a trendy white v-neck tee, strategically placed wrist band, tilted cubs trucker hat, and designer sunglasses gave him the right to be a douche! Idiot!

The fan that did this is a tool.. Philly fans have been getting ripped on for being so bad all the time.. Its funny how this happens and then I turn on the MLB network, and they don't even mention it.. If this happened in Philly, they would have been all over it..

WOW, Philly fans are the worst ??
Just this year I've seen a Washington Caps fan throw a beer bottle and hit a Flyer in the head, a Montreal Habs fan dump a full beer on a Flyer who was in teh penalty box and now this. When is the national media going to chastize other cities for bad fans ?
This guy actually tried to disrupt play.

While watching the game last night it took but one replay for me to realize the Cubs security had the wrong in the world did the game go on and finish without one single person working for the Cubs or security NOT see they had the wrong guy and pick up the real beer thrower? That is inexcuseable.

Typical Cub Fan. They even pee in there own park, during a game.

All this handwringing by non-Cub fans is a a bit much. Get over it, who cares, it was a funny moment in an otherwise unwatchable game. It's beer. Please tell me how someone could getting beer thrown at them (Was Victorino taken out of the game?). And it's baseball, a frickin game. All these holier than thou, "not in our ballpark" fans need to get over themselves.

And don't generalize about Cub fans. This Cub fan, and many like me, have high baseball IQs. Yes we boo our own team when they perform like s**t. $130 million payroll and they're hanging around .500. Pathetic. They are not nor have been a good baseball team all season. The beer toss (impeccable timing by the way) was a nice moment in an embarassing performance by the home team.

If this was a phillies fan dumping beer on some crappy cubs player this guy would have written a 3000 word article on how philly has no class. but sinces its the other way around, we get an information piece and a "whooops"

the guy that deadspin had identified as the beer tosser is correct. the phillies broadcast team used instant replay and paused it to see that it was the guy in the white t-shirt and cubs hat. the security tossed the wrong guy at first and then removed everyone else in that row a few minutes later. this guy needs to be caught and have a few fly balls hit into the outfield and while he is trying to catch them, dump a few beers on his head to see if he gets hit by a ball.

just another idiot PROVING that the biggest moron loser fans are cubs fans.and the worst stadium security, wrigley field... im surprised there wasnt some blue haired old lady keeping watch over the bleachers..

Stuff happens. We don't blame cubs fans, just this moron. I've been to Wrigley and have always been treated well. (Phils fan from Philadelphia)

I am a die hard Cubs fan and I can say that this is not how we all are. I am disgusted by how classless/disrespectful one can be. Please don't judge us all by one moron. Go Cubs!

lets not forget those hillbillies on the south side...beatng up coaches...take it easy sox fans...we will never be as bad as you..EVER!!!

ban the beer from that section for a month....we'll see who throws what next....

we'll see what happens the next time the cubs come to philly...i'm sure philly will have the "worst fans" title back in no season is about to start.

Is that Rex Grossman?

i think that it was a great move...trying to help the cubs..this is a perfect example why we are the best fans...we care so much we wanna help..our baseball smarts are greater than every other teams...and all the jealous haters....take it easy! you all cant have a beautiful sold out park, with the hottest fans in baseball!!! thats why we're here!..peace out fag boyyyyyys!

This is another reason why the Cubs will suck for all of eternity. Their fans are retarded.

I watched the video a few times. They got the right guy. I think the funniest part of the video is the Phillies fan that goes beserk and starts chucking pices of his hot dog at the idiot as he is getting taken down.

Just cause there is one idiot in the bleachers doesn't mean we are the worst fans ever. I haven't seen a father son duo run on the field at wrigley and beat up the first base coach, sox fans!! I agree that this was a horrible moment for cub fans but come on. Every stadium and every game has a few people that are idiots and don't deserve to be at the game. I've traveled all over to watch games at different places, every team has some shitty fans. I hope this guy gets drug through the streets of wrigleyville, cause the true cub fans will run him through the mill if they get ahold of him.

I came up with 3 theories why that kid in a baby sized, white t-shirt threw that beer at Shane Victorino. a. He was upset at the worthless Cubs not putting up any offense on the board while the Phillies were have a joyful time smashing the ball. b. Someone behind him accidentally bumped into the little skinny dude with flaming excitement and his $8 dollar beer went flying out onto Victorino. c. He's pissed off because he has October 12, 1907 burned in the back of his head, last time the Cubs won the World Series, and he's afraid they won't win it again in his sad lifetime.

I am a close personal friend of the Fall guy and know that he respects the game of baseball way too much to ever throw beer on a player, even if it is the opposing team! His innocence will be proven as there is no way that he did it!

Bad team, worse security. You can get away with just about whatever you want in Wrigley. The "security" is inept and widely scattered.

Thank you to the guy who threw the beer for reminding me why I and the baseball gods hate the Cubs.

Back in the early 70s the Sox played the Cubs in a mid-season exhibition game. It was played at Comiskey park. I was just a kid and cheering for the Sox. A fat 30ish Cub fan, who most likely still lived at home (described most Cub fans there), threw a cup of beer on me. Real tough guy spilling beer on a kid.

Now whenever I see anyone wearing a Cubs cap I just beat him up. Since all Cubs fans cannot fight it is not much of a challenge. Eventually, I will beat up the right fat slob Cub fan mutant who is now in his late 60s and still living with his mom.

I think this is awesome..
Cubs fans stay loyal!!!

"lets not forget those hillbillies on the south side...beatng up coaches...take it easy sox fans...we will never be as bad as you..EVER!!!"

you mean the same guys that came from the cubs game directly before the inncident?

I've read through all of the posts and I can't help but laugh at the people attacking the Cubs fan base as if they're a different breed of species because they follow a different team. Then again, these are the same people that spend more time ragging on the other team than they do following their own. But come football season, we're all Bears fans so then Cub fans are okay. Give me a break!

Cub fans can be found anywhere in the country. They show up in droves to the ballparks of opposing teams. (I'll be there Sunday at Wrigley and in San Diego for a three game series on Monday.) And just like any fan base, we have our fair weather, we have our less knowledgeable (I call these the 2003 Era fans because that's when they started following the Cubs), and we also, just like every other team out there, have our idiots.

So don't be so quick to judge our fan base because of some drunken frat boy. Do you look at every girl in the Girls Gone Wild videos and ask about their sports team allegiance?

To the Philly fans, on the Cub fans behalf, we apologize for this moron. But please don't judge us all because of one incident. Philly is a great town (was there for 9-11) and so is Chicago.

October 14, 1908...opps. Thats the date.

I wonder why no one sticked up for the guy who was wrongly identified?

And for all the times Cubs fans called out Sox fans....makes you wonder...

Yes, classless people who dump beer on a player and spout their angry racism from the bleachers. To think there is a long waiting list for season tickets to the scrubs is more than mind blowing. Four games out and counting...What a great team. Isn't every year supposed to be your year?

While the Cub fan who threw the beer is obviously an idiot, I seem to remember that a few weeks ago in Philadelphia, one of their fans was pointing a laser in the eyes of Cardinal batters.

The guy in the white sucks... no doubt about it. However looking at the seems like he was telling the security guy it was him. But the security guy went straight for the fat guy. I'll be in the bleechers on Friday trying to represent real Cubs fans. Go Cubs!

How does this represent evrey Cubs Fan, or Team for that matter.. All of you Cubs haters can suck it!! One dumb fan does something stupid, and all you little Anti-Cubs Cowards come out and start talking all your smack. You guys make me laugh, ur all pathetic. Especially you White Sux fans! Go ahead, talk all ur trash, ur still only second best, even though ur 05 Chumps, guess what NO ONE CARES!! deal with it. Im a Cubs fan, and they guy is a DumF*ck for doing that, but dont take it out on the team or the rest of the fans.

Ha ha ha ha. That was hilarious. I'm so happy he got away. Still doesn't rival the Ligues attacking the first base coach at Comiskey.

Go Cubs!!

To "Anonymous" poster calling south-siders hillbillies- this has nothing to do with White Sox fans in any way, shape or form. One dumb A*S Cub fan made an idiot out of himself and embarrassed the whole Cubs organization last night. Quit hiding behind an anonymous screen name if you wanna call out Sox fans for no other reason than the fact that you're embarrased to be a Cub fan today.

KMAC: There are no assigned seats in the bleachers so you can't trace the tickets...good detective work though!

I'm a Cubs season ticket holder and can't stand the bleachers...real Cubs fans are found in the rest of the stadium where it's not just about the party. Unfortunately the bleachers are all the focus.

Hopefully they ban the guy for room for that anywhere in any sport.

The guy who threw the beer is a clown, and then to have the other guy take the rap for you're pathetic! I'm a Whitesox fan, but I'm a baseball fan 1st, and it just makes me sick that someone would disgrace the game like that. He should be banned from ALL Chicago sporting events! What a jerk!

Philly has the most murders in the nation but you have the best fans? Aren't those people included? Didn't three guys just beat some young innocent kid to death of a spilt beer? Def worse city in the nation. The only good thing to ever come out of Philly is the US Marine Corps and that was in 1775. The Phillies won the World Series and now all of a sudden they sell out. Just like their fans will do when they (all teams) get beat....sell out!!

Hey Cubs Fans, just like the White Sox marked the left field wall with "The Catch" the day after DeWayne Wise's catch to save Buerhle's Perfect Game, you clowns should make the spot with "The Beer" of this guys toss. And thats the lobotomy line on sports.

Did they find the guy yet?

Hey Cubs Fans, just like the White Sox marked "The Catch" at the spot on the left field wall at The Cell the day after DeWayne Wise's snag to save Mark Buerhle's Perfect Game, you clowns should mark "The Beer" for this stunt up at that sty called Wrigley Field. And thats the lobotomy line on sports.

Actually, that was quite a beer spill by this guy. It took an amazing amount of accuracy and timing. Watch the slo mo video posted somewhere. This guy is about 4 guys down from where Victorino is, who is even with Fall Guy. He throws the beer down to his left and times it so that it hits exactly when the catch is made. Its quite remarkable, even more so if he was drunk. That is a sideways beer toss that goes about 20-30 feet. Incredible vision, timing and dexterity to pull that off.

maybe the Cubs need to sign him up to play. He's got a better arm than half of the Cubs OF.

Sorry for Partying

To all you Cubs Fans that keep calling out the White Sox fans for ripping on you for this...You are showing why we rip on you, because you don't pay attention to the game or anything else. Almost every comment made bad about this has come from fans of teams other than the Sox!! Stop ripping on the Sox when one of you do something ignorant.

PS - You do know your opinions don't really matter until you win a world series right? We dont even need to argue with you anymore, although it is fun to win that argument everytime. :)

Jeff posted this at 8:53 AM:

"Hey Cubs fans, this is why it's been so long since you have one a world series."

Where did you go to school, or DID you go to school, Jeff? It's spelled WON, not ONE, you moron.

You must be a Cubs fan yourself because you're so stupid.

First that is not the typical Cubs fan, just the typical fan that people see on TV. Second, I am offend as a real fan that is idiot did that and finally...
At least it wasn't batteries and snowballs!!! Philly has no room to talk, didn't your fans KILL someone outside Citizens Park less than a month ago?


What a waste of beer!

First that is not the typical Cubs fan, just the typical fan that people see on TV. Second, I am offend as a real fan that this idiot did that and finally...
At least it wasn't batteries and snowballs!!! Philly has no room to talk, didn't your fans KILL someone outside Citizens Park less than a month ago?


So, why is it that we can get photos of the thrower "in question", and not a photo of the thrower "in the act of throwing"? These all seem to be stills from the ESPN telecast, so why not get a still of the actual "beer throwing motion" taking place? Then go after the guy for giving bleacher bums a bad rap. And sure, whoever threw the beer is an idiot, as much so for wasting a beer as well as interfering with the game on the field, but to have White Sox fans start spouting off about class? Please. At least the guy dumped a beer on the opposing team's player, not his own. Hello? 1959? World Series? Comiskey Park? Game 2? White Sox OF Al Smith goes back and as he watches a Dodger home run sail over his head he gets a beer dumped on him by one of his own fans...don't get a s***-eating grin just yet Sox fans...after all, I seem to remember a certain father-son duo jumping 1st base coaches during the game on the south side. Just goes to show, don't judge the whole bushel by a few bad apples.

What happened to Shane Victorino last night, should never happen at a major league baseball game. I realize this is one MORON out of over 45,000 fans. Cubs fans are no different than fans at any other ball park in this country. However this fan should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Cubs fans in general are good fans and support their ball club like fans do in any other city. Now you Cubs fans know how we Phillies fans feel when the snowball incident, bombing Santa Claus comes up. It's not all the fans that spoil it, just some MORON's who don't know how to act at a baseball, football game. Fear not Cubs fans, when your Cubs come to Citizen's Bank Park, they will not be treated to what Shane went through.

What we have here is not a drunk fan, but an ignorant and bad sportsman. The fact that the Cubs were down by 10 runs is not the fault of the Philly's as much as it is about putting a competitive product on the field.The Cubs are not going to get rid of alcohol because it brings in too much sponsorship dollars. All that said, they got the wrong culprit and owe that guy an apology while attempting to punish the real "beer thrower". I'm still a cubs and whitesox fan, but I've only been to 1 cubs game in the last 25 years while going to several Sox games. The environment is not condusive for a family night at the ball game.

So let me get this straight.
*Ligues attack Gamboa at The Cell ..... BUT
*4 different Cub fans run the field at The Cell (all admitted Cub fans at their game earlier in the day including the brothers Skutnick)
*Cub fan (with hat on) tries to attack 1B Umpire at Cell
*Bleacher fan throws a battery at Dodgers player, he is thrown out of park, but not charged
*Inebriated Bleacherette throws baseball at Jacque Jones, just missing hitting him in the head. She too is thrown out, but not charged after she explains she thought it was a home-run she caught and was throwing ball back on field
*Cub Fan runs on field at tries to drop-kick Randy Myers
*Cub Fan runs on field and tries to attack Bob Howry
*Entire Bleachers RF and LF hurl barrage of garbage, cups, bottles onto field after Sox player homers to take lead in 9th
*Female Cub Fan runs onto the field during national telecast night game
*Cub Fan runs onto field towards Cub player in CF also during a national telecast
*Bleacher fans hurl barrage of racial slurs to Jacque Jones upon his return to RF after he struck out in key situation
*Bleacher fans kick, overturn and destroy the temporarty trash cans outside on Sheffield Ave after Cubs were eliminated from a playoff series resulting in a number of arrests by CPD
*Cub Fan smacks Dodger bullpen player, takes his hat, and runs into the stands, resulting in entire Dodger bullpen jumping into the stands to catch the perpetrator, while entire section then hurls Beer, Cups, Bottles, Cardboard at the surprised and angry Dodgers
*Inebriated Cub fans at Miller Park in Milwaukee, chase down and beat senseless a Brewer fan resulting in their arrest and fines
*Inebriated Cub fans chastise and berate Brewer fans after a Cub victory there, causing a melee in Miller Park sports bar resulting in numerous arrests
*Cub fan in grandstand hurls old cell phone at Padre player, resulting in Padre player picking up the phone and looking for the fan that threw at him. Fan was never located or identified

What's sad, is there are a number of other incidents over at the "Friendly Confines" involving the "best fans in baseball".

You guys should take a better look at that video and the picture of the kid you are blaming on tossing the beer. They were real close to getting the right guy. I think it is his buddy. The one he has his arm around in the still photo, on his right.

That photo of the kid they are blaming would have two left arms if that is the beer that was tossed. Besides the beer was on it's way down in that photo.

Actually it does represent every cubs fan. It could happen at every single stadium......but doesnt. People dont do dumb things when alcohol is involved, the do dumb things when there is an excess of alcohol. This represents every single bleacher bum Cub fan who choses to sit in your outfield. I have been to numerous stadiums, and never seen such rowdiness in the bleachers as I have seen at Wrigley. Call it passion for your team if you want, but the rest of MLB fans call it trash. Your fans have turned you from perennial losers to sore losers.

Quit letting people like this in your stadium, put more security in the bleachers, quit over serving alcohol. There is a lot you can do to keep people like this out of your stadium, which I think is what you are after if this type of person doesnt "represent your entire fan base". Quit letting these losers in, I mean as you have said in this blog, there are droves of Cubs fans across the nation, I am sure somebody is going to be in line to buy this guys ticket. It's either that or quit baseball, which you should have done a long time ago. What am I talking year is your year, its gonna happen.

I congratulate the beer spiller on an incredible feat of timing, dexterity and accuracy. If you watch the slo mo video carefully, the beer spiller is about 4 seats down from Victorino, who is even with Fat Fall Guy. Beer Spiller times it perfectly to hit Victorino right as the ball gets there, as the OF is backing toward the wall. On top of that, since he is about 30 feet to Victorino's right, he has to angle his spill at just the right trajectory to get him. Its not like he just dumped it straight over. That is either a very skilled toss, or a complete and utter lucky toss. If he was drunk its all the more amazing. The other possibility is he could just say he accidentally tossed it getting excited to see a possible Home Run.

You gotta love that the security guys instantly went for Fat Guy with glasses though, who eerily resembles Bartman.....

I saw the cops got the wrong guy right away. I called the Chicago police to let them know and was told to call 911. Come on, I needed to call 911 for this non emergency? I hope he didn't spend the night in the can.

Also, you don't see it in the picture, but a Phillie's fan in the next section threw ice on the Cubs guy as he was being escorted out. Nice touch

I hope the Cubs make it up to the guy that they mistakenly ejected...

And they say Philly fans are the worst fans! Thats awful...charges should be brought against that person!

Well what do you expect in the bleachers? those are not fans...they are people who are there for the "scene". Hipsters, Yuppies, and Drunks that can't tell you the difference between a double switch and double play. Makes me sick having the "fans" represent the rest of the folks in the stands and across the country.

And shame on any real fan sitting within five rows of that clown for not pointing him out...or better yet knocking him out.

This is so dumb. I'm from Philly, but I would never claim anything about whose fans are better or worse. Sports fans are unpredictable: some are passionate, some would rather stay at home and watch on their own, and others take their over-zealous appreciation too far. Ever single sports team on the face of the Earth has some dumb fan that wants to ruin the game for everybody-- like this guy. I'd be here posting the same thing if this was a Philly fan, by the way. The reason this "beer-thrower" should be admonished by fellow fans is because he attempted to sway the game. The game should be left up to the players, and I, for one, would not walk away from a game happy if I knew the score didn't reflect the gameplay because some dumb fan decided to get involved.

I want to address the multitude of anti-Chicago (and parts within) and anti-Philadelphia sentiments on the board. Jeeze, people, we'll all American! We're all baseball fans. Being from Philly doesn't make me a murderer; being from Chicago doesn't make you a dumb, ridiculously over-zealous fan. Insulting each other is only worth something to people who are stupid enough to believe that said insults are "true" or relevant to the matter discussed. Grow up

Cubs fans- hope you enjoyed the sweep. That beer that was poured on Victorino was no big deal. He had plenty of beer and champagne poured over him last fall. Here's to another 100+ years of buying tickets to losing teams.

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