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Presenting the best players in sports currently wearing jersey Nos. 0-99

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numbers.jpgBefore the word "blog" entered into our lexicon, our inner nerd was limited to writing our geeky thoughts on pieces of blue-lined notebook paper. Simpler times, indeed.

For a sports-crazy American boy growing up the Heartland with an equally sports-savvy brother close in age, one of the ways to pass summer days was to make charts, graphs and lists of complete minutiae.

Whether it was a compilation of the best lineup one could assemble if everyone on the team had to have a surname beginning with "Q" or a hypothetical basketball team comprised only of dinosaurs, we'd painstakingly debate back and forth. How else were we to make use of our Jamie Quirk and stegosaurus knowledge?

Well, over at Rumors and Rants, it seems they haven't grown out of this childlike wonder. I present to you, their comprehensive list of the best athletes in sports currently wearing each uniform number.

Seriously, they did this.

Chicago boasts three players on the list:

#38 Carlos Zambrano
#54 Brian Urlacher
#91 Tommie Harris

We here at Sports Pros(e) salute this seemingly pointless exercise, if only to remember a more care-free time.

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1 Comment

You guys have way too much time on your hands. Who cares what number the current players are wearing?

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