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Report: Michael Beasley checks into rehab

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michael-beasley-pot-rehab.jpgMiami Heat forward Michael Beasley has checked into rehab, according to a Yahoo! Sports report. Sources are saying that the team encouraged the former Kansas State star to seek help for possible psychological and substance-abuse problems.

On Friday afternoon, Beasley had a very public meltdown via Twitter in which some of the following quotes were attributed to his account.

"Y do I feel like the whole world is against me...I can't win for losin," Beasley wrote.

"Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done."

Beasley's frustration had been born out of a posed Internet photo on his personal Twitter page. In the photo, Beasley showed off on his back while two plastic baggies could be seen on a table in the background. Some people have speculated on the bags' contents, even though the clarity of the photo makes it difficult to determine. After the photo became a fast-moving Internet story, Beasley posted the messages on his Twitter account before the page was shut down on Saturday night.

Speculation was fueled further by the fact that Beasley was fined $50,000 by the NBA for being in a room where marijuana was found during last year's rookie symposium.

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Not surprised,I was at a party a couple years back in Miami and saw Beasley smoking pot with Shawn Marion.

I cant even believe that around this time last year I was arguing with people that Beasley was the inferior talent to Rose. Looks like he also doesnt have his life together.

A couple years back beasley was at k-state

Drugs are never the solution!

the whole world smokes weed? idk why everyone makes such a big deal about it.. live your life however you want, you be you, let him be him.

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