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Rick Pitino lashes out at the media during news conference

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Thumbnail image for Pitino Extortion Bask_Newm-2.jpgLouisville basketball coach Rick Pitino lashed out at the media this afternoon at a press conference this afternoon, accusing them of reporting lies.

Recently, Pitino has been embroiled in a legal controversy after Karen Sypher was charged with trying to extort millions from him after the two had a sexual encounter six years ago. He called the conference after a local television station aired footage of Sypher's testimony to police about the night of the incident.

"I am a little upset," Pitino said. "This is a day I went home to comfort my wife, who obviously you would imagine the last seven months has had a difficult time.

".. . It's a pretty sad day. On a day when Ted Kennedy died, we broke into news here in Louisville with Karen Sypher tapes."

Pitino lashes out at media for reporting 'lies'     (USA Today)

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This has been one of the top stories the local news channels in Louisville has covered every time something new breaks. I think this women is nuts, but I think Pitino is just as nuts for getting involved with her, he should step down for obvious reasons.

He's a jerk. Pure and simple. He fired an assistant when he was at Boston for the same thing and told him to go "tend to family matters." He should follow his own advice.

All I know is that if the coach at Duke or North Carolina was involved with this scandal, they would no longer be coaching, but UofL is so desperate to win, they will keep on anyone. would you want your son to play for someone like this?

What R. Pitino did off the basketball court should not effect his job status.

R. Pitino should remain head coach of Lousville as long as he and the university want him there.

Linda S.

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